How to Create a Group Leaving Card

The pandemic changed a lot of things (maybe everything?) but one unexpected effect is being called The Great Resignation. As the economy has bounced back from the COVID recession, workplaces are facing unique challenges as employees are choosing to quit right as things are going “back to normal.” 

In April of 2021 a record-breaking 4 million Americans quit their jobs. There are many possible reasons for this mass resignation. For many, they’re unwilling to swallow the tough pill of a commute after enjoying that work-from-home life during quarantine. Others have been burnt out over the strain of overwork and increased danger in service industries as the pandemic forced downsizing and COVID stress. And some used the pandemic period to develop new skills and uncover what they wanted for their next career move. 

Regardless of the reasons, your workplace might be facing an employee shuffle. When an employee leaves, it is best practice to see them off with respect and dignity. It’s also important to provide some closure by allowing coworkers to say farewell. 

But you can do better than a paper farewell card passed around the water cooler and over cubicle walls. (Um, germs!) No, it’s time for a group ecard that you can use to gather farewell messages for the employee leaving. 

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How to Offer Condolences for Someone You Don’t Know Well

Writing a message of meaningful condolence is difficult, even when you know the grieving party or were close with the deceased. But when you are removed from the deceased by distance or circumstance, it can feel even more awkward to find the right words to say in this sensitive situation. However, it’s important to show up for others in times of need, so a message of sympathy in a condolence card is still recommended. What can you say? How can you offer meaningful condolences for someone you don't know well?

We know those feelings of awkward emotion or fear of overstepping, and likewise how insufficient a short “sorry for your loss” sympathy note can feel. So today we’re giving you some scripts and ideas for offering condolences even when you don’t know the deceased or the grieving very well. 

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7 Reasons You Need a Memorial Website

In our digital age, everything has moved online—including memorials for loved ones. Gone are the days of newspaper announcements of the death notice and funeral services, and clipping the physical copy of a traditional obituary from today’s newspaper. Now you can have a living memorial website to commemorate your loved one. But why do I need a memorial website? Let’s take a look. 

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What to Say on the Anniversary of a Death

A death anniversary can be a sensitive and misunderstood event, but also an important part of the grieving process. Today we’re helping you understand what a death anniversary is, why it matters to the grieving, and what you should say on the anniversary of death to help those mourning. 

What is a Death Anniversary? 

A death anniversary marks the day a loved one passed away. Much like a birthday, it’s used to recognize someone special but often focuses on their entire life and the legacy they left behind. A death anniversary is a way for surviving family and friends to remember their lost loved ones. 

A death anniversary is also called a deathday or a Remembrance Day. 

Why is a Kudoboard a great way to remember loved ones? ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to honor the life of your loved one. Learn more

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How to Plan a Funeral Ceremony

Amidst the staggering grief of death, you can get quickly overwhelmed by all the administrative details of death, funeral planning, and burials. We want to help you navigate the multistep process of planning a funeral ceremony so that you can honor the deceased and create a nurturing environment for each funeral celebrant to remember their loved ones.

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How to Plan a Funeral Ceremony 

1. Review the Wishes of the Deceased 

The first place to start is with any documented or remembered wishes of the deceased. Many individuals have taken the time to document their wishes for their passing. This might include a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), power of attorney, executor of their estates, a last will and testament, or even an entire funeral ceremony or program outline. 

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Donations or Flowers? Funeral Donation Etiquette

When a loved one dies or suffers a loss, it’s customary to send flowers as condolence. Flowers can be a beautiful reminder of the love and support behind them in this time of need. Flower arrangements are usually displayed at wakes, viewings, funeral ceremonies, and burial ceremonies. 

Today, it’s more common for obituaries to request that donations be submitted toward a burial fund or charity organization “in lieu of flowers.” “In lieu” is simply an elegant way of saying “instead,” so these requests are indicating that the money you’ll spend on funeral flowers would be preferably spent on a financial donation of some kind. 

So, should you donate money? Or should you send flowers? Or both? Older generations might balk at the idea of sending a check instead of flowers, and workplaces often have a policy of sending flowers when there is a funeral. But what if they say you should donate to your favorite charity? How do we choose—and do we tell them? 

We’re breaking down the common funeral question: Should I send flowers or make a memorial donation?

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10 Super Sister Gifts

It’s been said that having a sister is having a friend for life. I couldn’t agree more. My sister and I are nearly ten years apart, but now, in our 20’s and 30’s, we are closer than ever. I love texting her inside jokes, going out to dinner, and chatting about our favorite shows. 

Even if you and your sister are radically different, there is plenty of bonding that can occur because you share the same parents. Who else can you laugh with about dad’s road trip antics or your childhood pet? 

This gift guide features ten gifts to show your sister how much you care. We’ve got a speedy wine chiller, beautiful jewelry, classy cosmetics, and even a DNA test! Look no further for a special gift for a special gal. Birthday, Christmas, a congrats, or an “I think you rock” gift, we’ve got you covered here. 

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How to Create an Online Funeral Guest Book

While devastating and difficult, a funeral can also be a time of love, appreciation, and reflection. For many individuals, remembering their loved one can help them manage their grief and feel more connected to others. We can do this by holding funeral services, hosting a wake or viewing, documenting the life of the deceased, and gathering the thoughts of the grieving parties. 

Marking the life of your loved one—and allowing others to do the same—is a sweet and productive way to manage your grief through the funeral process. Traditional funerals will provide a funeral guest book where attendees can leave a thought or signature for the deceased or their grieving family. More modern funerals might use a slideshow of images, a photobook, or a funeral website to memorialize the deceased. 

It’s 2021, so we highly recommend you choose an online memorial or funeral guest book for your loved one, and we’ll show you how to do it in a few easy steps. 

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50th Birthday Party Ideas

At Kudoboard, we LOVE a party. We think everything should be celebrated, even if you’re in the camp that gets embarrassed by aging. If Carrie Fisher has taught us anything, it’s that it’s OK for us to age and that we should own it, people! When the 50th birthday rolls around, you should be celebrating how far you’ve come, all the good you’ve done, and everything you’ve been able to enjoy so far. 

But the most important thing about your 50th birthday party is that it should be what YOU want. Not everyone wants an enormous party that ends with blowing air onto a cake we’re about to share. Maybe you want something more low-key, or a destination birthday party? Or perhaps you try not to think about 50 at all, and therefore have no ideas about how to mark this momentous occasion. 

Today, we’re outlining a variety of ways to make the 50th birthday party special, regardless of how you choose to celebrate. From full-blown ragers to quiet soirees, we’ve got a 50th birthday party idea for everyone. Go ahead and forward this to your spouse or bestie—or take a leaf out of my book and plan your own birthday party. (Don’t knock it till you try it!)

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25 Cool Gifts for Your Brother

What do you give a brother to thank him for all the years he spent actively annoying you for your entire childhood? It’s truly a special relationship, no matter how many wrestling matches got out of hand or how many times he made it his goal to embarrass you in front of friends or dates. Our brothers fill a unique space in our hearts, and when it’s time to mark his birthday or wow him with a Christmas gift, how do you find the perfect gifts for brother boy? 

Today we’re breaking down a monster gift guide for your brother, whether you’re going the gag gift route or a sentimental one, or somewhere in between. We have funny gifts, useful gifts, affordable gifts, and the gifts that will make him pretend he isn’t crying. It’s up to you to decide which gift idea will mean the most to your brother, and we wish you the best of luck. Let’s go! 

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