Thank Your Work Team with a Kudoboard

In these "unprecedented times" our work lives have taken on new complexity. Teams have been navigating a changing landscape—and doing it well. We've loved watching our clients use a Kudoboard business plan to recognize outstanding team efforts. Home Depot recognized the efforts of the MET overnight crews at a few of their locations with a group Kudoboard to say thank you.

Thank you MET team of Signal Hill 648 for your partnership. We APPRECIATE all that you do to support the store. Always know that we are here to support you and your team!

Christine Vincent

D62 MET Team - Thank you for your day in and day out hard work and effort to git er' done! You are all amazing and much appreciated!

Judy E

Check out the full Thank You Kudoboard here

These teams are clearly appreciated and Kudoboard is happy to be part of the process. Thanks to the MET teams for your permission to share!

Danica Holdaway

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