10 Bronze Anniversary Gifts For Your Eighth Anniversary

When you think bronze do you think of the Olympics, a bronze medal? Do you think of a bronze statue? Or, like me, do you think of golden bronzed skin, fresh from a tropical vacation? Either way, bronze is beautiful and today we are all about it as we explore some excellent anniversary gift ideas for your eighth year of wedded bliss. Now, bronze might just have you scratching your head when it comes to the gift department. Have no fear, I am here to assist. I have ten 8th anniversary gift ideas to share with you today. Get that credit card out, it’s time for some shopping, baby! 

Celebrating life’s special moments is what we’re all about here at Kudoboard and wedding anniversaries (particularly anniversary cards) are some of our favorite types of celebrations. 

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10 Copper Anniversary Gifts for Your Seventh Anniversary

Welcome to the more elevated of all the anniversary gift ideas we’ve walked through thus far. Wood? Paper? Flowers, for goodness sakes? Nah, enter copper. This shiny, natural element is an excellent conductor of heat (no seven year itch here, folks) and copper products are beautiful, elegant, modern, and the perfect anniversary gift as you celebrate 7 years of matrimony. 

Celebrating life’s special moments is what we’re all about here at Kudoboard and wedding anniversaries (particularly anniversary cards) are some of our favorite types of celebrations. 

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14 Iron gifts for your sixth wedding anniversary

Five years was kind of a big deal. Maybe you pulled out all the stops and now… you just feel a little confused about marking your sixth wedding anniversary. Should you match the celebration you had last year? Do I seriously have to keep getting them anniversary gifts, like, every year? Forever??? 

The good news is that the sixth wedding anniversary has our longest list yet for awesome anniversary gift ideas! Turns out iron, while not as fancy as flowers or fancy metals, is incredibly versatile and useful. We’ll make this easy on you. Because, yes, you do have to mark this anniversary. Unless you want to sleep on the couch, I guess. 

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10 Wood Anniversary Gifts for Your Fifth Anniversary

Half a decade. Doesn’t that sound so much more epic than “5 years?” 5 years is pretty monumental. You’ve reached a milestone in this marriage journey! 

You can celebrate your 5th anniversary any way you like, but there is something special about the traditional gift for a 5th year anniversary: wood. In our modern world many have strayed from the traditional themed anniversary gifts, but I’m going to ask you to consider returning to anniversary gifting roots (roots, like for a tree, like wood... see, it all comes together!). 

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13 Fruit and Flower Gifts for Your Fourth Wedding Anniversary

“Oh great. I get to spend money on something that won’t even last until the weekend.” - you before reading this article. 

The big four. Fantastic four. May the fourth be with you. At four years of marriage you can enjoy the benefits of comfort and familiarity, but with the added development of family. Statistically married couples are having children or thinking about having children around their fourth year of marriage. Whether or not this is where your marriage finds itself—four years is just plain fun. 

Have you sensed a theme here? Get comfortable with some fabulous, fruitful, fun alliteration, because your fourth anniversary gift is all about fruit and flowers, and we've got the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for you. 

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10 Leather Anniversary Gifts for Your Third Anniversary

The Big 3. The Trifecta. The Trinity. The Trio. The THIRD anniversary! Congrats, you two, time to bust out the… leather, baby!! Hold up, back up, slow down. Leather gear? As in, for a biker? Furniture that sticks to your legs on a hot day? Like a beautiful buttery leather European handbag? Well, that last one is a bit more my speed. 

Leather happens to be the traditional third anniversary gift. Now, before you crunch some numbers to see if you can afford a brand new leather interior sports car, please know, when it comes to anniversary gifts, it is truly about a thoughtful token.

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10 Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Your Second Anniversary

You did it. You’re officially a marriage pro. A year ago you were just little newlywed babies, but now? Two years pushes you past entry-level and into professional territory. You’ve got it all figured out, right? 

Ok, it might take a little bit longer than two years. But your second wedding anniversary is still an important benchmark to celebrate. At Kudoboard, we’re all about finding great ways to mark special occasions and show gratitude for the people in our lives. Today we’re sharing some great ideas we’ve found for celebrating your second wedding anniversary (as well as explaining the symbolism and tradition behind the cotton anniversary). 

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10 Paper Anniversary Gifts for Your First Wedding Anniversary

What qualifies as a newlywed? 1 month? 3 months? A year? Until you have kids? Maybe “newlywed” is just a state of mind. Who knows. Whatever your definition of newlywed, we hope you can agree that marking your first wedding anniversary is special—and important. 

Seriously. You can’t mess this one up. It’s going to set the tone for future anniversaries. Not to mention it’ll make up for all the times you burned dinner or bought the wrong type of mayonnaise this year. 

Don’t worry. We’re not trying to freak you out. It’s actually very easy to crush your first wedding anniversary, and we’re here to help. We’ll explain the traditional first anniversary theme (paper), the symbolism behind it, and 10 ideas for first anniversary gifts. 

All you have to do is remember the date. And if you can’t remember your first anniversary wedding date… well. No one can help you then. 

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