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In-person, remote, or hybrid events win with Kudoboard. Whether recognizing a departing CEO, holding a conference, celebrating a big moment, organizing a graduation, or honoring caregivers – we’ve got you covered.

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How Kudoboard’s event celebrations work

Kudoboard’s special event boards allow you to gather and display posts from a group for any type of event. 


Select an occasion

Pick an occasion for your group card. Style the board in minutes.


Invite people & groups

Watch the Kudoboard come to life as a group of people contribute to it.


Deliver appreciation

Share the board during the event as a slideshow or allow attendees to add from a displayed QR code.


Boost Morale, Connection & Happiness

It’s powerfully simple. Appreciated and connected people foster happy teams with thriving results.

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Special events you’ll never forget

Create a big splash with your next company event or campaign using Kudoboard

Get your attendees involved and interacting with event celebration boards. They can share learnings, add photos, and drop links into their posts. Turn on the QR code function to allow for real-time content contribution.

Build camaraderie with your team—no matter where they are. Kudoboard’s event celebration boards are perfect for remote, in-person and hybrid teams.

Choose your own artwork, colors, and fonts. Share the board via slideshow or QR code. Add a gift card, and print the event board as a book if you want a keepsake!

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Event celebrations perfect for Kudoboard

Kudoboards were created to help people connect when it matters. Here are some occasions where it can be particularly beneficial:

  • Executive departures
  • Company milestones
  • Employee rewards
  • DEI celebrations
  • Staff appreciation event
  • Online memorial
  • Department event
  • Holiday celebration
  • Office competition
  • Campaigns & causes
  • Conferences & offsites
  • And more!
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  • Kudoboards are easy to give to coworkers. People love the personalized messages with videos, images, and GIFs. When someone on our team receives one, they LOVE it!

    Julie R.
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  • Our HR Team supports employees around the entire country. Using Kudoboard has allowed everyone to appreciate each other no matter where they are. Love that!

    Debbie C.
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Top event features

Custom branding for your event. Add a logo, customize background, choose the perfect URL.

Multiple administrators to manage the event, moderate posts, make edits and delete content.

Tagging, likes, and comments to increase engagement at your event.

Metrics & insights to track engagement and review event success.

Slideshows that can be embedded on websites, displayed on screens. Turn on QR code to increase real-time engagement.

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Increase audience participation

Allow attendees to participate in your event celebration for more fun and higher levels of engagement. With a quick QR code scan, every attendee can contribute to the event board.

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Dedicated support so your event goes off without a hitch

From new baby celebrations to sympathy cards, Kudoboard helps you acknowledge the important moments in employees’ lives.


Get an Enterprise Plan

From integrations and automations to SSO and advanced reports, our Enterprise plan has everything your organization needs.

Recognize people across your entire enterprise

FAQs about events & campaigns

An event celebration is a gathering used to honor a special event or achievement. During an event celebration, people enjoy time together and celebrate things like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, special interests, etc. They range from large-scale events to small intimate gatherings, depending on the event and the audience. They can be held both indoors and out in nature, and have a wide range of food and decor used. Regardless of what type of event is celebrated, the main goal is usually to create a space where everyone can enjoy themselves, make memories, and pay tribute to the reason for the event.

There are many reasons why it is important to host and participate in event celebrations, especially at work. They allow us to acknowledge significant achievements and milestones, as well as holidays and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It is important to reflect on each other’s growth and achievements and allow time for gratitude and introspection. Event celebrations give a break from everyday stress and routines and provide time to have fun and relax. This can relieve stress and overall well-being especially when they are used in various work settings. Many event celebrations are centered around cultural or religious traditions, and they help to preserve cultural identities, customs, and values as they pass to younger generations. They also allow the chance to take pictures and videos to create lasting memories.

Birthday event celebrations are commonly and widely practiced in many different parts of the world. They are seen as an important occasion to gather and share love and excitement with each year that passes. These birthday celebrations can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt or ancient Greece. In those times, birthdays were seen as a way to celebrate or honor people in positions of power, heroes, or gods and goddesses. The way we celebrate birthday events in modern times emerged more recently and has changed due to the emphasis on individualism and consumer culture. From this came children’s extravagant birthday parties and cakes, as well as the widespread traditions of printed greeting cards and gift-giving. Birthday event celebrations honor a special milestone of time passing and the chance to show our loved ones how much we care.

There are many event celebrations enjoyed every year throughout the world. Here are some popular annual event celebrations:


  • New Year’s Day (January)
  • Chinese New Year (January/February)
  • Valentine’s Day (February)
  • Easter (March/April)
  • Independence Day (Varies)
  • Halloween (October)
  • Diwali (October/November)
  • Thanksgiving (November)
  • Christmas (December)

Event celebrations at work are necessary to maintain job satisfaction and team engagement. Having something like work celebrations to look forward to gives employees motivation and excitement, despite stressful conditions and workloads. Here are some ideas of how you can incorporate event celebrations at work:


  • Team building activities such as scavenger hunts, sports competitions, escape rooms, or outdoor adventure courses.
  • Work parties for things like birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, and holidays.
  • Awards and recognition in the form of an awards ceremony, work party ecards, or a “congratulations team” party for meeting goals.
  • Potluck events with just the team or extended to include family and friends
  • DEI celebrations to recognize the diversity in your company
  • Popular holiday celebrations

Remote teams need the morale boost and camaraderie building that come from event celebrations just as much as in-office teams. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted this very fact when the way we engaged in work completely changed across many different fields. Here are some ideas for virtual celebrations for remote teams:


  • Virtual team building activities
  • Virtual happy hour
  • Online trivia and games like Kahoot or Jackbox games
  • Online workshops
  • Virtual talent show
  • Engaging in things like March Madness through online bracket challenges
  • Virtual dress-up or office decorating competitions
  • Work party ecard services like Kudoboard where everyone can contribute to the board and then enjoy the slideshow feature on a call together


  • “Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” -Nelson Mandela
  • “Celebrate every success, but don’t forget to enjoy those scars of failures” – Debasish Mridha
  • “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Hellen Keller
  • “You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins” – Jim Stovall

If you are looking for a way to access everything needed for event celebrations and team engagement all in one spot, you have come to the right place! Elevate by Kudoboard is an ongoing business plan that provides all of the bells and whistles your company needs to make event celebrations memorable throughout your organization. Our plan provides unlimited customized boards, making it perfect for any size team to come together and participate in event celebrations anytime you need it. Our business plan makes it easy to quickly organize an event celebration that will be remembered by all!

Start your free trial today and experience workplace appreciation and work celebration reimagined.

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