Running for Suicide Prevention with Kudoboard

This week, September 18-25th, is an important one for the Centre for Suicide Prevention. The Centre hosts a yearly fundraising and awareness event called Run for Life.

"A journey from darkness into light to remember loved ones lost to suicide and raise awareness for suicide prevention."

Participants register with a $15+ donation and then complete a run, walk, or other physical activity in solidarity with those who struggle with mental illness or who have lost loved ones to suicide. Challenges can be completed virtually, or in person at various events across Canada.

The Centre for Suicide Prevention is using a special event Kudoboard called the Virtual Tree of Hope to allow participants to share their photos, videos, thoughts, encouragement, and memories of loved ones gone too soon.

My dear Son,

There is not a moment that I am not thinking about you. 

You were only here for a short time - I am blessed, grateful and cherish all the beautiful memories we shared together.

You are forever in my heartbeat 💙, until we meet again.

My sweet Angel - Sending my love, hugs and kiss to you in heaven.

Mom xo

See the inspiring special event Kudoboard here.

We have been incredibly touched by this annual event and its critical cause. If you are in crisis or know someone who is—please find help in these resources:

How To Create Culture In a Hybrid Workplace

Jane has worked at a public relations agency for five years. She kicked off her workday by responding to emails and hitting that coveted “inbox zero” status. Mid-morning, she has a meeting with her boss in which they discuss an upcoming project. After taking a quick lunch break, she gets started on research and outreach for the project, then checks in with colleagues to see if they need help with any of their projects. 

When the clock strikes five, she shuts down her laptop and feels a sense of pride about all she got done over the last eight hours. Another day in the books. And she did all of this from the comfort of her apartment. 

The way that many of us think about work has evolved over the last few years. Employees and managers conduct meetings, carry out tasks and keep companies running from their homes. Hybrid work schedules that offer opportunities for remote work give employees greater flexibility and work-life balance.

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Honoring the Queen with an Online Book of Condolence

Humans across the world are uniting to offer condolences and awe at the 70+ years of dedicated service which ended on September 8th, with the death of the longest reigning female monarch—Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Citizens of the United Kingdom and the sovereign states are finding unique ways to express their condolences for the Queen, support for the new King Charles, love for the royal family, and marking the historic occasion. We've been amazed at all of the tributes, but our favorites are the online book of condolence Kudoboards to share thoughts, memories, photographs, and more in honor of the Queen.

The National Federation of Women's Institutes created this Kudoboard for members to post their thoughts about Queen Elizabeth, who was a beloved member of the women's organization.

We mark with sadness the passing of Queen Elizabeth II our longest serving monarch and a longstanding member of the WI. While the whole country mourns her, our thoughts go particularly to her family for whom the loss is so much greater. Her commitment, sense of duty, and selfless service to her people has been an example to us all and she has truly earned her final rest.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

Regional governments across the United Kingdom are also sponsoring book of condolence pages for their constituencies in honor of the deceased monarch and entire royal family.

For all of my life Elizabeth II has been my Queen. A chapter in my life has been closed but my love and faith in the late Queen, the monarchy and now King Charles III will live on.

Valerie Jean Leigh

Kudoboard's online memorials or custom event pages are perfect for bringing people together in the face of a tragedy, celebration, historic moment, or special event. Thank you for letting us be a part of your most important days.

How To Create A Hybrid Work Schedule

With the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, many offices shuttered and employees were swiftly thrust into work-from-home situations. Now, more than two years later, many have since returned to the office, eager for the return to normalcy and a more traditional work set-up. Others have realized that the benefits of remote work are too good to pass up and that they are more efficient and productive with a flexible work arrangement or working in their own environment. Enter, a hybrid work schedule. What is it? How can you make it work for your organization? It’s worth learning about, because this arrangement is more than just a pandemic trend. 

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How to Incorporate Positive Affirmations in Workplace Engagement

Are you looking to increase workplace engagement but not sure where to start?

Well, no one’s going to complain if they receive an employee retention bonus, of course. So you could do that and hope for the best. But let’s face it: budgets don’t always allow for it, and even if they do – a one-off payment won’t do anything to actively change workplace culture.

One move you might consider making is encouraging staff to use positive affirmations to help improve their everyday work experience. This article will explain these and give a few top tips on using them.

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15 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

The current job market is competitive—and lucrative for employees. The Great Resignation (or Great Reevaluation) has made it easier for employees to consider their many options. Instead of choosing jobs due to salary or location, employees are considering company culture, PTO, remote and hybrid work options, work-life balance, and day-to-day morale of employees.

Improving your competitiveness in the job market and decreasing your employee turnover will be key to your company's success. So how do you boost employee morale in your workplace?

The Cost of Low Employee Morale

A Gallup survey estimates that disengaged employees cost companies around $500 billion annually. 

It can be hard to see the signs of low employee morale, especially if it’s a gradual decline in morale. But if you’re not aware of low employee morale, you are also not aware of the costs you are incurring. Low morale is draining money from your business in a variety of ways. Let’s break down the ways that low employee morale can be eating into your bottom line: 

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Why Employee Retention Matters

Imagine a successful rock band. Their hits are topping the charts. They’re doing sold-out world tours. But then, something changes. The guitarist leaves to join another band. The drummer goes on an indefinite hiatus. The lead singer quits and moves to the mountains to start a tomato garden. The band’s manager scrambles to fill the spots as they open, but the constant turnover of members leaves fans feeling detached. The band cancels gigs. They stop writing new music. And the manager really wishes he took more action to hold onto the original talent that made the band such a success in the first place. 

This demonstrates the importance of employee retention. Maybe you don’t manage a rock band. But if you have a team in any capacity, you want to make sure to keep your talent. Here’s why that’s crucial for an organization in today’s career landscape. 

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How to Create an Employee Retention Policy

When you think of a successful organization, what does it need in order to operate? Is it a fancy break room, top-of-the-line technology, or napping pods for a mid-day snooze? Is it a fancy espresso machine in the kitchen, bring-your-pet-to-work days, or comfortable desk chairs? While all of these are fine and dandy, what a company truly needs to be successful is something much simpler: employees!

Finding and hiring quality talent can be challenging, so once you have it, you want to hold onto it. This is called employee retention, and developing a policy to maintain it is critical for your organization. 

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Standing with Ukraine and Voices of Children

The war in Ukraine has now lasted over 150 days. On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, escalating a conflict between the two nations that has been brewing since 2014. This 2022 conflict has created the largest refugee crisis since World War II, as nearly 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced. 

Among the ⅓ of displaced Ukrainians, children are facing devastation as over 6 million have emigrated and more than 200,000 were forcibly deported to Russia. Current reports are showing 358 child deaths and 686 child injuries as forces clash in Ukraine. Even those children who were safely relocated are now facing psychological and developmental challenges due to the trauma of displacement. 

Planning a special event or nonprofit project? ❤️

Kudoboard is the perfect tool to collect messages, photos, videos, and more. Learn more about our company event offerings here.

Voices of Children

One of the most impressive organizations stepping up to help Ukrainians is the Voices of Children Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to supporting all children and their families who have been affected by this conflict. Whether children have been safely evacuated, violently displaced, or are sheltering hopefully in their homes, the trauma of war affects everyone and families need support to heal the unjust wounds.

We are for a future where children are not victims of war, but free and happy citizens.

Voices of Children provides support in a variety of ways: 

  • Art therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Mobile psychologists
  • Offline and online therapy options
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Video stories

Teaming up with Kudoboard

Like the rest of the world, the Kudoboard team was shocked and heartbroken at the stories coming out of Ukraine. When we had the opportunity to work with Voices of Children this spring, we were in awe of their efforts. We provided them with an enterprise account, free of charge, so they can continue sharing the stories and artwork of these brave Ukrainian children as well as a modest donation from our entire team. 

Learn more about Voices of Children and donate to the cause

Join Kudoboard in donating to Voices of Children, so they can keep providing vital support to the most vulnerable among us. We are committed to Voices of Children and the protection of innocents everywhere, and we’re grateful to be included in this noble effort. 

Employee Retention Goals

Nearly 4 million Americans changed jobs in 2021. How many of them were your employees? Employee retention is a more pressing issue than ever with the Great Resignation, rising inflation, and the cost-of-living increasing nearly everywhere. Employees are curious about other jobs and always looking for something that might be a better fit. 

Unfortunately, high levels of employee retention will cost companies millions of dollars this year. Replacing your existing employees will drain time and money. Today we’re breaking down what you need to know about employee retention and some employee retention goals you can set to chart a stronger course. 

What is Employee Retention? 

Employee retention is your organization’s ability to keep workers gainfully employed at your company for an extended period of time. Employee retention is about how many of your employees stay—and for how long. Employee turnover is a related metric, measuring how often you are hiring new employees. 

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