57 Awesome Retirement Quotes

Chances are that someone you know will be retiring this year — in recent years more people have been retiring than ever before. When beginning to write a message for a retirement card, it can be difficult to know how to start.  Need a bit of inspiration for your message? We're ready to help you find the perfect retirement quote for them.

We’ve curated a master list to find you the best quote on retirement, getting older, and living well to give you a bit of inspiration as you begin writing your message to your colleague, friend, or family member who is retiring. (Need retirement gift ideas? We have those too!)

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10 Signs of Toxic Company Culture

When you think of the kind of environment you want to work in, is it supportive, positive and motivating? Or is it cutthroat, catty and stagnant? Odds are, an office culture like the second one would make anyone want to run for the hills. 

Much has been written about the Great Resignation, which refers to the ongoing exodus of employees from their jobs that has been hitting many different industries the past few years. An analysis of Culture 500 companies from MIT Sloan Management Review shows that toxic company culture is the main driving force behind the phenomenon, and it’s even 10.4 times more important than compensation - a surprising finding when dissatisfaction with pay is often attributed to be the main reason why employees leave to seek greener pastures. 

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The 13 Best Ecard Options for 2023

Folks have been migrating their paper-based activities online for a while now, and then the pandemic really sped things up. Goodbye, graduation parties. Nice try, office birthday party. Instead, we were home and looking for ways to mark the special occasions in our lives when we could no longer pass around that grocery store greeting card. 

Ecards have come a long way to allow us the full expression of our thoughts and feelings on those special days. Whether it’s a sympathy card, group birthday ecard, or a simple “Thinking of You,” sending an electronic greeting card is easier than ever—and you have options. 

We’re breaking down the 12 most popular and useful ecard options out there (in no particular order), including their pros and cons, so you can determine which will best meet your needs. 

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Unique Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards (or any type of holiday greeting card) are a matter of tradition. In fact, we’ve been sending them since 1915! Each year we send a message of good tidings to our friends and family, often updating them on the latest for our family in the past year. We check in with others and let them know we’re thinking of them during this festive season. 

But what if we’re tired of tradition? What if we don’t want to gather addresses, pay for postage, or contribute to unnecessary paper waste? We hear you. Creating the perfect holiday card can be more stressful than it’s worth, so it’s time to explore some new options for your 2021 Christmas greeting card. Here are a few ideas to help you buck the stereotypes and stand out this year. 

Why is a Kudoboard a great tool for the holiday season? 🌲 ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to create connection with those you love. Learn more about our unique Christmas cards.

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Crush Your Office Party with These Secret Santa Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is here and it is time to celebrate! There are so many different ways to celebrate this holiday season. One of the ways your workplace may celebrate is by doing a secret Santa. The idea behind secret Santa is to get a coworker a present without he/her knowing who the present is from. You can make the gift personal or you can get a generic present for the recipient. Either way, it is a secret!

There are different ways to approach giving a present to your coworker. You can:

  • Spend within a certain dollar amount
  • Give a gag gift
  • Give a thoughtful present

Gifts Under $20

Most offices that participate in secret Santa will set a dollar amount to the present. Setting a dollar amount will give all of your co-workers a guideline of what they should spend. There are so many different present ideas when it is under $20! If you are wanting to stick with a practical route you could give them a basket with some kitchen gadgets like an oven mitt, reusable straws, or coasters. However, if you want to get more specific and give them a great present, that is easy to do!

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How To Make A Great Business Christmas Card

Every holiday season as a kid I remember dumping out our red wicker Christmas card basket and spreading them all out on the floor, looking over them, and choosing my favorites. I’d read about travels and home renovations of people I didn’t really know, but my parents did. Every once in a while my dad would bring home cards from his office of various clients and companies his business had worked with the past year. These business Christmas cards were especially appealing to me. A group costume? 20 different signatures? A creative poem? A themed staff photo shoot?! Ten-year-old me was entranced. 

Now, in 2021, the power and reach of a corporate holiday card are still just as important as ever. In fact, not only can a clever greeting card be a powerful business advertisement, but a business holiday card can also connect the community and serve as a unique outreach opportunity. 

Why is a Kudoboard a holiday game changer? 🎅

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much they’re cared about and appreciated! Learn more about Kudoboard's Christmas and holiday cards here.

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10 Important Indicators of Company Culture

A job is about more than clocking in, checking items off a to-do list, and hitting the road. A good environment is just as important as the actual work you’re doing, and it all goes back to company culture. 

Company culture shapes everything an organization does, from the way problems are solved to the ways employees are treated. It defines the values, beliefs and overall vibes of the company and the people working within it. It might not always be clearly defined, like a written policy, but rather it’s shaped by the daily practices and overall mission of the organization as a whole. 

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How To Improve Remote Onboarding

Imagine you’re at a game night and someone takes out a board game you’ve never heard of before. You could just dive in and figure it out as you go, but you’ll have no sense of what to do when it’s your turn or how to win. Is the game based on luck or skill? Are there teams, or is it more individual? It would be better for your friend to explain the rules of the game and what the goals are so everyone is on the same page about how to play. 

This is similar to the concept of remote onboarding

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10 Ways to Show Gratitude in the Workplace

Hello November! We are squarely into the holiday season and it’s time to get intentional about how we want to celebrate. Before the consumer craze of December and Christmas, we love to stop and take a beat for showing gratitude in the month of November. 

We celebrate Thanksgiving with our closest friends and family, but bringing gratitude into the workplace is a great way to improve culture and strengthen relationships. 

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Thank You Messages for Veterans

At Kudoboard, we’re always encouraging gratitude. It’s a life-changing practice that can totally transform your relationships—and day-to-day satisfaction. November is a beautiful month centered on gratitude as we progress toward Thanksgiving. But before we get to Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to express gratitude for the true heroes in our midst. Today we’re brainstorming ways that we can thank veterans for everything they do for us and this nation, including what you can say in your Veterans Day thank you messages.  

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