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The staff appreciation cards everyone wants

Virtual and in-person authentic appreciation for your team.

How to use Kudoboard for staff appreciation

Did you know you can use a Kudoboard for staff appreciation events? Use photos, videos, messages, GIFs, and even gift cards for more love.


Create a board

Choose a background and schedule your invites and delivery dates.


Invite coworkers

Invite coworkers, managers, executives, and other teams to add to the staff appreciation board.


Send and share

Once everyone has added their shout outs, deliver the board via email or share in a company meeting.


Celebrate together

Save your staff appreciation board forever—bookmark it for a rainy day or print it as a book or poster.

Customize your staff appreciation – here’s a taste:

Take it to the next Level with a Subscription

Team morale boost, delivered.

Empower colleagues to celebrate each other and have a stronger sense of belonging at work with Elevate by Kudoboard.

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    Unlimited boards and multiple board creators to celebrate all your milestones, company events, & peer-to-peer recognition.

  • paint brush icon

    Custom branding lets you personalize your Kudoboard’s with your organization look & feel.

  • Automations robot icon

    Automate board creation for employee birthdays and work anniversaries.

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    Integrate with your key systems like SSO, Slack or MS Teams, and more.

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Hosting a staff appreciation event?

If you believe a staff appreciation event MUST have cat GIFs, then Kudoboard has you covered. Build a staff appreciation card using your own branding and let your colleagues further express themselves (and their gratitude) with tons of photos, GIFs and more features.

We’ve got you covered. Contact us to get setup.
  • Your logo at the top
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom URL
  • Proactive moderation
  • Multiple administrators
  • Embeddable content
  • Board export
  • Tagging, likes, and comments
  • Custom disclaimer
  • Custom input fields
  • Board metrics
  • Dedicated account manager
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  • Kudoboard has truly solved a problem for the company I work at. We struggled to find a way to celebrate our employees, and felt that some folks were left out of celebrations, especially our remote workers. With Kudoboard, no one is left out! We can create a Kudoboard anywhere, any time, and send a little appreciation to anyone!

    Anna C. Office Manager Computer Software
  • Kudoboard is a fast way to engage your team and present a united front to celebrate, recognize or let team members know that they’re being thought of. We use it regularly.

    Ali M. Director, People Experience Enterprise
  • We used to collect all appreciations (photos, messages, video…) from individual members and collated them as a slide. It was time consuming and often forgotten. Now with Kudoboard it is easier & time-saving.

    Arthi R. Blogger Enterprise
  • Kudoboard is a lifesaver for HR, remote or in-person. I use Kudoboard weekly to allow our remote and in-person employees to send event wishes to one another. I have changed companies twice and Kudoboard usage comes with me every time.

    Ursula M. Executive Assistant & Office Manager
  • Kudoboard is helping me solve the problem of how to stay connected to coworkers and colleagues in a work-from-home virtual environment. I have seen morale improve through the sharing of positive messages on Kudoboard.

    Art V. Supervisor Mid-Market
  • This is a great resource to use to help people feel appreciated and thought of. Great for morale!

    Lisa M.  Administrative Assistant Health, Wellness and Fitness

Team appreciation—your way

No more boring paper cards for your workplace appreciation days. Say thank you with a custom board and thoughtful add-ons.

Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards

Gift cards

Add a gift card to say “thank you.” You can even crowdfund!

Learn More
Kudoboard slideshow of posts with play button

Display the love

Display your competition as a slideshow during a party or team meeting.

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Printed Kudoboard book titled

Print a gift

Print your competition board as a beautiful hardbound book to remember the special event.

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Kudoboard’s best features for staff appreciation

  • Totally Custom

    Easily customize the look and feel for your team appreciation board, including background artwork, fonts, personalization, display experience and add-ons.

  • Invite Contributors—Anywhere

    Executives, coworkers, clients, vendors… anyone can add to your staff appreciation board, no matter where they are. Just drop them the link or display the QR code.

  • Authentic Posts

    A Kudoboard post is much more than a signature or quick “Thank you!” Posts can include shout outs, memories, photos, videos, and any other tribute.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Schedule reminders to participate and delivery the board on the occasion date.

  • Thank Contributors

    Recipients can quickly thank contributors once they receive their board. Thank you FOR thank you!

  • Print It

    Print your memories, photos, and shout outs for a permanent reminder of their appreciation.

  • Display Slideshow

    Display your staff appreciation board during a party or on a team meeting—our slideshows are perfect!

  • Great for Hybrid Teams

    Remote and hybrid teams can still be connected through virtual company events. Kudoboard’s features are designed for virtual connection.

  • Emojis & Comments

    Upgrade to a business plan to add comments and emoji reactions to posts for even more connection.

  • Sustainability

    Kudoboards are more sustainable for your wallet AND the earth.

Staff appreciation makes a difference

The power of gratitude is transformative. Showing you care is proven to change the way we think—and perform.


reason people leave their job is because of a lack of recognition.


of people would be happier if they were celebrated at work.


of people feel happier at work when they receive a Kudoboard.


prefer a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more authentic.


of customers experience a positive impact on morale with Kudoboard.


prefer contributing to a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more fun.


improvement in team morale is gained by Kudoboard deployment.


say companies undervalue the effects of recognizing people.


Show them you care.

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Frequently asked questions about staff appreciation group cards

Staff Appreciation is a term used in the workplace to describe the ways employers recognize and show gratitude for their employees. It encompasses everything a company does to let its employees know their efforts, contributions, and achievements do not go unnoticed. Staff and workplace appreciation can take many forms, such as compliments, praise, awards, bonuses, events, treats, etc. 

Staff appreciation is crucial for creating a strong work culture and an overall positive employee experience. Not only will workplace appreciation boost morale, but it will also increase motivation and engagement. Employees who feel valued are more likely to go the extra mile and feel satisfied in their work. Appreciated staff are more productive, respectful, cooperative, and loyal to their teams. In an environment where companies are struggling to attract and retain talented employees, ensuring employees feel recognized and appreciated is essential to raise retention rates and reduce turnover. Prioritizing staff appreciation will have a positive impact on employees, teams, and the success of the company.

There are countless ways to show staff appreciation in the workplace. Choosing which method is best will vary based on the field of work, the culture of the company, and the interests of the employees. Regardless of which method you choose, remaining consistent and genuine will your recognition will have a significant impact on the company. Here are some common ways to show your staff that you appreciate them:


  • Personally thank employees for specific efforts and contributions
  • Give public recognition or shoutouts – both in the office or with remote teams
  • Provide rewards that celebrate certain levels of performance 
  • Celebrate important milestones or special days such as birthdays or work anniversaries
  • Improve compensation and strive to give raises and seasonal bonuses
  • Express gratitude through cards or a Kudoboard
  • Implement practices and policies that allow for better work-life balance and overall wellbeing

There are several days throughout the year that provide a chance to show your staff how much you appreciate them. Workplace appreciation needs to be regular and ongoing, not just done on one specific holiday. However, these widley-celebrated holidays are a great place to start when designing a schedule for staff appreciation. Here are some examples of staff appreciation days you can celebrate in your workplace:


  • Staff Appreciation Day (March)
  • International Workers’ Day/Labor Day (May)
  • Administrative Professionals Day (April)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
  • Nurses Week (May)
  • National Boss’s Day (October)

    • Team or Individual Shout Outs: these take little time to put together but make a big impact for those on the receiving end. Kudoboard makes it quick and easy to give a shout out anytime you need to make an employee feel recognized.
  • Celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries: Employees want to feel recognized on special days and it is easy to make that happen. Decorate the office, give a gift, or send around a Kudoboard birthday card that has contributions from everyone in the office. 
  • Time Off Rewards: What better gift can you give than a break from the stress of work? Even better, pair it with a gift card for some food to make it a truly relaxing break.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Not having the chance for growth and development are one of the top reasons people leave their jobs. Reward your staff’s efforts by showing them you value their personal and professional development.

If you want to up your game when it comes to staff appreciation, try adding some fun activities into your workplace! Here are a few ideas of popular staff appreciation activities:


  • Lunches/Dinners: Provide a staff appreciation meal at a delicious restaurant where everyone can relax and enjoy each other’s company without the stress of discussing work. 
  • Awards Ceremony: Host a fun and light-hearted awards ceremony with real or joke awards highlighting inside jokes or impressive innovation, teamwork, or achievements.
  • Surprise Celebration: Why wait for a day everyone expects to celebrate? Pick a day to surprise your staff with food, treats, or a party! Let them know it is nothing more than a huge “thank you” for everything they do.
  • Employee of the Month: Start an “employee of the month” appreciation program, but use it to celebrate workers for more than just their sales or performance. Gift the winner with a Kudoboard filled with messages, pictures, and videos from their co-workers, and take advantage of the option to display it as a slideshow during your next meeting.

Showing staff appreciation doesn’t have to come with spending a lot of money! If you are holding back on workplace appreciation because you don’t have much of a budget for it, here are some ideas of how you can still show you gratitude to your deserving employees:


  • Give handwritten notes of gratitude
  • One-on-one video chats to check in, build connection, and express appreciation
  • Highlight employees on your website
  • Give them a shout out on social media
  • Place a suggestion box in the office to show you are listening, and get some ideas on what they need to feel valued

If you are looking for a way to access everything needed for workplace appreciation and team engagement all in one spot, you have come to the right place! Elevate by Kudoboard is an ongoing business plan that provides all of the bells and whistles your employees deserve to feel recognized and valued by their company. Our plan provides unlimited customized boards, making it perfect for any size team. Our business plan makes it easy to quickly to show staff appreciation that will be remembered by all!

Start your free trial today and experience workplace appreciation and engagement reimagined.

Still looking for more information? Come check out our blog! You’ll find new content posted regularly to help you find what you need. Feel free to poke around and see if anything else piques your interest. 

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