What happens when Snapchat meets Kudoboard? 

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Kathleen M. recently created a birthday Kudoboard for her good friend Sarah H.  After inviting a few friends to contribute, Kathleen was impressed with how the board turned out.  She said, “The system was so easy to use. We loved being able to upload goofy pictures that Sarah sent us over the years on Snapchat (that we all saved, of course!) ”  What was most surprising to Kathleen, however, was Sarah’s reaction when she received the board.  “It was incredible,” said Kathleen, “to see Sarah’s emotional reaction to such a simple gesture.  I’m going to use Kudoboard again!”

Check out Sarah’s board.

What Else Can I Do With Kudoboard?

Sarah and her friends made a really cool online e-card using snapchat media that they saved over the years. However, there are plenty other awesome things you can do with e-cards, specifically a Kudoboard.

  1. Create A Birthday Card For A Friend or Family Member.

Are you looking for a really awesome and fun way to wish your loved one a happy birthday? Look no further than a birthday e-card. Not only are e-cards good for the environment and cheap, but they are also so fun to make! You can even add contributors really easily by simply adding their email and sending them the card to add a message or other media to.

2. Create an Anniversary Card For Parents or Grandparents

Do you have parents or grandparents with a big anniversary coming up? An anniversary virtual card is a great way to celebrate their many years of loving each other! Add all their family members and have people share their favorite memories of the two of them. The recipients will be sure to love it.

3. Create a slideshow using your Kudoboard

Did you know that you can create slideshows with the Kudoboards you make for people? Next time you have a big party coming up, have everyone invited contribute to a Kudoboard for the special person. Simply click view as slideshow after you’ve created the board and you’re ready to go!

4. Print out your Kudoboard in book form

Not only can Kudoboards be viewed as a slideshow, but you can also print them as books for an affordable price! Let Kudoboard do all the work and give a thoughtful gift for an anniversary, birthday, retirement, or any other occasion. The recipient will be sure to love it and it is so easy to do!

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