30+ of the Best Employee Birthday Gifts

Showing appreciation to your employees is essential in the workplace. A great way to express gratitude is to celebrate their birthday. A present will let your employee know that you put thought and time into acknowledging them.

According to a recent study, "Over 80% said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit." By purchasing a birthday gift, you will improve employee morale and help the recipient feel valued. 

Even with a $50 or less budget, you can choose from an extensive array of gifts. You can even make sure that you get a personalized gift that they will appreciate. Below are some great ideas that will fit within your budget. 

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas

When I was growing up, it was a ~thing for adults to hate their birthdays. They’d make a big deal about NOT wanting to celebrate their birthdays (honestly, a bigger deal than just celebrating would be). Women, in particular, would play this game of pretending they were turning 30 over and over again. 

In the fateful words of renowned artist, SmashMouth, “The years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’.” I understand that birthdays can feel like a thing that happens to you, and the culture of beauty and health standards isn’t always kind to the aging process. But it always made me mad. 

Birthdays are so much fun! We are living longer (and better) than our ancestors, and each year provides triumphant growth. Why can’t we honor and celebrate birthdays the way they were intended? ESPECIALLY when it’s a milestone birthday like 50. That’s one we can’t just forget (looking at you, mom). 

We are here to help you celebrate a 50th birthday with meaningful birthday gift ideas for the special people in your life. No matter how much they want to ignore it, we are gonna celebrate and love them whether they like it or not!

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Top 16 Graduation Gifts

Most of us began attending school at the age of four. From that moment forward, we spend decades learning with the hopes of acquiring a diploma. Whether for high school or college, graduating is a significant milestone in anyone's life. 

What better way to commemorate the graduate's hard work than through a gift? Whether it is sentimental, functional, or monetary, the perfect graduation gift can bring a smile to the graduate's face or make life easier moving forward. 

Here are a variety of graduation gift ideas bound to please any graduate:

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Tips For Celebrating Your Golden Birthday In Style

The golden birthday is a fun celebration for a birthday that corresponds with the date of a birthday to the age a person is turning. For example, if your birthday is March 10th, your golden birthday is at 10 years old. A birthday on the 25th? Your golden birthday would be when you turn 25. Today we’ll chat a bit about where the tradition of golden birthdays comes from, some ideas for a fun and thematic golden-themed celebration, as well as some gift ideas for milestone birthdays. Ready? Set? Celebrate! 

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Celebrate Nurses Day 5/12

May is officially here and springtime is in full swing all across the country. That means we are quickly approaching an important holiday in the healthcare world: International Nurses Day.

What is Nurses Day?

During the entire month of May, we have the opportunity to bring attention to certified nurses everywhere and show appreciation for their contribution to our healthcare system. These essential workers play a crucial part in the world but their hard work is often forgotten or taken for granted. National Nurses Day, and National Nurses Week, allow us to shift our attention to these well-deserving workers and show our gratitude for their hard work and dedication. The date of May 12th was chosen as it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in modern medicine. 

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What Day is Nurses Day?

When is Nurses Day? 

National Nurses Day is internationally celebrated, every year, on May 12th.

What Other Days Do We Celebrate Nurses?

  • The Month of May: In the United States, the American Nurses Association (ANA) hosts Nurses Month for the entire month of May. Each week has a different focus area for raising awareness and celebration.
  • May 6 - 12: National Nurses Week (National School Nurse Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of this week)
  • May 8: National Student Nurses Day
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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Once a year we get to celebrate the fathers in our lives. New dads, grandfathers, and every dad cracking dad jokes in between—we’ll be giving extra love to all of them on Sunday, June 19th this year. 

If your dad is anything like mine, he never asks for anything and if he wants something, well, he just buys it for himself. It makes Father’s Day particularly challenging, but finding a unique and thoughtful gift for your dad doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve got a well-balanced Father’s Day Gift Guide that’s sure to help you discover the gift that will drop your dad’s jaw. Earn your sibling’s gratitude by letting them in on the gift, or win the competition by showing up with the world’s best Father's Day gifts ever. The power is in your hands (or your mouse and cursor). 

Let’s get started! Here are the gift ideas that will get you thinking out of the box. 

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12 Awesome Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

Our teachers do so much for the children in their classrooms. This year during teacher appreciation week, take the time to craft the perfect gift that lets them know how grateful you are that they are teaching your child. Most schools will send home a printout of the teacher’s favorite things; use this list to guide you to an excellent thank you gift for them. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for teacher appreciation week:

Why is a Kudoboard perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week? 🍎

It’s a thoughtful way to let the whole class share how much they love their teacher. ❤️ Learn more

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Top 10 Gifts for Nurses Day

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th each year and is a day to celebrate and recognize nurses for their hard work and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. May 12 was chosen because it is Florence Nightingale's, the founder of modern nursing, birthday. It is a great day to raise awareness of the role nurses play in maintaining public health. Nurses work hard and deserve a day to be recognized for that work. Read on for some great ideas for nurses' day gifts for the nurses in your life.  

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses

  1. Tote Bag Gift Set

Nurse’s are always on the go and they work really long shifts. Why not grab them a cute, roomy tote bag to help them carry all their essentials in style? This set includes a travel stainless steel tumbler which would be great for coffee, water, or soda. This bag comes in two different color options. If you want to include more, this would make a great gift bag to stuff with more essentials.

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Crush Your Office Party with These Secret Santa Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is here and it is time to celebrate! There are so many different ways to celebrate this holiday season. One of the ways your workplace may celebrate is by doing a secret Santa. The idea behind secret Santa is to get a coworker a present without he/her knowing who the present is from. You can make the gift personal or you can get a generic present for the recipient. Either way, it is a secret!

There are different ways to approach giving a present to your coworker. You can:

  • Spend within a certain dollar amount
  • Give a gag gift
  • Give a thoughtful present

Gifts Under $20

Most offices that participate in secret Santa will set a dollar amount to the present. Setting a dollar amount will give all of your co-workers a guideline of what they should spend. There are so many different present ideas when it is under $20! If you are wanting to stick with a practical route you could give them a basket with some kitchen gadgets like an oven mitt, reusable straws, or coasters. However, if you want to get more specific and give them a great present, that is easy to do!

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