• Kudoboard allows me to invite the entire organization to celebrate important employee milestones well before an event. With choices for backgrounds and many other personalization options, each card can be geared toward an individual recipient and occasion.

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    Elena H. Business Development Consultant
  • I was the recipient, and the readability / format / flow / options for graphics / etc. was very well done!!

    Thomas B. Former Hosting Services Division Chief
  • The Kudoboard was a wonderful and memorable surprise! I loved it as a recipient and plan to use it in the future. I think it is an awesome tool to use for our virtual world.

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    Latasha T. Former Director of Medical Management
  • Kudoboard was easy to use and I really appreciated that we could collect funds for a gift card as well! All the gifs people chose were wonderful and I love this interactive card option.

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    Renee R. Mental Health Coach
  • I was able to create what I envisioned. It came out great and the recipient was impressed. I was able to download & print posters from a print shop for cheap.

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    Smita P. Senior Specialist - Networks
  • Our office has a lot of people who do field work so it is nice to be able to recognize their special events even though we don’t see them in person.

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    Holly W. Office Manager
  • Loved the Kudoboard my team set up for me. The platform is engaging and allows people to add fun and unique messages for the recipient.

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    Melissa M. Senior Manager, CX Integration
  • Kudoboard is amazing! The gif functionality is the best feature in my opinion and is what makes it better than a physical card.

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    Zaher R. Medical Affairs Partner
  • Kudoboard is easy to use, both for the person developing the board and the folks contributing. This was also the first time I created a book from the posts. It was easy to use and personalize, and the recipient appreciated both the electronic and bound versions. It has been a convenient, helpful tool in celebrating our colleagues.

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    Rebecca C. Vice President, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness
  • Kudoboard is a game changer in recognizing individuals for a special occasion or for recognition of service. I will be using Kudoboard again and recommending it to others.

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    Melody B. Director of Information Technology
  • I love Kudoboard!!! We’ve used it at my office when employees leave the team, and everyone always loves it. I got my own Kudoboard — it’s just so sweet and heartwarming!

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    Nahid F. Global Senior Analyst
  • We chose Kudoboard for the wider use cases. Unlike many competitors which offer more narrowly focused services, we could use Kudoboard for all sorts of elaborate celebrations.

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    Jessica C. Extended Workforce Program Manager
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