celebrating graduation with group ecard

Graduation Group E-Card with Kudoboard

It's graduation season, everyone! From universities to high school to adorable pretend-playing preschools—when spring is in swing, it's time to don the cap and gown, grab some flowers, and prepare to celebrate. Now is the time for families and friends to send their congratulations, and what better way than to give a graduation group e-card? Remember, graduation is more than just a formality signaling the successful completion of a course of education. Graduation is a celebration of the graduate and all they've become. It's a chance to share love and admiration and come together.

When you start to receive graduation announcements in the early spring months, you might start hoarding cash or write down a reminder to withdraw some fresh bills from the ATM or bank to send along with your graduation wishes. (We've also got great non-cash graduation gift ideas!) Slipping a cash gift into a graduation group e card is a tradition to help them fund their next great adventure (such as their next degree, a trip, a wedding, or a house downpayment). But when you get a graduation announcement or invitation from someone you love, take it to the next level with a group e-card from Kudoboard.

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6 Great Teacher Appreciation Ideas

coming up with an idea for teacher appreciation day

Whether it’s teacher appreciation week (May 8-12), National Teacher Appreciation Day (Tuesday May 2, 2023 in the United States), the end of the semester, or there’s an upcoming retirement—it’s often a challenge thinking of unique and meaningful teacher appreciation ideas to thank a special teacher.

But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some great, tried and true, teacher appreciation ideas.

Kudoboard is perfect for team appreciation ❤️

A Kudoboard business plan makes birthdays, shout-outs, and retirements SO much easier. Check out our business plans.

1) Teacher Appreciation Group eCard

online group ecard for teacher appreciation

We, of course, recommend Kudoboard (no surprise, right?), an online replacement for the card that’s passed around and signed.

Whether you’re on the PTA and want to pass it around to fellow parents or a college student passing it around to your classmates—a Kudoboard is a perfect gift idea to gather a large group to show some teacher appreciation.

Distribute the link via email, Slack, or social media for easy sharing and posting, then have the Kudoboard delivered to the teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day—or print it as a book or poster

Just take a look at a few Kudoboards that folks have made for Teacher Appreciation Day to get a sense for how special they can be:

2) Teaching Supplies & Resources

gift teacher supplies for teacher appreciation day

“I have more than enough classroom supplies”

- no teacher (ever)

Teachers love their students, but boy, oh boy…those kids can be ravenous when it comes to supplies!  Sure, little Johnny…feel free to borrow the white-out*again* to fix a mistake.

Help them out this National Teachers Day by getting them some of the much-needed essentials (crayons, colored pencils, glue, and hand sanitizer are always safe bets) or ask the teacher for a recommended purchase list of school supplies for a thoughtful appreciation gift.  

If you want to directly impact the teacher’s curriculum in the classroom, in lieu of teacher appreciation gifts, you can provide them with funds to use at a site like Teachers Pay Teachers so they can purchase lesson materials from other educators.  Double bonus—then you would be helping two teachers! Donors Choose is another great option to help teachers fund the education projects they envision for their classrooms. 

3) A Night On the Town

gift a night of fun to a teacher for teacher appreciation day

Hard as it might have been to imagine when you were a little kid, teachers are people too! And they’d love to go out and relax a bit after a long week of work.  Help them out by treating them to a fun night this teacher appreciation week, perhaps even getting them a ticket to a popular show playing nearby or vouchers for movie tickets and popcorn at a local theater. 

4) Flowers

gift flowers to teachers for teacher appreciation day

It's a classic teacher appreciation gift—sometimes a teacher needs a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten their day. Particularly if you live somewhere a bit cold and gray (*ahem* Chicago, we’re looking at you!), then a splash of color on their desk can make all the difference. Bonus: A class plant can also be a big hit!

5) Treats

treats for teacher appreciation day

NOM NOM NOM. Some schools may have rules about the types of food you can bring in, and some teachers may not feel comfortable with a homemade teacher appreciation gift, so individually packaged treats are the best way to go. You can make National Teacher Appreciation Week special by delivering a treat for every day of the week!

Need more ideas for National Teacher Day gifts? Check out 30+ Employee Gift Ideas

6) Gift Card

From popular restaurants to nearby relaxation spas—a well-thought-out gift card is sure to make the teacher in your life feel appreciated on teacher appreciation week. As a former teacher, here are some gift card ideas I can guarantee will crush teacher appreciation day: 

  • Starbucks
  • Restaurants (fast food or fancy!)
  • Sephora or Ulta
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • OfficeDepot

Just don’t forget to write a nice note along with the gift card holder to polish off your thoughtful teacher appreciation gift.

To the Educators Who Made Us

A huge thank you to every educator, formal and informal, who has dedicated their time to teaching us every step of the way. We’re forever grateful. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week—and good luck through the end of the school year!

P.S. – fun fact, one of the Kudoboard founders used to be a teacher. He actually came up with the idea for Kudoboard in the classroom.  Read more about it here.

Create a Board for Women’s Day NOW!

Set up a Kudoboard in 5 minutes and create a culture of:

  • Thriving women and allies
  • Building diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Elevating the accomplishments of women
  • Celebrating women foraging change and achievements

To get started, check out our own International Women's Day Kudoboard, where employees share impactful women including coworkers, family members, leaders, and icons.

Women's rights matter to us, so we'd love to see you join thousands of other companies as they celebrate women and equality this month.

Remind Yourself to Create Group Ecards

calendar to remind you to create a group ecard

You never have to forget a major event ever again. For real.

We've all been there. That realization that it's your mom's birthday or Bosses Day, or your coworker's work anniversary—and you've forgotten. Sure, an online group card can be a rapid solution, but we take it even one step further because we'll help you make sure you never forget that day ever again by setting up a group ecard reminder.

Set Group Ecard Reminders with Kudoboard

reminder to create group ecard

Kudoboard now allows you to set up a calendar of reminders within your Kudoboard profile. Plug in the date of a special occasion, and we'll email you a "Create Your Kudoboard" link seven days in advance. You'll impress everyone with your thoughtfulness and be on top of every special occasion in your life.

Simply log in to your Kudoboard account, click the calendar icon, and add any special dates you need to remember (birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, etc.). It will take 3 minutes and save you HOURS of headaches in the next year.

Get started with your reminders here.

5 Reasons Why Ecards Rock

Along with the awesome new addition of reminders, ecards have many other benefits! The days of stale paper cards are over. Paper cards are often not very personal. See the reasons why e-cards are the best below.

  1. They are personal! Ecards are amazing because you can add pictures, videos, fun memories, gifs, and more to make the card super personal.
  2. Ecards are appropriate for any occasion and anyone! Virtual cards are great because you can make them for anyone; from a happy couple getting married to your favorite boss retiring, e-cards are the way to go.
  3. It's easy to add collaborators. Group ecards make it easy for people to contribute, all you have to do is add their email to send the invite, and they can add any message they want!
  4. Ecards are affordable! Ecards are highly affordable, sometimes more than a paper card. Many free options for ecards (including the mini Kudoboard!) still allow collaborators. Once you factor in gas money, time spent picking out the card, the cost of the card, and stamp, ecards are the better option.
  5. Ecards last forever! The final reason why virtual cards are fantastic is that they last forever! Not only can the recipient view the card whenever they want, kudoboards can also be printed in book form.

If you have an upcoming reason to celebrate someone, try sending a virtual card! Get others involved and send a group ecard that the recipient will love. Don't forget to utilize the group ecard reminder feature!

Thanks, and keep delivering happiness,
The Kudoboard Team

Top Online Memorials For Loved Ones

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

- Thomas Campbell

Whether through funeral rituals, remembrance items, or telling stories to younger generations, celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away is as old a tradition as humanity itself. 

But the ease with which these stories can be shared has improved dramatically with the creation of memorial websites.  These websites allow family and friends to add tributes, pictures, music, videos, and stories, all of which are compiled onto one website that can be easily shared. An online memorial can also serve as a living tribute or as an online funeral guest book.

celebrate loved ones with memorials from top memorial website

Some memorial websites even offer innovative features such as memorial slideshows or scannable QR codes that can be placed on a headstone to link to the online tribute page or obituary.

These online memorials for loved ones have become especially valuable during coronavirus.  Many families currently cannot travel or gather in groups.  With online memorial sites, your loved ones can still be celebrated.

remember loved ones with kudoboard and top memorial website

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The Ultimate Get Well Group ECard




Medical Procedures. 


Or just a mutant version of the common cold. 

There are many reasons why a coworker, friend, family member, or loved one is missing from regular activity. Healing takes time, and courteous people keep their germs to themselves. (Especially in this post-pandemic world.)

group ecard with kudoboard

No matter the reason, when someone is stuck at home missing the action, sending a group get well soon card can be a thoughtful way to let them know they’re missed and to send happy, healing wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon cards are a little different from a birthday card, sympathy card, or other types of group greeting card, as they can be both an empathetic AND optimistic message, but they’re still a perfect way to say “We’re thinking of you.” 

An Injury in Indiana

NBA Player participates in group online get well soon card

One of our favorite group get well soon cards was a Kudoboard created by the Indiana Pacers’ marketing team, when NBA all-star Victor Oladipo suffered a season-ending injury after rupturing the quad tendon on his right knee in a win over Toronto on January 23rd, 2019.  

As anyone who has spent time in Indiana knows—that state loves its basketball.  While they were heartbroken that their star would be out, they also wanted to let him know that they were behind him 100% in his recovery and eventual return. 

Once the Pacers marketing team created Olidapo an online group greeting card, they put it on their website and let the fans take it from there. Nearly 1000 (!!!!) posts and well wishes later, Olidapo has one of the largest Kudoboards ever created.

Check out the full get well soon group card HERE

Group Get Well Soon ECards from Kudoboard

If you’re missing a team member out with an illness, or your sister just underwent surgery, a group get well soon card is a quick and easy way to show them you care and to send them the positive message of hope and wishes they need to heal. 

With Kudoboard, a virtual get well soon card takes only moments to set up. Create your board by selecting a custom card design or card template, invite others to contribute a personal message via email or with the link, and then schedule the delivery to the healing recipient. It is that easy. It really is that easy to send a photo card and message that makes them smile. (Seriously. Try it for birthday cards, anniversary cards, and any occasion cards you can think of!) Bonus points are given if you pair your speedy recovery card with flowers or a chicken noodle soup delivery. 

Don’t hesitate to share the love—even if you don’t want to share any germs. Start your virtual get well soon card today! 

How to Sign an eCard From a Group

example of how to sign an online group card

We’ve all been there. Someone’s passing around a paper card for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion. They’re walking the group card around the office, trying to make sure they catch everyone. You know how to sign a group card—you sign your name, and that’s about it.  Nothing interesting or inspiring about it, because quite frankly? There isn’t space.

You won’t have to sign a paper greeting card for much longer, though. With the rise of remote work and hybrid teams, a virtual group greeting card is the way to go. Online group cards for birthdays, farewells, get-well-soon or work anniversaries give you so many more options for signing, more flexibility, and maximize your team’s efficiency. Read more if you want to know how to sign a group ecard.

How to Sign a Card from a Group

celebrate someone's birthday with an online group card

When Brenda passes around a birthday card for Steve, you only have the space to write “HBD! - Me.” However, if you want to sign a group greeting card from a team using Kudoboard, you’ve got decisions to make.

Kudoboard allows for photos, GIFs, recorded videos, written messages, and more. Your post can be unique to you and bring a smile to the recipient’s face. So how should you sign a card from a group when it’s a virtual card with limitless possibilities? Here are some ideas: 

  • Add a photo of you and the recipient together.  
  • Find the most embarrassing picture of the recipient to share.
  • Upload a tribute video you created on your phone. 
  • Write a handwritten message with your signature and upload a photo of it. 
  • Grab a GIF from our GIPHY library of their favorite character.
  • Create your own GIF with your work team. 
  • Embed a favorite YouTube video. 
  • Scan in vintage photos (so sweet for an online sympathy card).
  • Sing and record Happy Birthday with your coworkers.
  • Write a heartfelt missive.  
  • Add photos from a span of time (such as the years they’ve worked at the company).
  • Draw a picture and upload it to the board.
  • Add a gift card for the easiest gift + card ever!

Share the Love

As for the other contributors you invite to sign the card from your group—they’ve got options too.  You can easily add contributors to your online group card with a quick drop of a link into Slack, email, text, social media, or linked on a website. Folks can add as much to the Kudoboard as they want. With no constraints, the possibilities are endless.  The only question is, does your recipient prefer dancing cat or dog GIFs?

Once created, the Kudoboard can be scheduled for delivery whenever you want. The board can be displayed as a slideshow (popular for retirement parties or birthdays), printed as a poster, or even compiled as a high-quality book

So get out there—send a card from your group.  But whatever you do, don’t just sign your name!

25 Workplace Appreciation Ideas That Really Work

dwight employee appreciation ideas

Numerous studies have shown that workplace appreciation is one of the top factors in employee turnover—which has a huge impact on whether your team succeeds. For example, a Career Builder survey found that recognizing employees was the 2nd most important factor in employee retention. 

But not to worry.  We've got you covered with 25 ideas to show workplace appreciation to amp up your appreciation efforts.

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This is Your Sign to Send a Valentine’s Day Ecard

Valentine's day is right around the corner (set your reminder now for February 14th) and it's time to think about the people you love. Maybe it's a spouse, a long-term partner, a new love, a best friend, or a group of your closest girlfriends celebrating Galentine's Day. Valentine's isn't just about romantic love—it's about honoring the special connections we have with people in our lives.

Valentine's day Ecard

So let's skip the waxy chocolates, yeah? The cliched Valentine's day card, stuffed animals, tacky party supplies and decorations, heart-shaped jewelry (please, no), and roses really need a break this year.

What if I told you that you could give them a Valentine's day gift they'll remember forever AND that it costs less time and money than your standard floral arrangement or supermarket greeting card?

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