Top 10 Gifts for Nurses Day

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th each year and is a day to celebrate and recognize nurses for their hard work and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. May 12 was chosen because it is Florence Nightingale’s, the founder of modern nursing, birthday. It is a great day to raise awareness of the role nurses play in maintaining public health. Nurses work hard and deserve a day to be recognized for their healthcare work. Read on for some great ideas for nurses’ day gifts for the nurses in your life.  

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses

  1. Tote Bag Gift Set

Nurse’s are always on the go and they work really long shifts. Why not grab them a cute, roomy tote bag to help them carry all their essentials in style? This set includes a travel stainless steel tumbler which would be great for coffee, water, or soda. This bag comes in two different color options. If you want to include more, this would make a great gift bag to stuff with more essentials.

  1. Stationary

Nurses are always taking notes and writing things down. Why not do it in style? Get them a cute stationary set to keep at work. This cute set comes with a pen and a bow so it is ready to give. It is a great size that can fit in their pocket for easy accessibility. 

  1. Kudoboard eCard

Kudoboard gives you a way to create a group ecard to send to that special nurse in your life. You can create a custom thank you ecard and invite anyone to contribute, they do not need their own account. The ecards can even be printed into a poster or custom book if you are looking for a physical gift. 

  1. Chapstick Gift Set

Hospitals can be a rough environment to work in. One common issue that nurses encounter is dry lips. Get them a cute chapstick gift set to help keep their lips moisturized. This one smells really great and feels luxurious. This is a small and simple luxury that will go a long way. 

  1. Custom Snack Box

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to snack. Most nurses are working 12-hour shifts or even more, so their snack game should be GOOD. You can create a custom snack box to send your favorite nurse. Choose from a variety of snacks to create the perfect combination for them. 

  1. Coffee Gift Set

Coffee is king for most nurses. That hit of caffeine is what keeps them going in the middle of the night. Get your special nurse a cute gift set with plenty of coffee options. This option is extra cute because you can personalize the label on the cup. 

  1. Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift is to let the person get their own gift. Gift cards are an incredible way to show your love and appreciation. One fun option is to attach that gift card to a custom e-card. Send a gift card and an awesome e-card all in a couple of clicks. This is an amazing option for those that don’t have time to run around buying gifts and your nurse will absolutely love it. 

  1. Hydration Water Bottle

Help keep your special nurse hydrated by getting them a cute half-gallon water bottle. This bottle is special because it has cute motivational quotes and time stamps so that they know how much water they should have consumed by a certain point in each day. Help your nurse stay healthy and hydrated, but make it cute! 

  1. Phone Sanitizer

Germs are all over the hospital and our nurses are on the front lines. Cell Phones are the germiest item we carry around and we are constantly touching them and putting it up against our faces. This UV cell phone case sanitizer is a great gift option for nurse’s day. It only takes 10 minutes to sanitize the phone and is compact enough to carry in their work bags. 

  1. Hand Cream

Nurses’ hands go through the wringer with all the washing they have to do to keep them clean. Gift your nurse a nice hand cream gift set to help them keep their hands moisturized. The scents are subtle and luxurious and the bottles are small enough to fit in their pockets so they can moisturize when they wash.

Show Nurses Some Love

Now that you have some great ideas, start showing those nurses some love. Don’t forget that it is always the thought that counts. Simply saying thank you is a great gift to give. Using a customer e-card is a great way to show a personalized appreciation for their hard work. Don’t let this special pass without telling a nurse in your life how much you appreciate them. 

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