12 Remote Work Memes

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many new challenges, including working remotely. There are definitely many benefits to working from home (no commute, more family time, you don't have to wear pants). There are also plenty of challenges. Thanks to the digital age we live in, new challenges often bring new memes to lighten any situation. 

Everyone needs a little stress relief in their lives, especially if working from home feels chaotic or lonely. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing is a great stress reliever, this article about stress relief explains why. Some benefits of laughing include soothing tension, improving your immune system, and even relieving pain. Hopefully laughing at these funny remote work memes will help you feel a little lighter and stress-free while working remotely. 

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15 Get Well Soon Memes

2020 dawned as the era of two things: Coronavirus and Memes. Yes, both of these elements technically existed before 2020. But 2020 really allowed them to evolve into their final boss levels. 

We were stuck at home. We were scared. And there was no more of the “taking over a quart of homemade chicken noodle soup” default response. Instead of passing around a sad-looking “get well soon” card around the breakroom, we had to just send our condolences virtually. 

It wasn’t all bad, though. Now we have a deep repository of dank get-well-soon memes from which to draw when it’s time to send condolences to your coworker stuck in a COVID quarantine, or a guaranteed smile to your best friend battling strep throat. 

When you’re in need of the perfect get well soon meme, start here. Drop it in a text thread, throw it onto a virtual get well soon card, or email it with a short message and we promise it will make them feel *just* a little bit better.

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How to Keep Remote Teams Connected

As we move into the new year, we continue to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are running their operations with a partially or fully remote workforce considering the situation. 

According to Gallup’s Analytic Workplace report, more than 43 percent of employees in the US have switched to remote working. It doesn’t end here as over 77 percent of remote employees believe that they are more productive and creative when working from home.

Despite these statistics, transitioning employees from workspace to a home setup is quite demanding for companies during these turbulent conditions. It becomes even more challenging when businesses add new members to the team.

Some fields, such as tech and digital marketing, may have an easier time transitioning to a fully remote office environment. But team managers for companies in other fields may need to work a bit harder to rewire processes to keep the functions running and a remote team connected. 

In order to aid in this process, here is a list of tips to help organizations keep remote employees connected and make the most of their skills.

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Ways to Save On a Memorial Funeral Service

The death of a loved one is difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional toll the loss will have on you, but you need to prepare for a funeral. Funerals can be expensive, especially if your loved one does not have burial insurance. Still, there are ways that you can save on a touching memorial service. Funeral expenses do not need to be a financial burden if you take the time to do some planning. Here are some great ways to save while still honoring the life of the person you have lost:


There are several different choices to make when it comes to a casket. Often, the grieving family will feel overwhelmed and choose the first or best casket recommended by the funeral home. However, you can save money on funeral expenses if you take the time and do some research.

Shop Online

Did you know that you can purchase a casket online? That is right! You are not legally obligated to use a casket supplied by the funeral home. Some websites offer caskets at lower rates sent directly to the funeral home. 

Make Your Own

If you are a DIYer, then consider building your own casket. You do not need to purchase one for burial. Some states may have standards (such as materials or dimensions) that need to be followed, but making your own will save a lot of money. There are a lot of different patterns out there that you can choose from as well. 


The type of material your casket is made out of will make a difference in cost. There are different woods and different metals for the hardware used on caskets. For instance, if you choose a casket with stainless steel features as opposed to a pine casket with no hardware, then you are going to pay more money. You do not have to pick the most expensive casket for it to be a good-looking one. Take your time and shop around to find the best deal on a casket. 

Skip the Vault

Check with the cemetery where you are burying your loved one. When a person is buried, their casket is put inside a vault before putting it into the ground. A cemetery might require a vault to keep the ground settling and making dips at the burial plot. Another reason a vault may be required is it will protect the casket from the weight of the dirt on top of it or if heavy machinery ever passes over the plot. If it is not required to have a vault, you may be able to skip this purchase and save on the burial. 

Funeral Rule

Contrary to popular belief, you are in charge of what you purchase for a funeral. A funeral home cannot force you to buy anything, and you can shop around. The funeral rule ensures that you are not being taken advantage of financially when planning a funeral. The funeral home you are working with should be transparent in their prices and allow you to shop around for prices on caskets. 

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The 12 Best Ecard Options for 2022

Folks have been migrating their paper-based activities online for a while now, and then the pandemic really sped things up. Goodbye, graduation parties. Nice try, office birthday party. Instead, we were home and looking for ways to mark the special occasions in our lives when we could no longer pass around that grocery store greeting card. 

Ecards have come a long way to allow us the full expression of our thoughts and feelings on those special days. Whether it’s a sympathy card, group birthday ecard, or a simple “Thinking of You,” sending an electronic greeting card is easier than ever—and you have options. 

We’re breaking down the 12 most popular and useful ecard options out there (in no particular order), including their pros and cons, so you can determine which will best meet your needs. 

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How to Celebrate a 50th Birthday Without a Party

A 50th birthday is a significant milestone in any person’s life. If you are looking to celebrate your friend, a loved one, or even your own birthday but cannot have a party, there are some great alternative ways to celebrate the occasion. You can definitely make it a memorable  50th birthday without a traditional party. Some great ideas to celebrate are: 

  • Get an amazing gift
  • Make a video
  • Create a Kudoboard
  • Virtual celebration 
  • Send a card
  • Go out to dinner
  • Decorate 

No matter what you decide to do, you can make a 50th birthday special without throwing a party. But don’t let the day go without celebrating this milestone birthday.  

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Ways To Wish Coworkers And Friends A Happy Retirement

Retirement is such a momentous event — after decades in the workforce, being able to relax and focus on passions other than work is a wonderful gift. If you know someone who is retiring, wishing them a happy retirement—whether it’s writing a thoughtful message on a retirement card or saying something thoughtful in person—can be really meaningful to them as they make a big transition to retirement life.

Whether your retiree is a colleague, friend, or family member, we’ve put together a list of examples to help inspire you as you communicate your best wishes and good luck for your retiree. This article is part of a series and we've also got you covered if you'd like to pair your message with a thoughtful retirement gift or if you’re planning an amazing retirement party!

How do you congratulate someone on their retirement?

A simple message congratulating your retiree on their well-deserved retirement can be all that it takes. A short and simple message can be an effective way to wish your coworker or friend a happy retirement. Even with a few words you can wish your retiree good health, happiness, and congratulate them on their remarkable achievement. If you’re unsure of what to write, a simple congratulations message is a safe bet.

At Kudoboard, we have the privilege of some extra insight for meaningful happy retirement wishes — people use Kudoboard to create retirement group cards for friends and colleagues every day!

Here are the types of kind and simple messages we often see written on Kudoboards to retiring colleagues:

“Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! Wishing you all the best on the new chapter ahead of you! It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

“Congratulations! Your years of hard work have paid off and I’m so excited for this next part of your life. Have fun enjoying all the things you may not have had time for when you were working 9-5. Happy retirement and best wishes!”

Why does a Kudoboard make such a great retirement gift? 🎉

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much they’re cared about and appreciated as they move to their next phase of life. Learn more

“Happy retirement and congratulations! It’s been an honor to work with you and I wish you all the best with all the good things to come. In my time spent working alongside you, I always knew I could depend on your help and insight. You’ve earned some more time to yourself.  Best wishes!”

“Grateful to have worked with you. Look forward to celebrating with you in person when we have a chance to get together. Congratulations on your retirement!”

What do you say on a retirement card? 

When the retirement card gets passed around the office (or, even better, the group ecard sent via Slack), what should you say? Speaking from the heart is always a great option, or you might turn to some beautiful retirement quotes. Here are some examples of the kind of simple and effective messages we see on Kudoboard retirement messages written to friends and family:

“Happy retirement, Mom! I’m so excited for you! You’ve worked hard for your team and for your family for many years. Glad you’ll have more time to spend with the family and more time to spend on your favorite hobbies. Here’s to the many years of camping, reading, gardening, and learning to come!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, Dad! We’re all proud of you and you deserve all the wonderful things to come. Can’t wait to be able to spend more time with you!” 

“Congratulations, Jane! You’ve had a great career and I’m so glad you’ll have more time to spend with yourself, with your family, and with friends like me!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, Joe! You’re my brother-in-law, but I’ve always thought of you as a brother. You’ve always been dedicated to your job and I know you will be missed by your teammates. Happy retirement!”

“So happy that you’re going to retire grandma! I cannot wait to see you more and to be able to spend more time with you. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve to relax and retire.“

How do you thank someone for their retirement? 

Another great way to offer retirement wishes is to thank them for their hard work, mentorship, service, or other impressive achievements that have positively impacted your life as they move into retired life. 

“Congratulations on reaching this milestone! It’s been great to work with you over the years and we will all miss working with you. Thank you for your hard work and support all these years.”

I have so many favorite memories of growing up with you that it’s hard for me to pick just one. But one memory that really stands out is the time I was worried about not getting an A on my sixth-grade math exam. You tutored me all every day the week leading up to the exam to help me be prepared for my test. With your help, I ended up getting an A on that test and in my class. You were always kind, patient, and the best brother to me! Congratulations on your retirement. Lots of love from your younger brother!”

What can I say instead of happy retirement? 

Share Your First Memory

If you want to go beyond a boring greeting card signature, remind your retiree of the first time you met them —writing a message of the great first impression your retiree had on you can be a fantastic way to show how much they mean to you. Whether you met your retiree at work, school, or elsewhere, a fond first memory and congratulations message is sure to bring joy to your retiree. (Bonus points if you upload a photo or video, which you can do with any Kudoboard!)

Here are some examples of first memory messages written to a colleague to get inspiration from:

“I remember the first time we met like it was yesterday, it was back in 2015 when I first joined the team. You helped to onboard me and taught me all the tools the team uses — from the first day on the team you always made me feel comfortable asking questions and coming to you for advice. You’ll be missed and I wish you good health, financial security, and long retirement.”

“It’s been such a pleasure to have been able to work with you these last 15 years. We first met when we worked as community volunteer coordinators in 2006. You immediately impressed me with your attention to detail, dedication, expenses, and budget management, and your sincerity when working and getting to know our volunteers. Working alongside you on various volunteer opportunities, you’ve taught m 4e a host of wonderful things over the years, and for that, I will be forever grateful. You will be missed!”

“Congratulations on your retirement, boss! I remember the first time we met during my interview — you spoke to me with sincerity, you showed me your passion for the job, and I instantly recognized your leadership skills. It’s been a wonderful experience to have you as my boss, and I am glad to see your retirement plan happen. I’ll be saving you a spot at my table anytime when we’re able to get together and I can express my gratitude to you in person.”

Here are some examples of first memory messages written to friends to get inspiration from:

“We met at Stanford as freshman roommates in the summer of 1982. I was moving in, it was the first time I was away from home, and I was a bit scared to be living with someone new. As soon as we met I knew we were going to be great friends and I was a lot less nervous. Who would’ve thought my freshman roommate would end up being one of my lifelong best friends? So happy for your friendship, and so happy for your early retirement. Can’t wait to celebrate at your retirement party when we’re all able to get together!”

“I can still remember the first time we met — it was the first day of practice on our rec league soccer team at the young age of 26 and I was impressed at how you were always finding the back of the net! After we the whole team went out and you were so engaged when we chatted that it felt like I was talking with an old friend. Decades later, and we are now officially old friends! You deserve a wonderful retirement, good physical health, and more time to spend with your grandkids and loved ones. Maybe we can join a seniors rec league when I retire too! Happy retirement and congratulations!”

“We first met as older adults at the age of 53 when our kids married and our families came together. We instantly hit it off and I knew we'd be fast friends. It's always been such a pleasure discussing literature, working on retirement planning together, and going on runs to keep our physical activity up as we enter the age of retirement. Your friendship has been such a benefit to me, and I can only hope mine has been beneficial to you as well. Congratulations on your retirement!”

How do I write a retirement letter?

If someone special is retiring, sometimes what you want to say can’t fit in a group card. Instead, a heartfelt letter is an appropriate way to express your feelings and retirement wishes for the honored retiree. Our favorite way to write a retirement letter is sharing congratulations and thanks, like those listed above, but also taking the time to recite a favorite story about them. 

Share A Favorite Story About Them

Share one of your favorite stories about your retiree—we love seeing folks share their favorite stories about their retiree. It can be a memory of a favorite camping trip you took with them, the time you saw them go above and beyond to make a project successful at work, an important conversation you had with them, anything! The best thing about hearing favorite stories is that they can vary so much—have fun with this type of retirement message and let your retiree know what a memorable impact they’ve had on you.

Here are some examples of favorite stories colleagues have shared on retirement Kudoboards:

I remember the launch day for the company mobile app you stayed in the office until 3 am to make sure everything was running smoothly. When we were monitoring the launch you always stayed positive and helped us work through any issues that came up — it was also amazing when at midnight you surprised the entire team with a pizza delivery! You will be truly missed by the team!”

“Every day you helped to make our workplace a more engaging and fun place to be. I remember when you started hosting your monthly trivia at the company cafeteria, the first time you hosted trivia night you had twenty people who showed up, the next month you hosted, forty people showed up because everyone had heard about how much fun it was! Your ease in social interaction while hosting trivia will always be fondly remembered. Have an amazing retirement!”

“Congratulations on retiring! So glad you’ll be able to spend more time with your family, friends, and enjoying your favorite hobbies. I can still recall the time you lobbied the company for a new coffee machine and once-a-week lunch delivery, and you managed to make it happen! Now thanks to you, every day I’m able to get my day going with a good cup of coffee, and I always have free Friday lunch in the office to look forward to. Thanks for everything you did for the team over the years.  It’s been an honor and privilege to work with you.”

Here are some examples of the kinds of stories friends and loved ones have shared on Kudoboards for their retirees:  

“Congrats on your retirement! You are one of the best friends I have, and the yearly Yosemite backpacking trip you plan is one of the things I look forward to most every year. I still remember the year when we all hiked to the top of half dome to watch the sunrise, I’ll always cherish that memory. I hope we can keep having so many more adventures like that now that you’ll have more time on your hands to plan. Happy retirement!”

“You’re a wonderful friend and the best travel mate! For decades, you’ve been getting people together for trips around the U.S. and the world. One of my favorite memories was the trip to Stockholm you organized for the dead of winter. Our last night you booked us a dinner at a traditional Viking restaurant and we had an amazing time — the host announced our arrival to everyone at the restaurant and all the people in the restaurant got on top of their tables and cheered their glasses at us. I don’t know how you manage to find these unique places, but I’m glad I’ve been lucky to have been able to be there when you have. Congratulations on your retirement and on your many adventures to come!"

When you’re writing a message to your retiree, your message can be as short or as long as you want it to be, just remember to keep it sincere and remind your retiree of the impact they've had on you. Whether you are writing a retirement message to a coworker, friend, or family member, we’d love to help you celebrate your retiree! Check out these retirement party ideas, or start a retirement Kudoboard today! 

11 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Remote Office Party

Now that many companies have moved to work remotely, they need to develop creative ways to celebrate holidays or birthdays. Remote or hybrid working can be challenging because of the lack of human interaction. Even though you cannot see your coworkers in person, you can still have a great celebration. Whether you choose to get together through Zoom or mail out a card, there are several different ways you can celebrate. 

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How To Stay Connected As A Remote Team

Many have transitioned to working from home in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Industries of all types had to switch to remote work suddenly because of COVID.  While there are many benefits to working remotely (close to family, little to no commute, and overall saves money), there are also difficult aspects. Loneliness, time-management problems, and internet troubles are just a few examples of struggles a remote employee can have. Staying connected as a remote team can be difficult, as many relationships are fostered in the office. However, there are still many ways that teams can foster connectivity while working remotely. 

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How Much Does a Cremation Funeral Cost?

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience, no matter the circumstances. There are choices to be made about the funeral, viewing, and whether you will be doing a burial or a cremation. If your loved one is cremated, you will have questions about the costs of that. Most people may not know that you have choices for cremation. Some decisions will keep costs low or raise them. Knowing all of your options before making a final decision for a loved one will help you feel more prepared. Those choices include:

  • Cremation - Costs to Consider
    • A Cremation Urn
    • Cremation Casket
    • Funeral
    • Headstone and Plot
  • Direct Cremation
  • Cremation or Burial?
  • Donating Your Body
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