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With Gallup nicknaming Millennials as “the Job Hopping Generation”, companies have to prioritize workforce happiness and leverage platforms like Kudoboard to connect people, increase loyalty and recognition.

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The Great Resignation further emphasized the power of employees to walk away from workplaces that fail to recognize them. To counter the loss of top talent, employers must prioritize strategies for employee happiness.

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Businesses are being forced to evolve with new generations and  hybrid remote workers. Appreciating people has become harder. Kudoboard is solving this issue.

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Kudoboard has become the Insider Reviews team’s default for birthday surprises — it’s essentially a virtual bulletin board of messages, gifs, and photos for the lucky recipient.

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Kudoboard (lets you) create a theme, and collectively build one for a colleague. This packs a bigger wallop for your coworker and binds your team together in a shared positive activity.

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You and your friends add messages, photos, and videos on a board until you’re pleased with the content. Then you push a button to deliver the online board to the recipient.

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