6 Ways a Virtual Birthday Card is Better

When a birthday rolls around, you have your standard operating procedure. Order a cake, select and wrap a present, invite everyone to the party, and get a birthday card to share each birthday wish. It’s the way we’ve been doing it since the 19th century, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 

Well…we disagree. We’ve been using paper greeting cards for a couple of centuries now, and frankly, there’s a better way. You stand to gain a LOT more when you ditch that mass-produced, impersonal happy birthday card and instead choose a virtual birthday card. Here’s why. 

6 Ways a Virtual Birthday Card is Better

1. Location: Whether you’ve got a remote office birthday, or family members that live across the country, a paper birthday card is simply impossible. Hey, even getting people IN your office to sign the paper greeting card is tricky. With a virtual birthday card, you can easily get contributors no matter where they are. 

2. Customization: You can choose a generic birthday card from the stack in the aisle, or you can make a custom choice that is catered for the recipient. With a Kudoboard ecard, you can choose the background, settings, and each post can be chosen with care with loved ones in mind. 

3. Personal Content: Unless you are an impressive artist, your handwriting is the only way to get personal with a traditional birthday greeting card. With a group birthday ecard, each person can choose the type of content they share (photos, videos, or GIFS) as well as their written message. 

4. Going Green: If you’re an environmentally-conscious person, you probably don’t like the wastefulness of a printed paper birthday card. Instead, a digital option for a birthday card will make an even better impression without any damage to the environment. 

5. Longevity: A paper card might get pinned to a board for a week or to—if that. Most birthday cards will land right in the trash, and even the most precious will fade or get lost over time. A virtual birthday card will be accessible forever, as long as they might like to look at it. 

6. Speed: How much time would you spend finding or making a birthday card, walking it around to the team, and then delivering it (maybe even by mail) to the recipient? I’m not sure, but I promise a group ecard is faster. In a few clicks, your group birthday card is up and ready for contributions. Everyone can quickly add their messages and media, and it can be automatically emailed to the recipient on the special day without any additional work. 

{P.S. All of these advantages also work for an anniversary card, a group Father’s Day card, a congratulation, and any other occasion.}

Virtual Birthday Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Birthday Card? 

A virtual birthday card, or ecard, is a digital version of the traditional paper greeting card. There are many different applications that can help you create a virtual birthday card that lives entirely online. 

How Do I Make a Virtual Birthday Card? 

A birthday Kudoboard is easy to start by clicking “Create Kudoboard” here. You can name the card, choose a background, and set the font choices you’d like. Then you choose the delivery methods, reminder emails, and send it along for everyone to sign. 

What Can I Add to a Virtual Birthday Card? 

Unlike a paper birthday card, a virtual birthday card can feature multiple forms of media. Kudoboards allow you to add GIFs, videos, and photos, as well as your typed message. You can use content you find on the internet, such as a funny cartoon GIF, or create a video of yourself singing happy birthday or a photo of your handwritten card message. 

Can a Group Create a Virtual Birthday Card? 

Yes—and it’s actually even easier to make a group birthday card when you choose the virtual option. A group ecard is easy to create and to contribute to, especially for remote teams. With Kudoboard, anyone with the link can contribute to the group ecard. 

Can I Print a Virtual Birthday Card? 

Yes—Kudoboard’s virtual birthday cards can be easily printed as a poster or a curated book

How Do You Send a Virtual Birthday Card? 

You can send a virtual birthday card via email or link, or it can be printed. Kudoboards can also be shared via slideshow

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