50th Birthday Party Ideas

At Kudoboard, we LOVE a party. We think everything should be celebrated, even if you’re in the camp that gets embarrassed by aging. If Carrie Fisher has taught us anything, it’s that it’s OK for us to age and that we should own it, people! When the 50th birthday rolls around, you should be celebrating how far you’ve come, all the good you’ve done, and everything you’ve been able to enjoy so far. 

But the most important thing about your 50th birthday party is that it should be what YOU want. Not everyone wants an enormous party that ends with blowing air onto a cake we’re about to share. Maybe you want something more low-key, or a destination birthday party? Or perhaps you try not to think about 50 at all, and therefore have no ideas about how to mark this momentous occasion. 

Today, we’re outlining a variety of ways to make the 50th birthday party special, regardless of how you choose to celebrate. From full-blown ragers to quiet soirees, we’ve got a 50th birthday party idea for everyone. Go ahead and forward this to your spouse or bestie—or take a leaf out of my book and plan your own birthday party. (Don’t knock it till you try it!)

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