Honoring the Queen with an Online Book of Condolence

Humans across the world are uniting to offer condolences and awe at the 70+ years of dedicated service which ended on September 8th, with the death of the longest reigning female monarch—Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Citizens of the United Kingdom and the sovereign states are finding unique ways to express their condolences for the Queen, support for the new King Charles, love for the royal family, and marking the historic occasion. We've been amazed at all of the tributes, but our favorites are the online book of condolence Kudoboards to share thoughts, memories, photographs, and more in honor of the Queen.


The National Federation of Women's Institutes created this Kudoboard for members to post their thoughts about Queen Elizabeth, who was a beloved member of the women's organization.

We mark with sadness the passing of Queen Elizabeth II our longest serving monarch and a longstanding member of the WI. While the whole country mourns her, our thoughts go particularly to her family for whom the loss is so much greater. Her commitment, sense of duty, and selfless service to her people has been an example to us all and she has truly earned her final rest.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

Regional governments across the United Kingdom are also sponsoring book of condolence pages for their constituencies in honor of the deceased monarch and entire royal family.

For all of my life Elizabeth II has been my Queen. A chapter in my life has been closed but my love and faith in the late Queen, the monarchy and now King Charles III will live on.

Valerie Jean Leigh

Kudoboard's online memorials or custom event pages are perfect for bringing people together in the face of a tragedy, celebration, historic moment, or special event. Thank you for letting us be a part of your most important days.

Standing with Ukraine and Voices of Children

The war in Ukraine has now lasted over 150 days. On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, escalating a conflict between the two nations that has been brewing since 2014. This 2022 conflict has created the largest refugee crisis since World War II, as nearly 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced. 

Among the ⅓ of displaced Ukrainians, children are facing devastation as over 6 million have emigrated and more than 200,000 were forcibly deported to Russia. Current reports are showing 358 child deaths and 686 child injuries as forces clash in Ukraine. Even those children who were safely relocated are now facing psychological and developmental challenges due to the trauma of displacement. 

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Voices of Children

One of the most impressive organizations stepping up to help Ukrainians is the Voices of Children Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to supporting all children and their families who have been affected by this conflict. Whether children have been safely evacuated, violently displaced, or are sheltering hopefully in their homes, the trauma of war affects everyone and families need support to heal the unjust wounds.

We are for a future where children are not victims of war, but free and happy citizens.

Voices of Children provides support in a variety of ways: 

  • Art therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Mobile psychologists
  • Offline and online therapy options
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Video stories

Teaming up with Kudoboard

Like the rest of the world, the Kudoboard team was shocked and heartbroken at the stories coming out of Ukraine. When we had the opportunity to work with Voices of Children this spring, we were in awe of their efforts. We provided them with an enterprise account, free of charge, so they can continue sharing the stories and artwork of these brave Ukrainian children as well as a modest donation from our entire team. 

Learn more about Voices of Children and donate to the cause

Join Kudoboard in donating to Voices of Children, so they can keep providing vital support to the most vulnerable among us. We are committed to Voices of Children and the protection of innocents everywhere, and we’re grateful to be included in this noble effort. 

Graduations and Alumni Reunions with Kudoboard

Late spring and early summer are filled to the brim with collegiate celebrations. It's a joyous time to honor the dedicated students and faculty who worked so hard during the previous year.

At Kudoboard, we love to see universities finding creative uses of our online group cards and special event boards. Here are three particularly impressive universities using Kudoboard to unite their faculty, alumni, and communities.

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Graduation Celebration

Athabasca University created a board to celebrate their graduates this year. On the graduation board, students, faculty, and proud family can post messages of congratulations and gratitude, share photos and videos, and learn more about the Athabasca convocation.

Congratulations to our amazing grads of 2022! We're so proud of all that you have accomplished, and look forward to your future successes!

Peter Scott President, Athabasca University

We are so impressed with this board and the brilliant 2022 graduates! Check out the online graduation board here.

Alumni Reunions

Returning to your alma mater can be a sweet and rewarding experience, and the alumni of Sarah Lawrence certainly found that to be the case this spring. As alumni flocked to campus, plenty were able to share their photos and memories on-campus and virtually for those who couldn't travel.

A marvelous reunion, felt amazing to connect once again.

Leda Polinger Canino, Class of 1952

A custom event board allowed Sarah Lawrence to created a branded online board that coincided with their weeklong reunion so that alumi could easily share photos, videos, memories, and more. See the reunion board here.

A Dean's Retirement

When Dean Blackburn retired this year, leagues of students and colleagues came together to send him off with well-wishes and gratitude for all he's accomplished. Check out the online retirement card here.

Since you joined the GSBS Faculty in 1998, I’ve respected your work ethic, your quiet brilliance, and your kindness. Who knew, back then, that you’d one day be our dean?!? This is truly the end of a very special era. Stay well, have fun, enjoy life and please keep in touch … THANK YOU doesn’t really cover it


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Saving the Turtles with Kudoboard

The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in North Carolina exists to protect and support the natural life of sea turtles on the east coast. When sea turtles are injured by boats, debris, disease, or anything else, they can be lovingly rehabilitated by the talented teams at Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue.

Kudoboard is perfect for gathering a group 🙌🏻

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A Public Memorial for a Stanford Fellow

When a community loses a public figure, the grief is shared and public. The deceased person touched many lives and will continue to impact loved ones and community members well into the future. In our digital world it simply isn't enough to have a public memorial service managed by the family, and an obituary for out-of-towners to read.

For well-loved public figures, it's best practice to create a public memorial page or online memorial for community members to see, contribute to, and share via social media. An accessible memorial website allows people from all locations and walks of life to honor the life and death of a significant person, and to offer their condolences.

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Graduation Group Card with Kudoboard

It's graduation season, everyone! From universities to high school to adorable pretend-playing preschools—when spring is in swing, it's time to don the cap and gown, grab some flowers, and prepare to celebrate. Graduation is more than just a formality signaling the successful completion of a course of education. Graduation is a celebration of the graduate and all they've become. It's a chance to share love and admiration, and a chance to come together.

When you start to receive graduation announcements in the early spring months, you might start hoarding cash or write down a reminder to withdraw some fresh bills from the ATM or bank to send along with your graduation wishes. (We've also got great non-cash graduation gift ideas!) Slipping a cash gift into a graduation card is a tradition, meant to help them fund their next great adventure (such as their next degree, a trip, a wedding, or a house downpayment). But when you get a graduation announcement or invitation from someone you love, take it to the next level with a group greeting card from Kudoboard.

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Online Photo Contests Made Easy with Kudoboard

If you're like me, you will drop everything to see cute pet pictures. It's even more fun if you get to cast a vote!

There are so many fantastic reasons to create an online photo contest. During the pandemic, we saw Halloween Costume Photo Contests for workplaces that had gone remote. Large organizations like universities or corporations might use a special event board to share photos or memories for a particular event. It doesn't have to be National Geographic to make a great photography contest. The winning images might only enjoy bragging rights as a main prize (or perhaps a cash prize if you're serious!). Photography contests are still a great way to bring your organization together and to create an impressive photo gallery.

Planning an organization event? ❤️

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Our personal favorite might be this Cutest Pet Photo Contest put on by Washtenaw Community College. Students and faculty were invited to upload a photo submission of their pets of all types for this lighthearted contest.

Check out the full Kudoboard photo contest here!

With Kudoboard, it's easy to create an online bulletin board, shout-out wall, photo contest, or any other custom event board to meet the needs of your organization. A huge thanks to Washtenaw Community College for letting us share this adorable photography contest board, and keep those cute pets coming our way!

The Ultimate Get Well Group Card




Medical Procedures. 


Or just a mutant version of the common cold. 

There are many reasons why a coworker, friend, family member, or loved one is missing from regular activity. Healing takes time, and courteous people keep their germs to themselves. (Especially in this post-pandemic world.)

No matter the reason, when someone is stuck at home missing the action, sending a group get well soon card can be a thoughtful way to let them know they’re missed and to send happy, healing wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon cards are a little different from a birthday card, sympathy card, or other types of group greeting card, as they can be both an empathetic AND optimistic message, but they’re still a perfect way to say “We’re thinking of you.” 

An Injury in Indiana

One of our favorite group get well soon cards was a Kudoboard created by the Indiana Pacers’ marketing team, when NBA all-star Victor Oladipo suffered a season-ending injury after rupturing the quad tendon on his right knee in a win over Toronto on January 23rd, 2019.  

As anyone who has spent time in Indiana knows—that state loves its basketball.  While they were heartbroken that their star would be out, they also wanted to let him know that they were behind him 100% in his recovery and eventual return. 

Once the Pacers marketing team created Olidapo an online group greeting card, they put it on their website and let the fans take it from there. Nearly 1000 (!!!!) posts and well wishes later, Olidapo has one of the larger Kudoboards that’s ever been created.

Check out the full get well soon group card HERE

Group Get Well Soon Cards from Kudoboard

If you’re missing a team member out with an illness, or your sister just underwent surgery, a group get well soon card is a quick and easy way to show them you care and to send them the positive message of hope and wishes they need to heal. 

With Kudoboard, a virtual get well soon card takes only moments to set up. Create your board by selecting a custom card design or card template, invite others to contribute a personal message via email or with the link, and then schedule the delivery to the healing recipient. It really is that easy. It really is that easy to send a photo card and message that makes them smile. (Seriously. Try it for birthday cards, anniversary cards, and any occasion cards you can think of!) Bonus points are given if you pair your speedy recovery card with flowers or a chicken noodle soup delivery. 

Don’t hesitate to share the love—even if you don’t want to share any germs. Start your virtual get well soon card today! 

Honoring an All-Star with Kudoboard

Joan Joyce is a legend by any standard. As an athlete, Joan Joyce was a 15 time All-American, played on 4 World Series teams, boasted 150 no-hitters, and even struck out Ted Williams and Hank Aaron (ever heard of 'em?). Her legacy continued as a coach at Florida Atlantic University, where she recently celebrated her 1,000th win as an NCAA softball coach.

Joan's path left an impact on countless athletes and sports fans, so her passing this week brought leagues of people together to share sympathy messages in her memory.

“Joan’s legacy will live on at the university and across the country through the generations of young women she inspired to play – and excel at – softball and golf.”

John Kelly, FAU President

Check out Joan's impressive Memorial website here, including photos, videos, and memories from her epic career. Thank you, Joan, for inspiring generations of athletes and your dedication to sports—and thank you FAU for sharing this inspiring board.

Thanking Health Care Providers

This past week has marked 2 years since the worldwide shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, we had no idea what was in store for us, but looking back we stand amazed at the dedication and sacrifice displayed by healthcare workers throughout this trial.

The University of Virginia hospital (UVA) knew their providers deserved some thanks, so they created a "Reflections and Hope" Virtual Gratitude Wall. It includes messages, images, and even a video of thanks from patients and staff.

I'm humbled to be a part of UVA Health and proud to stand with our physicians, APPs and care teams no matter what lies ahead. You are what makes UVA special. Thank you for your incredible work.

Art Saavedra, MD, President, UVA Physicians Group

Thank you to all of our Medical Center team members for bringing their very best every day over the last two years. It has truly taken all of us to keep our doors open to patients and provide them with the best care possible in the middle of a pandemic. I'm incredibly proud of your teamwork, courage, skill, and dedication to caring for both your patients and each other.

Wendy Horton

See the UVA Health Gratitude Wall here!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those in health care who have given so much over the past two years, and to thank UVA Health for letting us share your stories of gratitude and success.