Farewell Group eCard to a Colleague

picture of friends saying goodbye in group ecard

Yilma Muluken was a much loved team member from the @actionaid organization, working from Ethiopia.  When Yilma decided to move on, his team created a Kudoboard expressing their appreciation for his contributions over the years.  A few excerpts dedicated to Yilma:

“We met at several occasions. The most memorable time was in Ethiopia in March this year. The workshop and field visit would not have been possible without your support and dedication to make it happen and make it go smooth! Thank you for this and the other countless times you have been of great support and inspiration!”

“It has been a great pleasure working with you. Though you are leaving AA, I will still be in touch, I have added one more friend to visit when I come to Ethiopia! I hope you are going to something good and wish you all the best in whatever that might be.”

“You were one of the first people I met within the broader ActionAid Federation and I will be forever grateful for your patience in answering all my questions as we journeyed together in Nepal. Your kindness, patience, inquiring mind, depth of knowledge and smiles for miles will be my fondest memories of working with you over the past few years. “

From these and many more messages found on Yilma’s board, it’s clear he will be greatly missed as he moves on from ActionAid.  A huge thanks to you for all your work, Yilma, and thanks for giving us permission to share your board!

The Kudoboard Team

How To Create Your Own Farewell Group eCard

Do you know a co-worker, friend, or family member that is leaving soon? A great way to say goodbye to them (and have others say goodbye as well) is to create a group farewell ecard!

First, go to Kudoboard and click “create Kudoboard.” Once you have entered all the information you can personalize the card to your specifications! Add memories, pictures, videos, gifs, and memes to make the e-card special.

Second, add contributors by entering in their email. They don’t have to sign up to add to the ecard and the recipient will love seeing everyone’s messages.

Finally, hit send to ensure the recipient gets their ecard. They will feel so special knowing that they’ll be missed.

If you’re throwing a farewell party, you can also view the group ecard as a slideshow! Everyone can enjoy sharing their memories together.

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