Top 16 Graduation Gifts

Most of us began attending school at the age of four. From that moment forward, we spend decades learning with the hopes of acquiring a diploma. Whether for high school or college, graduating is a significant milestone in anyone's life. 

What better way to commemorate the graduate's hard work than through a gift? Whether it is sentimental, functional, or monetary, the perfect graduation gift can bring a smile to the graduate's face or make life easier moving forward. 

Here are a variety of graduation gift ideas bound to please any graduate:

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What Day is Nurses Day?

When is Nurses Day? 

National Nurses Day is internationally celebrated, every year, on May 12th.

What Other Days Do We Celebrate Nurses?

  • The Month of May: In the United States, the American Nurses Association (ANA) hosts Nurses Month for the entire month of May. Each week has a different focus area for raising awareness and celebration.
  • May 6 - 12: National Nurses Week (National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of this week)
  • May 8: National Student Nurses Day
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How To Make An Online Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day cards were extra cute when we were little. Construction paper, stamps, and smudged spirals of crayon were treasured artifacts proclaiming our love for the "best mom ever." Now, a paper group greeting card is pretty stale for Mother's Day. You either get a generic mother's day card, find some last-minute printable card, or go for something shocking with an inappropriate or funny mother-themed card by using an online mother's day card. You can do better for your mom.

Celebrate mother's day with online mother's day card

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Top 10 Gifts for Nurses Day

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th each year and is a day to celebrate and recognize nurses for their hard work and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. May 12 was chosen because it is Florence Nightingale's, the founder of modern nursing, birthday. It is a great day to raise awareness of the role nurses play in maintaining public health. Nurses work hard and deserve a day to be recognized for that work. Read on for some great ideas for nurses' day gifts for the nurses in your life.  

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses

  1. Tote Bag Gift Set

Nurse’s are always on the go and they work really long shifts. Why not grab them a cute, roomy tote bag to help them carry all their essentials in style? This set includes a travel stainless steel tumbler which would be great for coffee, water, or soda. This bag comes in two different color options. If you want to include more, this would make a great gift bag to stuff with more essentials.

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Celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30th

When you were a kid, you probably put on your white coat, placed your stethoscope with “Doc Mcstuffins” face on it around your neck, and miraculously fixed our sister’s severe case of “Super-Loud-itis.”

Pretending to be a doctor is a common childhood experience and for a good reason. Doctors spend over a decade studying and then training in the human body's complexities. 

They then use that knowledge during an average of 50-60  hours a week, diagnosing, advising, comforting, treating, and hopefully healing their patients. 

Their career is vital in ensuring we can live as healthy as possible, especially when disease tries to slow us down. They deserve to have a doctor's appreciation day

Each year on March 30th is when we do just that-- when we celebrate Doctor’s Day.

What is Doctors' Day?

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The 13 Best Ecard Options for 2023

Folks have been migrating their paper-based activities online for a while now, and then the pandemic really sped things up. Goodbye, graduation parties. Nice try, office birthday party. Instead, we were home and looking for ways to mark the special occasions in our lives when we could no longer pass around that grocery store greeting card. 

Ecards have come a long way to allow us the full expression of our thoughts and feelings on those special days. Whether it’s a sympathy card, group birthday ecard, or a simple “Thinking of You,” sending an electronic greeting card is easier than ever—and you have options. 

We’re breaking down the 12 most popular and useful ecard options out there (in no particular order), including their pros and cons, so you can determine which will best meet your needs. 

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Unique Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards (or any type of holiday greeting card) are a matter of tradition. In fact, we’ve been sending them since 1915! Each year we send a message of good tidings to our friends and family, often updating them on the latest for our family in the past year. We check in with others and let them know we’re thinking of them during this festive season. 

But what if we’re tired of tradition? What if we don’t want to gather addresses, pay for postage, or contribute to unnecessary paper waste? We hear you. Creating the perfect holiday card can be more stressful than it’s worth, so it’s time to explore some new options for your 2021 Christmas greeting card. Here are a few ideas to help you buck the stereotypes and stand out this year. 

Why is a Kudoboard a great tool for the holiday season? 🌲 ❤️

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to create connection with those you love. Learn more about our unique Christmas cards.

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How To Make A Great Business Christmas Card

Every holiday season as a kid I remember dumping out our red wicker Christmas card basket and spreading them all out on the floor, looking over them, and choosing my favorites. I’d read about travels and home renovations of people I didn’t really know, but my parents did. Every once in a while my dad would bring home cards from his office of various clients and companies his business had worked with the past year. These business Christmas cards were especially appealing to me. A group costume? 20 different signatures? A creative poem? A themed staff photo shoot?! Ten-year-old me was entranced. 

Now, in 2021, the power and reach of a corporate holiday card are still just as important as ever. In fact, not only can a clever greeting card be a powerful business advertisement, but a business holiday card can also connect the community and serve as a unique outreach opportunity. 

Why is a Kudoboard a holiday game changer? 🎅

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much they’re cared about and appreciated! Learn more about Kudoboard's Christmas and holiday cards here.

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7 Tips for Creating Great Group Cards

For some people, the elimination of the birthday party was a welcome respite. Introverts around the world were secretly relieved to avoid the forced small talk and singing around a person blowing on a slab of cake you’re all going to share. 

Thanks to the pandemic and many businesses shifting to more remote-friendly schedules now that restrictions are relaxing—you might never have to attend an office birthday party ever again. In related good news, we’ve learned how to make a birthday celebration more meaningful, even if you’re not in the same place. 

No more passing around a cheesy dollar store card to scribble a quick and partially sincere message and signature. Modern eCards are the way to celebrate birthdays, and we’ll show you how to do group cards right. 

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