Graduation Group E-Card with Kudoboard

It’s graduation season, everyone! From universities to high school to adorable pretend-playing preschools—when spring is in swing, it’s time to don the cap and gown, grab some flowers, and prepare to celebrate. Now is the time for families and friends to send their congratulations, and what better way than to give a graduation group e-card? Remember, graduation is more than just a formality signaling the successful completion of a course of education. Graduation is a celebration of the graduate and all they’ve become. It’s a chance to share love and admiration and come together.

When you start to receive graduation announcements in the early spring months, you might start hoarding cash or write down a reminder to withdraw some fresh bills from the ATM or bank to send along with your graduation wishes. (We’ve also got great non-cash graduation gift ideas!) Slipping a cash gift into a graduation group e card is a tradition to help them fund their next great adventure (such as their next degree, a trip, a wedding, or a house downpayment). But when you get a graduation announcement or invitation from someone you love, take it to the next level with a group e-card from Kudoboard.

How To Create A Group E-Card for Graduates

A graduation group card makes it easy for friends and family of the graduate to team up for a more powerful graduation card—and an easier graduation gift! With Kudoboard, you can create an online graduation card in just a few clicks.

Upload any photos or information from their graduation invitations, add your congratulations and best wishes for the graduate, and even allow everyone to add the photos and videos they’ll take on graduation day or at a graduation party (which you could never do with a paper group greeting card).

But the best part—you can add a virtual gift card for your graduate that gets delivered with the graduation card. As friends or family members leave graduation messages, they have the option to contribute to a crowd-funded gift card for the proud grad. That means no shopping for a physical group greeting card, no withdrawing cash or writing dusty checks, just a fun online card wishing them congratulations, success, and good luck in their future endeavors. You don’t have to attend the graduation ceremony to acknowledge your family member’s achievement—or to share your love.

Check out a heartwarming graduation group card example here!

Congratulation to all of the hardworking graduates out there in the Class of ’22 and thanks to Eddie and his family for sharing your graduation Kudoboard!

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