The 13 Best Ecard Options for 2023

Folks have been migrating their paper-based activities online for a while now, and then the pandemic really sped things up. Goodbye, graduation parties. Nice try, office birthday party. Instead, we were home and looking for ways to mark the special occasions in our lives when we could no longer pass around that grocery store greeting card. 

Ecards have come a long way to allow us the full expression of our thoughts and feelings on those special days. Whether it’s a sympathy card, group birthday ecard, or a simple “Thinking of You,” sending an electronic greeting card is easier than ever—and you have options. 

We’re breaking down the 12 most popular and useful ecard options out there (in no particular order), including their pros and cons, so you can determine which will best meet your needs. 

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How to Create a Group Leaving Card

The pandemic changed a lot of things (maybe everything?) but one unexpected effect is being called The Great Resignation. As the economy has bounced back from the COVID recession, workplaces are facing unique challenges as employees are choosing to quit right as things are going “back to normal.” 

In April of 2021 a record-breaking 4 million Americans quit their jobs. There are many possible reasons for this mass resignation. For many, they’re unwilling to swallow the tough pill of a commute after enjoying that work-from-home life during quarantine. Others have been burnt out over the strain of overwork and increased danger in service industries as the pandemic forced downsizing and COVID stress. And some used the pandemic period to develop new skills and uncover what they wanted for their next career move. 

Regardless of the reasons, your workplace might be facing an employee shuffle. When an employee leaves, it is best practice to see them off with respect and dignity. It’s also important to provide some closure by allowing coworkers to say farewell. 

But you can do better than a paper farewell card passed around the water cooler and over cubicle walls. (Um, germs!) No, it’s time for a group ecard that you can use to gather farewell messages for the employee leaving. 

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Saying Thank You & Farewell as a Team

When a valued team member leaves, whether for a new adventure or retirement (the greatest adventure of all), a simple "thank you" or "goodbye" never seems to be enough.

When D'Arcy left his workplace, his colleagues filled an entire farewell group card with messages, funny memories, photos, and expressions of gratitude.

D'Arcy, my friend, you will be so tremendously missed at our PFAC meetings. I have saved this image of you on my desktop so that when I'm missing you a lot I can pop up this reminder of how I mostly saw you the last two years. haha! I know this isn't goodbye so I'm not going to get too sentimental. I expect to still have our valuable phone chats when we need them.


Being so open with your story has changed hearts and minds for the better. You are such an inspiration. I know that our paths will continue to cross along this journey.


It has been an absolute privilege and honor to work with you over these past 2 years. Your bravery and dedication to upholding our health system to be better has been an inspiration to many, and your voice will be forever heard in the HQCA's work.


We're inspired by your dedication and patient advocacy, D'Arcy. Thank you for letting us share your amazing farewell group card (check out the full Kudoboard here) and good luck on your next adventure!

A Bittersweet Farewell to a Coworker

Saying goodbye to a favorite coworker can be bittersweet. When Trish moved on to her next adventure, her coworkers were happy for her—but sad to see her go. They created a Kudoboard to send her off with best wishes, and we were so touched by the messages. 

I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving us Trish! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and although I am sad to see you leave, I wish you all the best with your new role!


You have been just absolutely amazing.  A joy to work with and your positivity and kindness has had a massive impact on those around you.  I will miss working with you and I know you will be amazing in your new role. 


Trish was definitely feeling the love from her coworkers and enjoyed her farewell Kudoboard.

"I love that this has been available for people to use during the pandemic. It's a brilliant way to send special messages, an AWESOME concept...Sheer genius and as good as getting a card. I've found that people write more of a message than they would on a classic card."

Good luck with your next role, Trish, and thank you for letting us share! 

Saying Goodbye with a Kudoboard

Xero employees recently created a farewell Kudoboard to celebrate James Maiocco.  With pictures, videos, and messages of appreciation from dozens of contributors, it’s clear that James is a leader who will be missed on the Xero team.

See the full board HERE.

Thanks for giving us permission to share your virtual farewell card, James, and good luck on the next chapter of your career!

We love to help you say goodbye. You can check out more Farewell Kudoboard examples here.

Is it time to say goodbye to a teammate?

A Kudoboard is the perfect way to show your appreciation and wish them well! Learn more