Attach a gift card to your Kudoboard

Gather monetary gifts from contributors and deliver a gift card to your recipient along with their Kudoboard!

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How Gift Cards Work on Kudoboard

Person creating a Kudoboard
Step 1

Create a Kudoboard

Create a Kudoboard group greeting card and enable funds collections for an accompanying gift card.
Messages on a board
Step 2

Invite others to contribute

Invite others to add their notes, photos, and videos to the Kudoboard (and optionally pitch in for the gift card).
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Step 3

Deliver Appreciation

Deliver the Kudoboard along with the gift funds that the recipient can redeem for a variety of options.
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Allow your recipient to choose from a global catalog of options

We offer several choices for redeeming a gift. Whether your recipient wants an Amazon Gift card, a prepaid Visa, or to donate their gift to charity - we've got you covered!

Gift options
Prepaid cards Prepaid cards
Gift cards Gift cards
Charity Charity

Gift cards can be redeemed in 150+ currencies

You can easily deliver gift cards to recipients around the world. Kudoboard automatically presents relevant options availabile in their country.


Recipients can support the world's top charities

If a gift card is not the right choice, recipients have the option to use their gift to fund issues that matter most to them.


What People Say About Kudoboard

Avatar Jessica Coello Gusto

“We chose Kudoboard for the wider use cases. Unlike many competitors which offer more narrowly focused services, we could use Kudoboard for all sorts of elaborate celebrations.”

Avatar N Ferdous Accenture

“I love Kudoboard!!! We've used it at my office when employees leave the team, and everyone always loves it. I got my own Kudoboard — it's just so sweet and heartwarming!”

Avatar Melody Baker Pampa Independent School District

“Kudoboard is a game changer in recognizing individuals for a special occasion or for recognition of service. I will be using Kudoboard again and recommending it to others.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does contribution to the gift card work?

When is the gift card delivered?

What are the redemption options?

Can the recipient redeem in their own currency?

Are there any fees involved?

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