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Retirement ecard

When Dave P.  retired earlier this year, his colleagues  created him an amazing retirement Kudoboard to wish him well.  Here are just a couple choice quotes from Dave’s board:

“Words such as “Congratulations, Well Deserved, and You’ll be missed” aren’t enough to thank you for your contribution to the Forest Service, and the science community at large. Though as I look back at our five years of working together, I can’t help but emphasize those words. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement; it is so well deserved; and sadly, you will be missed! You have left a mark on our society, our Agency, the climate world and most of all, on me!”

“I have so many things to thank you for! Thank you for making me a better writer, for exemplifying professionalism, thank you for being understanding, and thank you for pushing me to be better! You have been the single most influential person in my career, and I fondly refer to you as “advisor gold”. The mark you have left on your students and colleagues has cascaded throughout our communities. Your work shows what a great scientist you are, and your interactions with individuals show what a great person you are.”

See the full board here:

From all of us at Kudoboard – congrats, Dave, and thanks for giving us permission to share your retirement board!

Ways To Celebrate Retirement

Celebrating retirement is an important part of recognizing employees and thanking them for their many years at the company. Companies that celebrate their employees for their contributions and efforts have a more positive workplace and better employee retention.

Forbes has listed10 different ways to celebrate retirement. Here are three more to consider:

  1. Give Them A Permanent Gift. This could be a tree dedicated to them on the company’s grounds, or some jewelry.
  2. Gift Card to a Special Restaurant. Have everyone contribute to a gift card for the retiree to celebrate their many years at the office.
  3. Throw A Party. Throwing a retirement party to celebrate someone’s many years of dedication is a a great way to say thank you. If you make a group eCard with Kudoboard, you can play that as a slideshow at the party!

How To Create A Retirement Group eCard

Making a retirement group ecard is easy with Kudoboard. To make one, go to and click “create a kudoboard.” Fill out all the information and choose the type of board you need (the premium board is only $5.99 and includes up to 100 board posts!). Next, start creating your card by choosing the background and title. Add contributors easily by clicking the “add contributors” button at the top of the page. Finally, schedule the delivery of the card and enjoy knowing you are making the retiree feel special.

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