Recognizing a Leader with a Group Card

In 2018, Deborah KL wrapped up her two year stint as the president of the Association of American Women in Europe.  To thank her for the time and commitment to the organization, the group put together a ‘thank you’ Kudoboard highlighting Deborah’s two years in office.

The board includes dozens of effusive notes to Deborah recognizing her efforts.  Here are just a few excerpts:

“Thank you for your leadership, your poise, your empathy, your spontaneous literary quotations, your unflagging humor and overall grace. As AAWE President you have nurtured our beloved association to a renaissance in membership and enthusiasm.”

“I have so enjoyed having you as President, your enthusiasm, efficiency and constant good humour were a pleasure. I know what that job takes and can profoundly appreciate all the time, work and love that you have given. Could we talk you into another year?”

“What a pleasure it’s been to work with you, and to see AAWE thrive and flourish, buzzing with fun events and innovative ideas. It’s inspiring to see how you dash from parties to financial seminars to support training, usually with a tin of home-baked goodies under your arm, and always with your finger on the pulse of what makes our club tick.”

The notes of appreciation go on (see full Kudoboard here), and it was a terrific treat for Deborah when she received the board.  “I LOVE it!!!!” said exclaimed in a follow-up survey. “The photos, the messages, the whole idea was a wonderful surprise and is a precious memento from my dear friends.”

From all of us at Kudoboard, Deborah, congrats on the clear impact you had with your organization.  And thanks for allowing us the privilege to share your Kudoboard story!

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Earlier this year, Paula W.’s family created a Kudoboard for her a milestone birthday.  Entitled “70 and Still Fabulous,” the board has pictures of Paula spanning back decades.  Here are a just a couple choice quotes from nieces on the board:

“I’m so grateful, thankful and blessed to have you in my life. Family is so precious. I appreciate my family more and more each day. The time we spend, the laughs we share and the memories we have will forever be ours. This picture makes my heart smile. This is the first Thanksgiving my aunts and uncles came to break bread at our house. To see you all together makes holidays worth all the work. I love you very much!”

“I will forever be grateful for the many times you picked me up and spent time with me, those moments still bring me so much happiness as you were part of the woman I am today! Never judging me through my mess, reminding me of all the great things I have within me, teaching me that “beauty knows no pain,” making me feel like a powerful force to be reckoned with, and just transferring good vibes and good energy my way! Thank you for everything, you will forever have a special place in my heart! I hope you have a very blessed 70th Birthday and hopefully I’ll see you soon! ”

See Paula’s full birthday board, in all it’s awesomeness, here:

Thanks for giving us permission to share your Kudoboard story, Paula, and from all of us at Kudoboard – we hope your 70th year is going fabulously!

Kudoboard eCards – Perfect For Retirement


When Dave P.  retired earlier this year, his colleagues  created him an amazing retirement Kudoboard to wish him well.  Here are just a couple choice quotes from Dave’s board:

“Words such as “Congratulations, Well Deserved, and You’ll be missed” aren’t enough to thank you for your contribution to the Forest Service, and the science community at large. Though as I look back at our five years of working together, I can’t help but emphasize those words. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement; it is so well deserved; and sadly, you will be missed! You have left a mark on our society, our Agency, the climate world and most of all, on me!”

“I have so many things to thank you for! Thank you for making me a better writer, for exemplifying professionalism, thank you for being understanding, and thank you for pushing me to be better! You have been the single most influential person in my career, and I fondly refer to you as “advisor gold”. The mark you have left on your students and colleagues has cascaded throughout our communities. Your work shows what a great scientist you are, and your interactions with individuals show what a great person you are.”

See the full board here:

From all of us at Kudoboard – congrats, Dave, and thanks for giving us permission to share your retirement board!

Saying ‘Thanks’ with a Kudoboard

This past holiday season, parents of children attending Gumnut Kindergarten in Australia created a holiday card to deliver to teachers and staff at the school. There is clearly a tremendous sense of thanks and gratitude from the families of children attending the school, and as one parent put it:

“Thank you all to Gumnut kindy ladies for your love and support throught out these years. It’s so hard to believe this is our last year with you. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you and we are very thankful for all your time and dedication, loving and nurturing our girls.”

See the full board here:

Thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Gumnut Kindergarten, and thanks for all you do to create a great environment for your students!

Celebrating Retirement with a  Group Card from Kudoboard

Kandee’s colleagues created here a lovely retirement Kudoboard a few months back. To highlight just one among many messages on the board:

Every once in a while you have the great honor of working with a special person who you feel like will always be there. Then it is mind blowing when the day comes it is announced she is RETIRING!!! Kandee, I have learned so much from you over the last 20 years and not just about the credit counseling industry, but how to be a person of integrity and class. Congratulations on this new phase of your life! It is well deserved and I hope it brings you nothing but love, happiness and peace. “

See the full board here:

Congrats again on your retirement from all of us at Kudoboard, and thanks for giving us permission to share your board (and all the koalas)!

Celebrating a 5 year Work Anniversary with Kudoboard

Sophie’s colleagues at Transperfect recently created her a Kudoboard to celebrate her 5 year anniversary with Transperfect. A few choice quotes from the board:

“It has been a great 5 years (of hard work and fun)! It feels like we have come such a long way 🙂 Thank you so much for being an amazing person to work with and I’m sure you’ll achieve many more things in the years to come. Congrats again on your anniversary!

“Congratulations Sophie on your 5 years at TPT!!! How about another triathlon to celebrate?! 😉 Hope you celebrate in style and have lots of fun.”

"Hey Sophie! Time flies and it is now almost 3 years since I was one of your trainees! Looking forward to your “2nd coming” in Hong Kong/Asia and wishing you all the best for another 5 years in TPT!”

See Sophie’s full board here:

From all us of at Kudoboard — thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Sophie, and congrats on 5 (plus) years at Transperfect!

Celebrating a Retirement with a Kudoboard Group Card

Brian’s colleagues from throughout his time at Danaher created him a retirement Kudoboard a few months back. A few choice quotes:

“Brian, it has been an honor and a privilege to have known you, even for a little while.”

“This is the best promotion of all so, congratulations! You’ve earned it. Thanks again for the support and guidance over the years, your day-to-day presence will be greatly missed.”

"A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind. We were glad to work with a boss like you. You made this a great place to work. We will miss your amazing ability to motivate us every day. Enjoy your retirement and continue to spread your positive energy because I know you have plenty of it!”

See Brian’s full board here:

From all us of at Kudoboard — thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Brian. We hope you are enjoying retirement (with lots of time for fun and fishing!).

Thanking a Mentor with Kudoboard

Katayoun Chamany’s students at the New School recently created her a Kudoboard to wish her a happy birthday and to thank her for her impact and mentorship throughout the years.  Based on the messages, it’s clear Dr. Chamany has had a major impact on her student’s lives. Here are a few choice snippets from the board:

“OK, where do I start. You are by far one of the most important people in shaping my academic and intellectual life. Every class I take, paper I write, or article I read, I have your voice in my head pushing me to think more broadly, deeply, and clearly.”

“You not only showed me that science is fascinating, you taught me that activism in science is essential.”

“It’s insufficient to thank you for your support and dedication because your impact has been so profound to me and I’m sure many, many other alums! ”

“Thank you for being an amazing mentor, friend, and overall positive influence in my life. You introduced me to so much as your student that drastically shifted my perspective and set me on the path that I’m on today.”

View Katayoun’s full board here:

Thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Katayoun, and a belated Happy Birthday from all of us on the Kudoboard team!

Fan Appreciation with Kudoboard

The Micheal Ray Street Team recently gave fans a chance to show their love for country music artist Michael Ray, not once, but twice over the last couple months…

In November:
And again in December:

It’s great to see fans showing their support, and very cool that Michael Ray responded…

Happy Holidays from Kudoboard, and thanks to the Michael Ray Street Team for allowing us to share their Kudoboard story!