holiday cards

Online holiday cards for every occasion

Share the best moments of your favorite holidays with your friends, family, coworkers, and organizations—including photos, videos, and messages of gratitude.

How online holiday cards work

Kudoboard’s online holiday cards allow you to celebrate special occasions with a group.


Create a holiday card

Add fun GIFs, videos, messages, photos, and memories of traditions for your holiday.


Invite others

Invite friends, family, and coworkers to add festive holiday posts to the group card.


Deliver to anyone

Deliver the holiday card online, printed as a poster, or play the slideshow at the holiday party!


Celebrate together

Save your holiday card forever by bookmarking or printing for future years.

Customize your holiday cards – here’s a taste:

Take it to the next Level with a Subscription

Team morale boost, delivered.

Empower colleagues to celebrate each other and have a stronger sense of belonging at work with Elevate by Kudoboard.

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    Unlimited boards and multiple board creators to celebrate all your milestones, company events, & peer-to-peer recognition.

  • paint brush icon

    Custom branding lets you personalize your Kudoboards with your organization look & feel.

  • Automations robot icon

    Automate board creation for employee birthdays and work anniversaries.

  • Integration plug icon

    Integrate with your key systems like SSO, Slack or MS Teams, and more.

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Having a holiday event?

Enjoy even more features. Choose your own custom branding, artwork for your online holiday card,  personalize even further with fonts, photos, GIFs and more features.

We’ve got you covered. Contact us to get setup.
  • Your logo at the top
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom URL
  • Proactive moderation
  • Multiple administrators
  • Embeddable content
  • Board export
  • Tagging, likes, and comments
  • Custom disclaimer
  • Custom input fields
  • Board metrics
  • Dedicated account manager

Online cards for every holiday

Kudoboard’s online holiday cards are totally customizable, so whether it’s Christmas or a personal family tradition—you can celebrate together.

Woman in Halloween face paint and

  • Easy to use. Easy to share. A great experience and perfect for the situation.

    Pip L.
  • It’s a more time saving way of being able to express celebratory thoughts, memories, or gratitude with those that we work with. I love too that we can add pictures and gifs for the more fun and creative ways of expressing these thoughts!

    Peter O. Program Manager Higher Education
  • I would use Kudoboard if I weren’t working remotely – it’s so much easier to manage than sneaking a card around the office to collect messages. And it’s better than a plain text card. You can easily add graphics, animations and videos. I use Kudoboard internally to bring our remote team together for celebrations. We even send Kudoboards to our clients when we want to introduce the entire team without flying everyone on site or want to congratulate them on a milestone.

    Jennifer T. Sr. Manager, Client Training
  • Kudoboard allows me to invite the entire organization to celebrate important employee milestones well before an event. With choices for backgrounds and many other personalization options, each card can be geared toward an individual recipient and occasion.

    Elena H. Talent Acquisition Lead and Business Development Consultant
  • You can provide a global digital experience with ease. There is no need to manually coordinate with your colleagues, stakeholders or friends as this experience is so simple to manage all online.

    Joe Q. Director, High Touch Demand Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Online holiday cards, your way

Create and deliver the perfect online holiday card for your recipient.

Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards

Holiday gift cards

Make holiday shopping even easier by adding a gift card to your online holiday card. Kudoboard handles it all.

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Kudoboard slideshow of posts with play button

Share it

Display your holiday board as a slideshow during a festive holiday party.

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Printed Kudoboard book titled

Print it

Create even longer lasting memories with a hardbound book or poster from your holiday event!

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Online holiday cards that work for you

  • Totally Custom

    Holiday Kudoboards are completely customized for your occasion or special recipient, including artwork, fonts, photos, GIFs, and videos

  • Invite Contributors—Anywhere

    Friends, family, and teammates can all add to your online holiday card, no matter where they are. Just drop them the link!

  • Authentic Holiday Celebration

    A Kudoboard post is much more than a signature or quick “Happy Holidays!” Posts can include fun memories, photos, videos, inside joke GIFs, and anything else to celebrate the holiday.

  • Schedule Holiday Delivery

    No need to worry about meeting with everyone before the big day. Simply schedule the holiday board to be delivered via email on a day of your choosing.

  • Thank Contributors

    Recipients can quickly thank contributors once they receive their online holiday card. Share even more gratitude this holiday season.

  • Save Forever

    A wonderful holiday keepsake, Holiday Kudoboards last forever. The recipient can bookmark this board of positive words for a rainy day boost in the future.

  • Print a Holiday Coffee Table Book

    With just a click, convert the holiday Kudoboard to a beautiful printed book or poster. This is a wonderful way to memorialize someone and provide an additional holiday gift.

  • Display Holiday Slideshow

    Celebrating a holiday with a company event? Display the Kudoboard messages on a screen. Turn on the QR function to allow people to scan and contribute more to the Kudoboard in person.

  • Add a Gift Card

    Attach a gift card to your Kudoboard for an easy holiday gift. Holiday gift cards are always a nice touch and easily delivered with Kudoboard. You can even crowdsource donations!

  • Holiday Emojis & Comments

    Personalize holiday wishes and add engagement with post comments and emoji reactions for even more fun! With a business plan, you can use emojis and comments to have people vote on things or drive additional conversations around holiday traditions.

Celebrating holidays makes a difference

Acknowledging the moments that matter is important. Showing you care is proven to change the way we think—and perform.


reason people leave their job is because of a lack of recognition.


of people would be happier if they were celebrated at work.


of people feel happier at work when they receive a Kudoboard.


prefer a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more authentic.


of customers experience a positive impact on morale with Kudoboard.


prefer contributing to a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more fun.


improvement in team morale is gained by Kudoboard deployment.


say companies undervalue the effects of recognizing people.


Any event. Every time.

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Why is it important to celebrate holidays?

Celebrating holidays is a special way to bring employees together, show appreciation, foster a positive work environment, and build strong relationships within the organization. Marking major cultural, historical, and religious holidays demonstrates that their presence and contributions are valued. It is an opportunity to honor the whole employee—and to learn more about one another.

Woman smiling with golden confetti and a
Man smiling with Christmas tree in background and a

So much more than a paper holiday card

The old way (holiday cards made of paper) meant that someone needed to design, order, stuff, and ship a corporate holiday card to employees and customers.  Not anymore. Holiday Kudoboards are fast, efficient, and cost-effective—especially for remote and hybrid teams. Include all of your employees (and customers) in your holiday celebrations for stronger company culture.

Frequently asked questions about holiday cards

An online holiday card from Kudoboard is a digital way to send goodwill and seasonal cheer to loved ones. For the individual tasked with “holiday card duty,” finding the right card, the right photo, and the right words (all within the right amount of time!) can be difficult. With Kudoboard, you can custom-create a board to compile all of your content easily, right from your computer or phone. 


Let’s say the deadline for sending your family holiday card has come and gone, amongst the chaos of the season, and the never-ending to-do lists. Instead of getting something printed out and mailed, you can instead choose a holiday board on our website, and send all of your friends and family a link to view it! Kudoboard allows messages, GIFs, photos, and videos to be added to your holiday card, so you can make it exactly what you want.

Holiday cards have been a valued part of our various seasonal traditions for many years.  But as time has passed, and how we communicate shifts and evolves, the practice of sending out physical holiday cards has also changed. Fewer and fewer people are sending them each year, while others are doubling down on keeping the tradition alive. Could there possibly be a middle ground?


Enter: Online holiday cards. By eliminating the steps and costs of printing, envelopes, and postage, the process becomes a lot simpler. There is less waste, but still the same amount of space to give something special to your friends and family. We all want to be able to share our lives with the people who matter most to us, while not adding more stress into our lives in order to do it. Online holiday cards from Kudoboard present the perfect opportunity to do just that!

We have worked to make this process so simple, anyone can do it!


Once you click the “Create a Kudoboard” button on our website, our template will walk you through each step quickly and easily. You will be prompted to select a name or title for your board and select the type of board that fits your needs best. From there, you can try out a variety of backgrounds until you find the right one. Voila! Your board is created!


Now comes the fun part: adding in all of the things specific to your holiday that you want to share. Narrow down what information, photos, or videos you want to highlight, and get creating!

Kudoboard makes it easy and fun to add many different options to your online holiday card. Your various seasonal greetings can be emphasized with photos, GIFs, or videos. Having to agonize over finding just one or two things to put on your card is a thing of the past. Your online holiday card can hold as many as you want! You have the unique ability to style your board in a way that highlights your family’s personalities, and what your friends and family would be excited to see.

The great thing about using Kudoboard for your online holiday card needs is you can customize your card to be exactly what you are looking for. Greeting cards are a tried-and-true tradition for many different holidays and having an online option makes sharing holiday cheer even easier. Here are some of the most popular holidays to give a greeting card:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter
  • Diwali
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Halloween
  • New Years
  • Chinese New Year
  • Independence Day

Pricing for your photo holiday card varies depending on your need. Kudoboard offers a free mini-board that allows space for 10 posts or less. It is the perfect size for a few messages, and a handful of photos to showcase your year.


Our Premium board (our most popular) allows for up to 100 posts and the option of adding videos, for only $5.99. This option gives you the chance to add a variety of pictures and videos, as well as to give each member of your family a chance to add their own message for family and friends to see. 


From there, we have a variety of options for larger groups, companies, memorials, or milestones that start at $20 per board.

Absolutely! Kudoboard offers the perfect solution for something like a business’s online Christmas card. Whether you are a small company with only a handful of employees, or somewhere with hundreds of people working together, we have a board that can fit your needs. 


With our Milestone board, you have unlimited posts so that every employee in your company can post their own message to the online Christmas card. In addition, with this board, you have the option to play the posts as a slideshow, which would be perfect for a work Christmas party.

We know that, sometimes, just having a digital option for your holiday card isn’t enough. That’s why we have printing options for you! Kudoboard offers the opportunity to have your board printed as a beautiful, hardbound book, or as a high-resolution poster. 


Once your board is full, you can select the option to have it printed as a book. Our books come with a 7”x7” hardcover and have an image-wrapped, matte finish. We ship anywhere in the US, or to many countries worldwide. 


If you choose to have your online holiday card printed as a poster, you have the option of 12”, 24”, or 48” wide. We can print and ship you a beautiful, semi-gloss poster, or you can download a high-resolution image of your board and print it on your own.

Can’t find all of the information you were looking for here? Come check out our blog! We are regularly posting new content to help you find what you need. Once you are there, feel free to poke around and see if any of the other content piques your interest! 

And, as always, we love hearing from you – so please contact us with any unanswered questions!