9 Birthday Card Ideas Sure to Bring Smiles 

It’s that time of year again…again. That’s the thing about birthdays—they come all the time, every year. It can be tough to come up with new, creative card ideas. You want it to be special, but things can get repetitive. Lucky for you, the Kudoboard team has come up with 9 birthday card ideas that are sure to bring smiles!

1) Gather silly, possibly unattractive photos of your friend / mom / brother / etc. Nothing like a little friendly joking around between friends, right? Tease the birthday boy/girl, but at the same time remind him or her how much you love and appreciate them despite their weirdness.

2) Make a video. Gather video clips of your friends wishing happy birthday, or alternatively, create a longer, personal video to include in a free eCard. Homemade videos convey effort and time.

3) Include an electronic gift card. Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” better than a little moulah, right?! Buy an online gift card for the birthday boy/girl from a favorite store and include the gift card link on your Kudoboard (hey – we had to plug it, right?!). If you can’t include a link, try taking a picture of your online purchase and post it on the card (you can email the actual gift later).

4) Include pictures and information about a charity you’ve donated to in their name. Sometimes the best gift is to give back. Tug at your friend Adam’s heartstrings by donating to charity in his honor. Make sure to provide relevant pictures and information about the chosen charity so that Adam can appreciate the impact of his gift.

5) Create a group eCard. Although it’s really easy to make group cards for your friends and family online, the birthday boy/girl will appreciate the coordination and joint effort. Receiving birthday wishes all at once can highlight how much someone is loved.

6) Post the time and place of their own surprise party in the card! Deliver your Kudoboard to your colleague Natalie just before her surprise party will start! Instead of the traditional jump-out-from-behind-the-couch ordeal, surprise her with the details of the party you’ve planned for later that day. She’ll get to enjoy the party AND the time she has to look forward to the celebration.

7) Include an inside joke and a relevant picture. Nothing’s more personal than that dumb, yet hilarious joke that only you and your BFF know about. She’ll open her card and smile, remembering why you two are so close.

8) Post an array of photos from different years in chronological order. Show your younger sister how much she’s changed, and make sure to emphasize her awkward phase. Ugly duckling to swan, am I right??

9) Send a card with a message and photos that are completely irrelevant to his/her birthday, and then… Include a surprise message at the end wishing him a happy birthday. He’ll be confused (and possibly annoyed) at first, but appreciate the suspense.