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Calling all gratitude ambassadors

We want you.

Do you inspire and inform a gratitude lifestyle?

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Advocate Gratitude

When you team up with Kudoboard, it’s not just about earning creditability. It’s about the commitment to helping people live better lives. Becoming a Kudoboard Gratitude Ambassador, you commit to the following:

  • Complete online training of our platform

  • Inspire a lifestyle of gratitude, connection, wellness and respect

  • Promote Kudoboard and the importance of gratitude and appreciation through social media

  • Create your own content highlighting the brand

  • Create and publish creative Kudoboard content to activate others – with an emphasis on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube

  • Participate in quarterly check-ins to regularly collaborate with our Social Media team.


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Who we are looking for

Are you active on social media and work hard to live a lifestyle of gratitude, foster a fun work culture or personal lifestyle? Do you promote wellness or naturally inspire others? Then keep reading. We are looking for you:

  • Displays knowledge and passion for the Kudobaord brand and mission

  • A social media content creator who’s up to date on the latest trends

  • Strong understanding and avid user of social media platforms

  • Eager to develop and grow content creation skills

  • Organized, respectful and proactive communicator



Have social influence?

To be considered for the Gratitude Ambassador Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Following of 3,000+ on a primary social platform

  • Have an audience targeted at women or men aged 22 – 55

  • Have an engaged audience

  • Active primary account with social media presence that aligns with our brand and values

  • Qualify for our Ambassador program based on additional details, such as content quality and following

  • Eligible to work in the US with a valid SSN

  • Not currently engaged with direct competitors


brand ambassador program

We want you.