A Birthday eCard With GIFs

Earlier this year, Nicolette M.’s coworkers created her a birthday eCard with GIFs using Kudoboard. From cats and dogs to pandas and unicorns, the animal birthday GIFs selected for this board were top notch. Here are some quotes from the board:

Happy birthday! It was great to meet you in person and I hope we’ll see you again soon. This gif is much larger than I anticipated, but there’s no turning back now :)”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLLETTE! So glad I got to meet you in real life. Idk how this cat is relevant to anything except that it is wearing a wig — which is now how i will remember you forever. Have a GREAT day!”

“Happy Birthday Nicollette! I hope you have an awesome birthday and I’m so glad we had a bit of a pre-celebration in NOLA. Enjoy! Wear a ridiculous wig…”

See the full board here:


Happy (late) birthday from all of us at Kudoboard, Nicollette, and thanks for giving us permission to share your Kudoboard!

How To Create A Themed Birthday eCard

Do you know someone who loves GIFs? Or maybe someone who is obsessed with The Office, or Harry Potter? You can create a themed group birthday ecard really easily to celebrate your friends with a card that showcases their interests. To create a birthday eCard with GIFs, simply start by choosing your eCard site (of course, we suggest using Kudoboard).

Next, click “create board (or card if you’re using a different site) and fill out the required information. You can even collect money for a gift card if you want an easy group gift.

Once you have the board created, you can change the background to match whatever theme you are going with. This also acts as a reminder of the theme for anyone who might be contributing to the card. You can now add board posts on the card utilizing all kinds of media. If the birthday person is into Harry Potter, feel free to find all sorts of gifs, memes, and videos of their favorite characters. Let your imagination fly and the recipient will love it!

To add contributors, simply click the little circle with a plus sign at the top of the board. You can share the board using a QR code, a link, or on social media. The people contributing don’t have to sign up for anything to add to the board.

Finally, send it to the birthday person! If you’re throwing a party you can show the board as a slideshow. You can also print it as a book.

Whatever your theme is, making an awesome birthday eCard is easy and fun.

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