Get well soon cards

Online get well cards for individuals & groups

Cheer them up when they need it, anytime. Offer your well wishes using GIFs, photos, videos and messages.

How online get well soon cards work

Kudoboard’s online group cards allow you to gather messages from a group, delivered directly to the recipient virtually.


Select an Occasion

Pick an occasion for your group card. Style the board in minutes.


Invite people & groups

Watch the Kudoboard come to life as a group of people contribute to it.


Deliver appreciation

Send the group card to the individual or team recipient. For added value, push a button to convert it to a slideshow, a book, attach gift cards or integrate to Slack, Teams, and your Intranet.


Boost Morale, Connection & Happiness

It’s powerfully simple. Appreciated and connected people foster happy teams with thriving results.

Customize your get well soon cards – here’s a taste

Take it to the next Level with a Subscription

Team morale boost, delivered.

Empower colleagues to celebrate each other and have a stronger sense of belonging at work with Elevate by Kudoboard.

  • Infinity logo

    Unlimited boards and multiple board creators to celebrate all your milestones, company events, & peer-to-peer recognition.

  • Paint brush logo

    Custom branding lets you personalize your Kudoboard’s with your organization look & feel.

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    Automate board creation for employee birthdays and work anniversaries.

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    Integrate with your key systems like SSO, Slack or MS Teams, and more.

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Having a company event?

Create a heartfelt online card for your event – allowing anyone, anywhere to add their messages. Choose your own custom branding, artwork for your online card, personalize even further with fonts, photos, GIFs and more features.

We’ve got you covered. Contact us to get setup.
  • Your logo at the top
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom URL
  • Proactive moderation
  • Multiple administrators
  • Embeddable content
  • Board export
  • Tagging, likes, and comments
  • Custom disclaimer
  • Custom input fields
  • Board metrics
  • Dedicated account manager
Woman in office looking at laptop
  • It was very easy to access, even when I had only an iPhone in the hospital. Definitely cheered me up.

    Carl Get Well Kudoboard Recipient

Spread extra well wishes

Printed Kudoboard book titled

Print your Kudoboard

Print a Kudoboard as a beautiful, hard-bound book or poster — we can ship in the U.S. or internationally.

Learn more
Kudoboard slideshow of posts with play button

Play as slideshow

You can also play an online slideshow of the Kudoboard – perfect for displaying at an in-person event.

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Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards

Gift cards

Attach gift funds on certain boards that recipients can redeem for a Visa gift card, store cards (like Amazon, Best Buy), etc.

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Online cards that say more than “get well”

  • Totally Custom

    Kudoboards are completely customized for your recipient, including artwork, fonts, photos, GIFs, and videos


  • Invite Contributors—Anywhere

    Friends, family, and teammates can all add to your online sympathy card, no matter where they are. Just drop them the link!

  • Authentic Posts

    A Kudoboard post is much more than a signature or quick “Sorry for your loss” Posts can include memories, photos, videos, inside joke GIFs, and anything else you think up.

  • Schedule Delivery

    No need to worry about walking their card around or getting their address. Simply schedule the board to be delivered via email on a day of your choosing.

  • Thank Contributors

    Recipients can quickly thank contributors once they receive their work anniversary card. The appreciation grows!

  • Save Forever

    Boards last forever, so the recipient can bookmark this board of positive words for a rainy day boost.

  • Display Slideshow

    Celebrating at an event? Display the Kudoboard messages on a screen.

  • Perfect for Teams

    Workplace appreciation never had it so good. Sympathy boards are the perfect way to boost morale and express gratitude for your coworkers.

  • Emojis & Comments

    Get a business plan to add comments and emoji reactions to posts for even more expression.

  • Sustainability

    Kudoboards are more sustainable for your wallet AND the earth.

Be there for all life events, it matters.

Acknowledging the moments that matter is important. Showing you care is proven to change the way we think—and perform.


reason people leave their job is because of a lack of recognition.


of people would be happier if they were celebrated at work.


of people feel happier at work when they receive a Kudoboard.


prefer a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more authentic.


of customers experience a positive impact on morale with Kudoboard.


prefer contributing to a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more fun.


improvement in team morale is gained by Kudoboard deployment.


say companies undervalue the effects of recognizing people.


For all life’s occasions

Try it risk-free now

Frequently asked questions about get well soon cards

An online Get Well Soon card from Kudoboard is a digital way, as a group, to send love and support to someone in your life. For the individual who is tasked with picking out a card for everyone to sign, spending hours in card aisles hoping to find the one that fits the circumstances (and personalities of everyone involved) can be difficult. With Kudoboard, you can custom create a board to compile everyone’s virtual “get well wishes” right from your computer or phone.

Let’s say a coworker gets the flu, or needs emergency surgery. Instead of passing a card around the office, you can instead choose a “Get Well Soon” board on our website, and send each employee a link where they can add their own contributions. Kudoboard allows you to add messages, GIF’s, images, or videos to the board so that it can be personalized to the recipient. This makes a great option for those working remote, or living far away from others, to still join in and participate.

We have worked to make this process so simple, anyone can do it!

Once you click the “Create a Kudoboard” button on our website, our template will walk you through each step quickly and easily. You will be prompted to input the name of the recipient, a name or title for your board, and to select which type of board fits your needs best. From there, you can try out a variety of backgrounds until you find the right one. Voila! Your board is created!

Now comes the fun part: adding in the virtual “get well wishes” and messages from you and your group. We like to suggest that, as the creator of the board (kudos to you), you do the honors of the first post. That way, when others come to add in their messages, they have an example of your creative ingenuity (you’re welcome), as well as how this digital “get well soon” card works.

From there, send members of your group a link or email inviting them to contribute, and watch as the ecard fills with the kind of love and support needed for anyone to get well soon. You will be amazed at how seamless and easy the process is.

Whichever type you need! One of the benefits to using Kudoboard’s online get well soon card, is you can customize it to fit your needs. Do you have a boss who tripped over their cat and broke an arm? We’ve got your back. Maybe your kid’s teacher’s mom needed hip replacement surgery and you can’t find a card that mentions any of those words. You can customize your digital get well soon card with us so that is never a problem.

While you may have been limited in the past to whatever your local greeting card section contains, we think you will be impressed how easy it is to say exactly what you need with Kudoboard.

This is a common question, as many people want options that feel more heartfelt than a simple “get well soon.” The answer though depends on your recipient. For a coworker in a job with a more professional setting, you might use messages short and sweet like:

  • “Wishing you a quick and easy recovery!”
  • “We are thinking of you and hope you feel better soon”
  • “We miss having you here in the office, get better soon!
  • “Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well! We can’t wait to have you back”
  • “Hope you are getting all the rest you need. Feel better!”

If your relationship to the recipient is someone you are close to, it can be meaningful to add something more personal. Depending on your style, options range from inspirational and loving, to humorous and lighthearted. The following are some options to get you started:

  • “I know this has been hard, but you aren’t alone. I am here if you need anything!”
  • “All of us are thinking of you and wanting to help any way we can. It’s not the same around here without you”
  • “Sorry to hear your “sick days” are being used for actually being sick, instead of something fun like that cruise we have been wanting to go on”
  • “Maybe all of us can pitch in to buy you some glasses so you can avoid breaking your other arm when your cat is around!”

Whatever you choose to put on your Kudoboard online get well soon card, if you make it genuine and true to your personality, it is sure to be appreciated.

Kudobaord makes it easy and fun to add many options to your virtual get well soon card. Your well wishes can be emphasized with pictures, GIF’s, or videos. You can even collect funds from the group (all from our website), to deliver a gift card alongside your ecard. This helps to make your recipient’s experience much more meaningful and memorable.

For example, your “Dr. Who-loving” friend, recovering from surgery, might appreciate your message a bit more if it had a GIF of Dr. Who attached to it. Or, maybe your best friend, stuck at home recovering from a skiing accident, would find it more entertaining to read your comment with a clip of “funny ski crash compilations” next to it. Each person in your group has the chance to make their contribution their own, so the sky’s the limit on what you can put on your group ecard.

Kudoboard is ideal for any group of people wanting to send an online get well card to someone they care about. Whether you have 2-3 people wanting to contribute, or a large company of employees, we have boards to fit your needs. Common recipients of our boards include:

  • Friends
  • Parents or grandparents
  • Bosses
  • Coworkers or employees
  • Teachers
  • Classmates
  • Doctors or nurses
  • etc.

We know that, sometimes, just having a digital option for your card isn’t enough. That’s why we have printing options for you and your group! Kudoboard offers the options to have your board printed as a beautiful, hardbound book, or as a high-resolution poster.

Once your board is full of posts from everyone in your group, you can select the option to have it printed as a book. Our books come with a 7”x7” hardcover, and have an image-wrapped, matte finish. We ship anywhere in the US, or to many countries worldwide.

If you choose to have your get well soon board printed as a poster, you have the option of 12”, 24”, or 48” wide. We can print and ship you a beautiful, semi-gloss poster, or you have the option to download a high-resolution image of your board and print it on your own.

Pricing for your virtual card varies depending on your need. Kudoboard offers a free mini board to anyone with a small group of contributors (10 or less posts per board). Our premium board, which is our most popular, allows for up to 100 posts, and the option of adding videos, for $5.99. From there, we have a variety of options for larger groups, companies, memorials, or milestones that start at $20 a board.

For larger events, including CEO departures, graduations, fundraisers, etc., contact us for custom pricing.


Can’t find all of the information you were looking for here? Come check out our blog! We are regularly posting new to help you find what you need. Since you are currently reading the “online get well soon card” FAQ’s, here is a couple of related posts to get you started:

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