Fathers Day Gift Guide

Once a year we get to celebrate the fathers in our lives. New dads, grandfathers, and every dad cracking dad jokes in between—we’ll be giving extra love to all of them on Sunday, June 19th this year. 

If your dad is anything like mine, he never asks for anything and if he wants something, well, he just buys it for himself. It makes Father’s Day particularly challenging, but finding a unique and thoughtful gift for your dad doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve got a well-balanced Father’s Day Gift Guide that’s sure to help you discover the gift that will drop your dad’s jaw. Earn your sibling’s gratitude by letting them in on the gift, or win the competition by showing up with the world’s best Fathers Day gifts ever. The power is in your hands (or your mouse and cursor). 

Let’s get started! Here are the gift ideas that will get you thinking out of the box. 

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sentimental Gifts

What I Love About Dad Journal

This affordable Father’s Day Gift makes it easy to express your love and appreciation for your dad—and it’s a great one to share with siblings, too. 


Instead of a silly or boring paper Father’s Day card, upgrade your appreciation with an online group card from Kudoboard. Everyone in the entire family (friends, too!) can access the board with just a link, adding vintage photos, GIFs from inside jokes, and heartfelt personal messages. A Kudoboard online Father’s Day Card will get him to crack a smile, and we bet he’ll bookmark it or even print it out so he can enjoy it whenever he needs a boost. Add a gift card and you'll have a happy father, guaranteed. 

Check out an example Father's Day Kudoboard here.

Engraved Knife

Leave it to Etsy to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind Fathers Day gift for your dad. Get him a beautiful knife, engraved keychain, or something else that shows you know him best of all. 

Polaroid Camera

Depending on the age of your dad, grandfather, husband, etc., Polaroid cameras were a part of their lives. With this reinvented version, your man can take quick photos and start a gallery wall or photo album of the things he loves most. 


Digital Photo Frame

I have bought these for almost every member of my family and we LOVE them. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and you simply share the link with everyone who would like to contribute (like your siblings). Everyone uploads favorite photos and dad will get to enjoy them within seconds. 

My Life Story So Far

This personalized gift journal is the easiest way for your dad to take a trip down memory lane and record his life for posterity. With prompts and sections for notes and photos, this will definitely become a family treasure all about the best dad ever.

Tech & Tool Gifts

Wireless Power Bank

For the dad who is always realizing his phone is about to die…this is it. This slim, magnetic power bank attaches to a phone case with an easy-hold ring so he can charge on the go.  

Magnetic Tool Wristband

I discovered this AFTER hanging curtain rods all around my house and I’m still sad about it. This incredible tool makes it easy for dad to have tools and fixtures right at his fingertips without having to grip them or hold them in his mouth (gross). It’s perfect for the dad who spends most of his time tinkering in the garage. 

Massage Gun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about massage guns. They’re totally worth the hype. If your dad is a pickleball fiend (like my father-in-law) or nurses a longstanding injury or painful condition, a massage gun can be a daily blessing. We own a full-size and also a travel-size because we love them so much—plus the travel-size is just easier to manage!

Better Sleep Machine

For the under-rested and insomniac dads out there, this device can help anyone fall asleep faster and deeper. We are willing to bet your mom will love it, too. 


How many times have you had to help your dad track down his headphones or his keys or teach him how to use Find My Phone? Maybe this is actually a gift for YOU. Get your dad a Tile or a Tile Sticker and he’ll never have to go hunting for his lost Kindle again. 

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

I LOVE my waterproof speaker. If your dad or stepdad is a music lover or podcast addict, he can use this to listen while he showers, boats, swims, and anytime he’s on the go. 

Food & Drink Gifts

Cooling Pint Glass

These affordable glasses live in your freezer and are ready for action whenever dad needs a cold one. They look nice AND function well for a lazy afternoon outside or for an evening watching their favorite team. 

Digital Meat Thermometer

Your dad might already have one of these, but THIS ONE is better. It’s a fast and effective way to measure the temperature of your meats to ensure perfect cooking. Get him his first or an upgrade and he’ll use it weekly!


Everyone needs a killer travel tumbler. The Yeti is the gold standard, perfect for hot or cold beverages and many different sizes and configurations. It's the best gift to kick off summer!

Knife Set

Dads love knives. I don’t make the rules; I’m just reminding you. This set is high-quality, and while it’s a little pricier it might be the perfect gift to go in on with your siblings. 

Outdoor Snack Table

If your dad loves to camp or spends all his time cheering on kids and grandkids at outdoor activities, this portable, stake snack table is perfect. Stick it in the ground along the sidelines or next to the fire pit, and he’s ready to enjoy a cold one with a snack in his favorite place. 

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

It’s getting hot in here. Let your dad craft his own personal hot sauce with this fun hot sauce-making kit. It’s a great activity to do together, or let him make his own and serve it with the next family dinner! 

Pop Culture Gifts

Movie Scratch-Off Poster

If your dad loves movies, get him this iconic scratch-off for fun theater room decor. As he watches the movies he can scratch them off and display it proudly to lesser movie buffs. Not a big film guy? The gift idea goes beyond movies: try a book, national parks, or other bucket list scratch-off poster. 

Team History Coffee Table Book

A lot of dads have a deep and undying love for a particular sports team. We don’t have to understand it, but we can use it to get a cool Father’s Day gift that he can brag about to all of his friends. A history of his favorite team makes for a beautiful and interesting gift he’ll love. 

College Stadium Frame

When your dad bleeds (insert team color here), a personalized photo frame is a great gift he’ll love to see on his wall each and every day. Grab one of these college stadium frames, slip in his favorite photo at the stadium, and prepare to be hugged. 

Stance Socks

These are by far the best socks (according to my husband, who wears nothing else). There are tons of incredible designs, like sports teams, holidays, etc., but I’m partial to these Star Wars-themed socks

Pickleball Sets

Has your dad joined the pickleball cult yet? If not, he will. This is an excellent gift because it gives him something fun to do with a partner, with the family, or with a community of friends. Pickleball has grown in popularity and I’ve gotta say—it’s worth the hype. It’s a great Father’s Day gift. 

Funny Gifts

A Book of Dad Jokes

You can't escape dad jokes when it comes to Fathers Day gift idea lists. This cheap Father’s Day gift will surely be a favorite. It’s time for him to level up his dad jokes, and this book is a masterclass. 

Desktop Golf

For the dad counting down until retirement (or maybe just counting down to better golf weather!), this desktop golf set will be both hilarious and fun. Guaranteed it will become a fun talking point at his office, and the best way to entertain himself during boring Zoom calls. 

Lego Mug

This mug is a fun gift that will liven up his morning coffee, or become the most popular mug at his office! If the dad in your life spends his free time building Lego on the floor with the kids, this is perfect. 

Funny Socks

For the dad who falls asleep during the game every week, these socks will be useful AND personal. 

Zombie Survival Kit

Ok, ok, so zombies “aren’t real” and this kit is technically for “camping.” But I still think we need to be prepared. If your dad has binged every season of the Walking Dead, this gift will be funny, but also very useful!

To All the Dads

Thank you to all dads, husbands, grandfathers, stepdads, uncles, and father figures who make our lives so bright. We wish you the happiest of Father's Days this year.

How to Offer Condolences for Someone You Don’t Know Well

Writing a message of meaningful condolence is difficult, even when you know the grieving party or were close with the deceased. But when you are removed from the deceased by distance or circumstance, it can feel even more awkward to find the right words to say in this sensitive situation. However, it’s important to show up for others in times of need, so a message of sympathy in a condolence card is still recommended. What can you say? How can you offer meaningful condolences for someone you don't know well?

We know those feelings of awkward emotion or fear of overstepping, and likewise how insufficient a short “sorry for your loss” sympathy note can feel. So today we’re giving you some scripts and ideas for offering condolences even when you don’t know the deceased or the grieving very well. 

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A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

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Top Online Memorials For Loved Ones

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

- Thomas Campbell

Whether through funeral rituals, remembrance items, or telling stories to younger generations, celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away is as old a tradition as humanity itself. 

But the ease with which these stories can be shared has improved dramatically with the creation of memorial websites.  These websites allow family and friends to add tributes, pictures, music, videos, and stories, all of which are compiled onto one website that can be easily shared. An online memorial can also serve as a living tribute or as an online funeral guest book.

Some memorial websites even offer innovative features such as memorial slideshows or scannable QR codes that can be placed on a headstone to link to the online tribute page or obituary.

These online memorials for loved ones have become especially valuable in the time of coronavirus.  Many families currently cannot travel or gather in groups.  With online memorial sites, your loved ones can still be celebrated.

Why is a Kudoboard great for online memorials? ❤️

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How to Create a Group Leaving Card

The pandemic changed a lot of things (maybe everything?) but one unexpected effect is being called The Great Resignation. As the economy has bounced back from the COVID recession, workplaces are facing unique challenges as employees are choosing to quit right as things are going “back to normal.” 

In April of 2021 a record-breaking 4 million Americans quit their jobs. There are many possible reasons for this mass resignation. For many, they’re unwilling to swallow the tough pill of a commute after enjoying that work-from-home life during quarantine. Others have been burnt out over the strain of overwork and increased danger in service industries as the pandemic forced downsizing and COVID stress. And some used the pandemic period to develop new skills and uncover what they wanted for their next career move. 

Regardless of the reasons, your workplace might be facing an employee shuffle. When an employee leaves, it is best practice to see them off with respect and dignity. It’s also important to provide some closure by allowing coworkers to say farewell. 

But you can do better than a paper farewell card passed around the water cooler and over cubicle walls. (Um, germs!) No, it’s time for a group ecard that you can use to gather farewell messages for the employee leaving. 

Kudoboard is perfect for saying goodbye to coworkers 👋

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20 Free and Inexpensive Ways to Say Thank You to Your Employees

When a member of your work staff goes above and beyond, they deserve recognition. But showing your employee how much you appreciate their work does not have to be an extravagant event. You can show your gratitude in free or low expense ways. Here are some great ways to reward your employee and say thank you for all of the hard work they have done for you and your company.

1. Give Them a Day Off

Telling your employee to take a day off may seem like a small gesture, but it will mean so much to them. Knowing that they can take a day away from work and do what they want to relax during that day without losing pay is such a great incentive. 

Don’t just make it any day; give them their birthday off! Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you can take your birthday off as a gift from your employer? It would double as a birthday present and a way to express appreciation for all of the hard work they have been doing. 

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A Public Memorial for a Stanford Fellow

When a community loses a public figure, the grief is shared and public. The deceased person touched many lives and will continue to impact loved ones and community members well into the future. In our digital world it simply isn't enough to have a public memorial service managed by the family, and an obituary for out-of-towners to read.

For well-loved public figures, it's best practice to create a public memorial page or online memorial for community members to see, contribute to, and share via social media. An accessible memorial website allows people from all locations and walks of life to honor the life and death of a significant person, and to offer their condolences.

Why is a Kudoboard great for online memorials? ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to bring family members, friends, and colleagues together to honor the life of a loved one. Everyone can add messages, photos, and videos of tribute. Learn more.

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The 12 Best Ecard Options for 2022

Folks have been migrating their paper-based activities online for a while now, and then the pandemic really sped things up. Goodbye, graduation parties. Nice try, office birthday party. Instead, we were home and looking for ways to mark the special occasions in our lives when we could no longer pass around that grocery store greeting card. 

Ecards have come a long way to allow us the full expression of our thoughts and feelings on those special days. Whether it’s a sympathy card, group birthday ecard, or a simple “Thinking of You,” sending an electronic greeting card is easier than ever—and you have options. 

We’re breaking down the 12 most popular and useful ecard options out there (in no particular order), including their pros and cons, so you can determine which will best meet your needs. 

Jump to:

Modern Ecards

Old School Ecards

Invitation Ecards

Specialty Ecards

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