Group eCard with Memes & Cats

Meme celebrating birthday with online card

If there was a theme to Matt’s birthday group ecard last year, that was it.

Check it out:

Thanks for letting us share your Kudoboard, Matt. And happy (super belated) birthday from all of us.

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How To Make A Themed Group eCard

Do you have someone who has a special occasion coming up? Do you have a large group of friends who would like to celebrate them? Look no further than creating a themed group ecard that they will love. To start, find a theme that they will love. Here are some ideas:

  • Memes with animals 
  • Gifs from their favorite show (like "The Office", a true classic!)
  • Gifs of their favorite animals
  • Photos or videos of everyone sharing a funny joke, quote, or memory of the special person

Now that you've picked a theme, you can start on the eCard. If you want to use Kudoboard, it is really easy! Simply click "create kudoboard" and enter in all the information. Next, start creating your board by choosing different backgrounds, fonts, and add your media based on the theme.

To make it a group ecard, you have to add contributors! Kudoboard makes it easy by having you enter in the emails of everyone that will be adding to the card. They don't have to sign up for anything to contribute to the card! Remind them of the theme and have them add to their hearts' content.

Finally, send the virtual card to the recipient. They will love seeing what everyone added and will feel so special that everyone thought of a theme that is fitting for them.

What Else Can I Do With An Online Group Card?

Are you wondering what else there is to do to make the recipient feel special? Kudoboard has a few different options for you. If you are throwing a party you can view the eCard as a slideshow. This is a great way to showcase everyone's memories or thoughts about the recipient. You can also have it showing in the background as decoration for the party for people to view as they please.

If you are looking for a present for the recipient, you can have the group ecard printed as a book! It is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that anyone will love.

Don't worry about buying a stale paper card again, create a group ecard and make your friends and family feel special!