Kudoboard for Business

Employee Recognition for the Special Occasions that Matter Most.

Group of business colleagues showing appreciation for their Kudoboard recipient

Reimagine the card that's passed around and signed

For Special Occasions

From birthdays to weddings, new babies to a sick colleagues -- Kudoboard enables teammates to appreciate each other

For Awards

Honor team members for achievements or tenure with your organization and involve their colleagues in the process

For Ongoing Recognition

Create ongoing boards for your team members and add messages, photos, videos for employee recognition throughout the year

All the Features you Need for a Business

Unlimited Boards, Created by Anyone.

On all other plans, it's a single user starting the boards. With Kudoboard for Business, any user on your system can start a new Kudoboard to recognize a colleague! Common uses include:




Get Well

New Baby

Thank You





Unique Subdomain.

A Unique Organization URL...

Your organization has a private, customizable landing page at ORGNAME.kudoboard.com.

...With Your Personalized Metrics

Identify who has been giving appreciation within your organization and who could use a little boost.

Custom Branding.

Your Logo

Add your logo to the Kudoboard page

Your Color Scheme

Select your organization colors throughout the site

Your Board Templates

Best of all -- add your own board templates to fully personalize the Kudoboard experience for the recipient

Access Controls.

Select which boards can be shared externally and which should remain internal to your organization


Keep some boards private, requiring an organization account and login for anyone to view


Make other boards public, sharing your employee recognition on social media or delivering to a recipient outside your organization


Assign organizational admin status to members of your team to enable them to provision new users, remove objectionable content, track usage across your organization, etc.


Organize your Kudoboards into groups to enable quick invites and easy use across multiple teams

Simple Pricing

Based on the # of users in your organization who will have access to Kudoboard

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