26 “Thoughtful Thursday” Ideas To Show You’re Thinking of Someone

Do you remember in high school during spirit week when each day had a theme? I’m still recovering from the trauma of “crazy hair day” when I straightened half my hair and curled the other half. In my mid-thirties now, I still shudder at the phrase, “wacky hat day.” 

Regardless of my thoughts on school spirit weeks, I am a major fan of other types of themed days and even subjected my family to “Field Trip Fridays” last summer. I want to share another themed day with you that has revolutionary potential: “Thoughtful Thursday.” 

What is Thoughtful Thursday?

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Celebrate Nurses Day 5/12

May is officially here and springtime is in full swing all across the country. That means we are quickly approaching an important holiday in the healthcare world: International Nurses Day.

What is Nurses Day?

During the entire month of May, we have the opportunity to bring attention to certified nurses everywhere and show appreciation for their contribution to our healthcare system. These essential workers play a crucial part in the world but their hard work is often forgotten or taken for granted. National Nurses Day, and National Nurses Week, allow us to shift our attention to these well-deserving workers and show our gratitude for their hard work and dedication. The date of May 12th was chosen as it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in modern medicine. 

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Top 10 Gifts for Nurses Day

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12th each year and is a day to celebrate and recognize nurses for their hard work and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. May 12 was chosen because it is Florence Nightingale's, the founder of modern nursing, birthday. It is a great day to raise awareness of the role nurses play in maintaining public health. Nurses work hard and deserve a day to be recognized for that work. Read on for some great ideas for nurses' day gifts for the nurses in your life.  

Great Gift Ideas for Nurses

  1. Tote Bag Gift Set

Nurse’s are always on the go and they work really long shifts. Why not grab them a cute, roomy tote bag to help them carry all their essentials in style? This set includes a travel stainless steel tumbler which would be great for coffee, water, or soda. This bag comes in two different color options. If you want to include more, this would make a great gift bag to stuff with more essentials.

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What are Compassionate Layoffs? 

 In recent years, the job market has shifted significantly, causing layoffs to become part of the business landscape for the foreseeable future. Right or wrong, businesses seem to look at layoffs as a standard, cost-cutting practice. They have been laying off and rehiring on a constant loop. We have seen through recent examples, however, that there is definitely a right and wrong way to lay off employees. 

 Earlier this year, CBS news reported that tech giant Google laid off roughly 12,000 employees. One employee said, “they received notice of their dismissal via an email sent to their personal address, which struck them as insensitive. Receiving no advance warning of what would be their last day at the company added further insult to injury, they said.”

 In contrast, the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, released a detailed message to their employees explaining the “why” behind the layoffs. Employees felt they understood the decision and felt that the decision had not been made lightly. The company also provided many resources for terminated employees to help them find their next adventure.  

Although Airbnb laid off a much higher percentage of its workforce, it received much less backlash for doing so. This is all due to open, honest, and compassionate communication from the head of the company. Read on for our tips on how to lay off your employees with compassion. 

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16 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

 Since its conception on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has been a day to celebrate the environmental movement and highlight the need for everyone to be involved in protecting the Earth. Robert Swan once said, “The greatest threat to our Earth, is the belief that someone else will save it.” We should all be actively involved in conservation and maintaining our beautiful world for the next generation. The environmental movement and its importance can feel overwhelming, however, there are many small and simple ways we can contribute. Let’s dig in! 

16 Easy Ways to Celebrate Mother Earth on Her Special Day  

  1.   Spend time outside

This is possibly the most simple way to celebrate Earth Day, but it is highly effective for helping everyone feel an appreciation for Earth’s beauty. This is especially important for kids. While you are outside, take time to point out what you think is beautiful about your natural surroundings. Teach them young what it means to appreciate Mother Earth. 

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Celebrate Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22. Since 1970, it's been a day for celebrating our beautiful world—and committing to protecting her. Within 20 years, the celebration of Earth Day went global and it is now recognized worldwide with pledges, donations, service projects, rallies, awareness campaigns, and more.

How can you choose to honor the planet this Earth Day?

  1. Learn more about Earth Day
  2. Participate in a pledge or service project
  3. Create a Kudoboard to share your Earth love
  4. Donate to a worthy cause

Thank You Messages for Veterans

At Kudoboard, we’re always encouraging gratitude. It’s a life-changing practice that can totally transform your relationships—and day-to-day satisfaction. November is a beautiful month centered on gratitude as we progress toward Thanksgiving. But before we get to Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to express gratitude for the true heroes in our midst. Today we’re brainstorming ways that we can thank veterans for everything they do for us and this nation, including what you can say in your Veterans Day thank you messages.  

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12 Ways to Honor Veterans

Veterans Day is November 11 and honors all those who have served this country as members of the military. It began as Armistice Day, marking the end of the Great War (WWI). Eventually, it became a national holiday and was later renamed Veterans Day by President Nixon in 1971 to honor veterans of all wars and conflicts. (Not to be confused with Memorial Day which recognizes those who have lost their lives in the service of the nation.)

Even if you don’t personally know any veterans, you have benefited from the service of the military and the freedoms they provide. It’s important to acknowledge the sacrifice of military servicemen and their families each and every day to protect us. We have 12 ideas for ways to honor veterans this Veterans Day. 

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3 Ways To Use Kudoboard for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like me, you’re searching for ways to make this year in particular extra special. When you think of Thanksgiving you may think about cute place settings, tart cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (crispy french fried onions, why are you so delectable?), and most importantly, the gathering together of friends and family to reflect on blessings and express gratitude. 

Here at Kudoboard we are committed to helping you make the most of every special occasion, season, milestone, and gathering. We even have a place around your holiday table. Whether you’re looking to send some “We’re thankful for you” love across the miles to family and friends, create a show-stopping slideshow for your Thanksgiving gathering, or even utilize Kudoboard in the workplace for a memorable and creative way to express gratitude with colleagues, we’ve got you covered. 

So this year, add some technological memory-making magic to your holiday prep list. It’s easier and more simple than deciding on family seating arrangements. Oh, and since we’ve got your backs here at Kudoboard, here’s the green bean casserole recipe too. See? Always looking out for you. 

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How To Start A Gratitude Practice

Harvard recently wrote an article about the research behind gratitude. Overwhelmingly, the research showed that practicing gratitude helped people feel happier overall. As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s go over some ways that you can start practicing gratitude, and through doing so obtain more happiness in your life. 

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is giving regular thanks for things in your life. It isn’t just saying thank you, it is about giving heartfelt appreciation. This sounds simple, right? While the idea is simple, it may not be as easy. To start a daily gratitude practice, you have to change your mindset.

It can be easy to go about our lives focusing on what we need, or what we don’t have. To change our minds to be more grateful, we have to stop focusing on what we want and focus on what we have. Don’t just give thanks for the big things in your life, give thanks for the small, everyday things.

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