Turn Your Kudoboard Into a Book

Throughout the 90s my mom scrapbooked—hard. I mean we were going to abandoned warehouses to find rare stamps and stickers at pop-up shops, and regularly heading to the craft store for custom paper and special edging scissors. Today, the idea of scrapbooking is pretty outdated, but there’s definitely still a need for physical keepsakes of the important moments in our lives. 

We kept hearing the same feedback from our happy Kudoboard users—they loved their board so much and wanted to be able to print it for a permanent keepsake. Your wish is our command! 

A Priceless Kudoboard, A Timeless Gift

A Kudoboard will always be something to remember, even if it only lives online. Your recipient might even be brought to tears by the thoughtful words shared by their loved ones. Many people would like to return regularly to those encouraging messages, or even to display them proudly in their home or office. 

Kudoboards can now be printed as high-quality hardcover books through our partner, Blurb. Each message and photo will be arranged in a 20+ page book and printed in full color, with a cover of your choice. Imagine the words of appreciation from everyone in your life, printed and bound in a colorful book, sitting on your coffee table for a reminder anytime you need it. 

Kudoboard books start at $32.99 plus $0.42/page over 20 pages.

Kudoboards on Display

Another great option for making your digital Kudoboard come to life is to print your Kudoboard as a full-size poster. Your Kudoboard can be printed in stunning color and displayed on a wall or easel, which is an excellent option for an event or displaying thank yous for an entire team (like this awesome example for one Home Depot team). 

Check out pricing and Frequently Asked Questions about our printing services here

If you truly want to give a meaningful gift that will impact the recipient for years to come, a Kudoboard book is the way to go. Everyone can chip in with their words of appreciation and love, then you can edit and print your own book, or our Kudoboard Printing Concierge can help design your book and ship it to you in 7-14 days depending on the destination (check out how shipping times may vary here). 

Just make sure you warn everyone in advance that you’re about to win the gift-giving competition so they don’t get their hopes up.

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