15 Fun Ways To Give Birthday Wishes

Birthdays need to be celebrated! This year you can give your friend, loved one, or coworker a unique birthday shout-out. Giving your friend a shout-out for their birthday means that you will publicly recognize them on their special day, and it will give others the chance to wish them a happy birthday, too. It will be so fun to see others celebrate their birthday with them. This is their day, and you can help make it an unforgettable one!

Here are some fun ways to offer birthday wishes:

1. Decorate Their Car

Decorating the birthday boy’s car would be such a great birthday surprise idea (as long as it remains clean, safe, and damage-free of course!). Let everyone, everywhere know it is your friend’s birthday with visible car decorations. You can get washable markers that are meant for writing on car windows and let everyone know that it is the driver’s birthday. It will be the ultimate shout-out because people can wish them a happy birthday wherever they go.

In addition to car-safe markers, you could fill the back seat with balloons or put their favorite treat on the passenger seat. It will be a sweet surprise for them to walk out of their home or workplace and see that you took the time to make their day extra special.

2. Make a birthday Kudoboard

A Kudoboard is a central place for those wanting to wish someone a happy birthday to go and post pictures, videos, memes or gifs, and birthday messages. Whether you are celebrating a friend, family member, or coworker’s birthday, a Kudoboard is a fantastic way to say happy birthday! No matter where you are in the world, you can log on to contribute to an online group greeting card and tell them happy birthday on their special day.

The great thing about a Kudoboard is that you can keep it fully digital or make it into a book. Once everyone has posted their birthday greetings and wishes, you can have the board printed and give it to the birthday boy or girl. Not only is a Kudoboard great for any birthday, but it can make a milestone birthday extra special. Capturing memories in one spot will be a great birthday present.

Check out an Employee Shout Out Board here.

3. Put Together a Birthday Wishes Poster

If you are working in an office, it would be so fun for your coworker to walk into the break room to see a happy birthday poster on the wall. You can have other coworkers sign their names with birthday wishes with colorful markers and stickers. You could even put some pictures of the birthday girl on it. 

Outside the office, you could easily put together a birthday wishes poster for a friend and decorate their front door, refrigerator, or bathroom mirror with it! The great thing about a poster is it can be saved so your friend can be reminded of how much they were celebrated on their birthday. 

4. Order a Cameo

If your friend or loved one has a favorite comedian, sports figure, or actor, you could arrange for a famous shout out Cameo to be made just for them. You can have their favorite musician make them a personalized birthday video wishing them a happy birthday or sharing an inside joke. It will be a fantastic surprise and something that they will cherish. 

5. Create a Birthday Channel on Slack

Create a happy birthday channel if your company uses Slack. A birthday channel is an excellent way for each employee to give their coworkers fun wishes on their birthday. If you have employees who work remotely from different parts of the world or country, this will be a great way for them to wish each other a happy birthday and stay connected with their coworkers even if they’re not together to celebrate.

6. Make a Video Montage

One up the basic group greeting card by putting together a video of your friends and loved ones wishing the birthday boy a special day. A birthday video is such a fantastic present because each person can personalize their message specifically for them, and it is something that they can revisit and enjoy countless times. You can use a great video editor to help create your montage, such as:

A birthday video is a fun and unique way to give a loved one a shout-out on their special day this year. Some excellent birthday video ideas could include asking friends to share a fun story or a favorite memory. Having those stories memorialized in the video will be such a great keepsake. It will not only be amazing for the recipient but also for others who get to hear all of these memories and wishes.

7. Inundate Them With Cards

For your friend or coworker’s birthday this year, ask everyone they know to mail them a card. Not many people receive personalized mail anymore, so it will be a great surprise for them to be flooded with cards for their birthday. Contact all people who will wish them a happy birthday a week before and remind them to get their card in the mail. When the recipient’s special day comes, they will have many birthday cards! A birthday card may seem like a small gesture, but reading your message will mean so much to them. What a fun way to help someone feel special on their birthday. 

8. Radio Shout Out

Go old school and call your local radio station (or podcast or social media account) and ask them to shout out to your friend on their birthday. If you know that they enjoy listening to a particular morning show on their way to work, then make an effort to arrange for their birthday to be announced over the radio. It will start their special day off in the best way to hear a birthday message from you. 

9. Decorate Their Office or Cubicle 

A simple but excellent way to help a team member feel special on their birthday is to decorate their workspace. You can put up banners, balloons, streamers, even get them a birthday cake. Because most employees spend most of their day in the workplace, this will ensure that they are still celebrated for their birthday! It will help other coworkers, who may not have known, say happy birthday to their team member. This will also make them feel so incredible on their birthday.

10. Shout Out on Social Media

An easy way to tell someone happy birthday is to do it on social media. You can make a post on Facebook for your friend, post some pictures or videos on Instagram for your loved one, or tell your coworker how much you appreciate them on LinkedIn. No matter which platform you choose, you can make their day feel even more remarkable by taking a moment to wish them a happy birthday on social media. 

11. Surprise Meeting

Schedule a meeting on the day of your team member’s birthday and throw them a surprise celebration instead. Order lunch or get them a birthday cake and sing happy birthday. They will love that their coworkers remembered it was their birthday and that this will help make them feel good on their day. It is an easy way to ensure that your friend and coworker have a great birthday. 

12. Lawn Signs

A fun, easy way to recognize a friend on their birthday is to decorate their front lawn with a bright and big happy birthday sign. It will draw attention and will inspire others to give them well wishes. It is also just a fun way to feel special for that day. They can take pictures with their awesome lawn sign and have that keepsake to remember the incredibly kind thing you did for them on their day.

13. Birthday Dinner

Going out to dinner on your birthday is always a fun event. This year, choose a restaurant where the staff will sing happy birthday to your loved one and put them in the spotlight. Even if they are the type that doesn’t like all of the attention on them, they will appreciate the fun dinner and the song. You can even choose places where they let the birthday boy or girl play an instrument, sit in a special chair, or bring them out a special dessert. Bring a candle with you and have your table sing along to celebrate. 

14. Put it on a Marquee

Maybe you have a marquee at your business, or the local restaurant in town has one; either way, put up a birthday message to your friend. It will be the best surprise to have them drive by and see their name and a birthday message as an extra large message. Taking the time to do something extra like this will mean so much to them. 

15. Dress Them Up

A quick trip to your local party supply store can arm you with different buttons, sashes, and crowns to wear on a birthday. This year, get your friend or coworker a flashy new accessory to recognize them and help others tell them happy birthday. It will be so fun for them to go out and public and have strangers wish them a happy birthday. This is an easy way to show them love on their special day. 

Start Planning!

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to give your friend warm wishes on their birthday. With all of these simple ways, you can find one that your loved one will be surprised by. Birthdays are a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. A small gesture on your part will make a world of difference in another’s life. So start planning today and give them the best birthday shout-out ever. 

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