welcome cards

Warm & friendly welcome to the team cards

Make onboarding new employees are more personal and welcoming experience with a board from their new team. Add photos, videos, GIFs, and messages of welcome now!

How online welcome cards work

Make a “Welcome to the Team” online group card to send to new employees before their first day to make it a smooth and fun transition.  


Create Board

Create a Kudoboard group card and enable funds collections for an e-gift card.


Invite people & groups

Invite team members, friends, family, and other contributors to add to the online group card. Contributors will have the option to add funds, too.


Deliver the card

Send the welcome card via email before their first day, so they’re starting on a friendly foot.


Delight the new hire

Include their welcome board in your onboarding package, or display via slideshow for their first meeting!

Customize your welcome cards – here’s a taste

Take it to the next Level with a Subscription

Team morale boost, delivered.

Empower colleagues to celebrate each other and have a stronger sense of belonging at work with Elevate by Kudoboard.

  • infinity icon

    Unlimited boards and multiple board creators to celebrate all your milestones, company events, & peer-to-peer recognition.

  • paint brush icon

    Custom branding lets you personalize your Kudoboards with your organization look & feel.

  • Automations robot icon

    Automate board creation for employee birthdays and work anniversaries.

  • Integration plug icon

    Integrate with your key systems like SSO, Slack or MS Teams, and more.

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Having a welcome event?

Kudoboard can help you make a first impression that lasts forever, at your company welcome event. Colleagues can share their excitement with an online welcome card, filled with GIFs, photos, tons of fonts and more features.

We’ve got you covered. Contact us to get set up.
  • Your logo at the top
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom URL
  • Proactive moderation
  • Multiple administrators
  • Embeddable content
  • Board export
  • Tagging, likes, and comments
  • Custom disclaimer
  • Custom input fields
  • Board metrics
  • Dedicated account manager
Employees looking at a document with an
  • Kudoboard is currently allowing our small nonprofit highlight achievements and provide a curated onboarding experience that makes people feel seen and valued. It’s simplicity is its value.

    Andrew K. IT Administrator Contractor Small-Business
  • Gives such a great experience for new members joining our company! Current teammates get to share their excitement and personality through the use of static images, gifs, and comments!

    Caroline K. Information Technology and Services Mid-Market
  • As an HR practitioner, when staff leave the organization, there is the need to have staff share memorable moments with staff that can be shared during the staff farewell party, the kudoboard has been instrumental in my department.

    Martha O.
  • Last year, we purchased a Kudoboard to start a company wide employee engagement. We … used it for a month to collect feedback from our employees. The reviews we received were amazing and the board continues to be one of our top products. We keep it in all of our offices and our customers love it.

    Annie B. Senior Accounting Manager Information Technology and Services

Welcome everyone, with something extra

Printed Kudoboard book titled

Print your Kudoboard

Print a Kudoboard as a beautiful, hard-bound book or poster — we can ship in the U.S. or internationally.

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Kudoboard slideshow of posts with play button

Play as slideshow

You can also play an online slideshow of the Kudoboard – perfect for displaying at an in-person event.

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Visa, Amazon, and Best Buy gift cards

Gift cards

Attach gift funds on certain boards that recipients can redeem for a Visa gift card, store cards (like Amazon, Best Buy), etc.

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Group welcome cards that work for your team

  • Totally Custom

    Kudoboards are completely customized for your team, including artwork, fonts, photos, GIFs, and videos.

  • Invite Contributors—Anywhere

    Friends, family, and teammates can all add to your online welcome card, no matter where they are. Just drop them the link!

  • Authentic Posts

    A Kudoboard post is much more than a signature or quick “Welcome to the Team!” Posts can include new hopes, photos, videos, funny GIFs, and anything else you think up.

  • Schedule Delivery

    No need to worry about walking their card around or getting their address. Simply schedule the board to be delivered via email so it’s ready when they first log in.

  • Thank Contributors

    Recipients can quickly thank contributors once they receive their card. Thank you FOR thank you!

  • Save Forever

    Boards last forever, so the recipient can bookmark this board of positive words for a rainy day boost.

  • Display Slideshow

    Celebrating at an event or a “welcome to the team” lunch? Display the Kudoboard messages on a screen.

  • Add a Gift Card

    Attach a gift card to your Kudoboard for a sweet token of appreciation. You can even crowdsource donations!

  • Perfect for Teams

    Workplace appreciation never had it so good. Welcome to the Team boards are the perfect way to boost morale and express gratitude for your coworkers.

  • Emojis & Comments

    Upgrade to a business plan to add comments and emoji reactions to posts for even more fun!

How you welcome them makes a difference

Acknowledging the moments that matter is important. Showing you care is proven to change the way we think—and perform.


reason people leave their job is because of a lack of recognition.


of people would be happier if they were celebrated at work.


of people feel happier at work when they receive a Kudoboard.


prefer a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more authentic.


of customers experience a positive impact on morale with Kudoboard.


prefer contributing to a Kudoboard over a paper card. It’s more fun.


improvement in team morale is gained by Kudoboard deployment.


say companies undervalue the effects of recognizing people.


Welcome everyone

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Welcomed employees are productive employees

Treating your employees right is vital to your company culture—and it starts before they even sign the offer letter. Welcoming a new employee with warm messages from their team eases those first day jitters, and can even encourage candidates to accept an offer letter. Set the tone for workplace appreciation with a warm welcome.

Person waving to laptop and
Woman smiling and a

Better than a boring welcome email

Logging into your brand new email to an empty inbox is a bit depressing. Instead, imagine logging in to find an online welcome card filled with messages from all of your new teammates. It’s useful for your existing employees, who will consciously adapt to a new coworker, but also for the new employee who may be a little hesitant on their first day. Appreciation starts on day one.

Frequently asked questions about welcome cards

Creating a welcome card is super simple! You can get started by clicking here, and following the step-by-step instructions. Explore the customized templates, add text and photos, and you will have a personalized greeting card in minutes!

Anytime we start a new endeavor, nerves run wild. Custom welcome cards are a great way to let your new employee know they are welcome and cared about. Humans love to feel included and the ability to allow the team to customize their own design will create that personal touch that can improve morale from the start.

The most important part of any welcome card is an inviting and friendly tone. Keep it light and fun. One idea is to have each team member introduce themselves with a few words and a photo or GIF they like. You can also have each person write a welcome message. Another option is to send a welcome from management with contact information for who they can reach out to with questions.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules! Have fun with it and create your own custom card in minutes.

Looking for inspiration? This is a fun example from a Kudoboard customer.

Depending on your needs, there are multiple plans and pricing options. We are confident you will find something that fits each person, business, and budget. This is an excellent option for 1-1 cards, small group cards, or to try out the service. Go ahead and build your first virtual card today!

Yes you can, and we encourage it! Add your favorite photo, GIF, or meme to your post for a great personal touch. They are also a great way to make the board more appealing and fun visually.

Yes! Virtual welcome cards can be sent from an entire group. Miniboards are free and can have up to 10 contributors. Premium plans can accommodate up to 100 contributors. Our subscription plans vary and can offer up to unlimited contributors.

Inviting your team to contribute is simple and can be accomplished in 1 of 3 ways. You will get a unique board link once you have created the welcome card that you can message out through the system. You can also invite them through Facebook or send an email invitation.

Our custom cards will never expire! The recipient will have access to it for as long as they want!

No! Those who want to contribute will not need to subscribe to anything to post to a board. We love this feature because it cuts down one more barrier to entry to encourage your team members to post.

Start now to create a welcoming and warm company culture. There is always something to celebrate so make sure you are! Birthdays, farewells, condolences, and any other event or occasion you can think of is a great reason to send a custom greeting card! We also find it helpful to send email reminders the day before the event and to make sure you include a great first design on the post for inspiration.

Yes! It could be so fun to have a poster printed out to welcome your new person on their first day. You can order a print from us, or you can download your board and take it to your local print shop.