30+ of the Best Employee Birthday Gifts

Showing appreciation to your employees is essential in the workplace. A great way to express gratitude is to celebrate their birthday. A present will let your employee know that you put thought and time into acknowledging them.

According to a recent study, "Over 80% said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit." By purchasing a birthday gift, you will improve employee morale and help the recipient feel valued. 

Even with a $50 or less budget, you can choose from an extensive array of gifts. You can even make sure that you get a personalized gift that they will appreciate. Below are some great ideas that will fit within your budget. 

Gifts for Every Employee

Gift Cards:

A gift card is an easy gift to get and give. If you know of a store or website that your employee likes, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Another great thing about a gift card is that if your coworkers are chipping in on the present, they can give as little or as much as they want! You can use a purchasing app like Venmo or Paypal to gather those payments. 

Some great universal places to get gift cards are:

Gift Basket:

You can never go wrong with a gift basket. An assortment of treats or trinkets in a gift basket makes for the perfect gift.  If your employee is into a particular type of snack, you can make sure to order a basket with the types that they love. There are baskets made just for comfort that have different types of soups in them. You can purchase a gift basket that has nonfood items that include self care products. With a gift basket, you can say happy birthday and show your appreciation to your employee. 

Meal Subscription Service

Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday than making life easier for your employee? A meal subscription is a great way to take a little bit of mental load from your employee. These services provide all the ingredients and the recipe for dinner. This will take the guesswork out of dinner so the employee can spend more time doing what they love.


If you have an entire company or workplace that wants to wish their coworker a happy birthday, then you need a Kudoboard. The great thing about Kudoboard is that each person can go on to the board and add a birthday message, photo, or video. It is a great way to gather all of the messages so that the recipient can read them all in one place. Another great thing about a Kudoboard is that after everyone is done adding their message, you can print the messages on the board out into a book and give it to your employee as a gift. 

Personalized Pens:

A personalized pen is something that your employee can use every day. You can pick out their favorite color pen and ink and have it engraved with their name or maybe even a funny saying that you know that they like. It is a practical and perfect gift for every employee. 

Tickets to an Event:

If there is an upcoming event that you know your coworker would love to attend, then why not get them tickets for their birthday? Maybe it is a comedy show, an art exhibit, or even a concert. Regardless of the event, it will be the perfect gift because it shows that you listen and know what their interests are. Your employee will appreciate you as a boss and friend for such a thoughtful gift. 


A fantastic gift to give to anyone on your team is access to Masterclass. This is not just a gift but an opportunity for them to better themselves. Whether they want to learn to cook, play the piano, or be a better leader, they can learn from the top in each field. They will be able to find a vast array of classes in different interests to learn from the best of the best.

Digital Photo Frame:

A great gift that your employee can use in the office or at home is a digital photo frame. They will upload pictures onto the frame and enjoy seeing them throughout their day. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones:

Giving your employee noise-canceling headphones as a gift is such a great idea. Not only will your employee appreciate the sentiment, but it will help them concentrate on their work more as well. This is perfect for remote employees; they will love being able to focus while at home. 

Music App Subscription:

Give your employee a gift card to try out a music app. It is such an easy gift and can be given to any employee whether they are in the workplace or are working remotely. They will appreciate you giving them something that they enjoy and will happily use. 

Uncommon Goods:

If your employee has some specific interests or is looking for something out of the box, you should check out www.uncommongoods.com. You will be sure to find a gift for anyone in your workplace on this site. There are so many different items to choose from like:

  • Magnetic putty
  • Mars dust snowglobe
  • Geode puzzles
  • Mini terrariums


Giving your employee a Doordash gift card is such a fantastic gesture. You could even consider ordering them a birthday lunch or treats through Doordash. This will be a hit, especially when most employees are still working at home. If you have a remote team, this may be the perfect gift for them. It is hard to get away from work, so being able to order food straight to your home or office is such an incredible treat. You can’t go wrong with Doordash as a birthday present.

Delicious Employee Gifts

Milk Bar:

An amazing and unique gift to give your employee is a cake or treats from Milk Bar. Because this is a specialty bakery that only has a few locations around the country, it will be such a surprise and special treat for your employee. This is also a fantastic gift for your remote employees. Milk Bar ships to anywhere in the US, so you can have a birthday cake or treat sent to any employee working remotely. 

DIY Cocktail Kit:

If you know that your coworker loves to enjoy a cocktail after work, then give them a cocktail kit! This is an excellent gift for on-site or remote employees. They will be shipped a kit with all of the ingredients they need to create the perfect cocktail. This is such a fun and exciting way to celebrate their birthday!

Coffee and Mug:

If your employee is a coffee drinker, give them a coffee mug with different types of coffee to try. There are so many kinds of coffee that they have probably never had the chance to try before. 

Employee Self-Care Gifts 

Subscription to an Online Workout Program:

If exercising is your employee’s thing, get them a subscription to an online workout program. Let them pick from workouts like yoga, strength training, or pilates. Working out from the comfort of their own home or office space will be a great way to break up the day. 

Bath and Body Works:

You can not go wrong with a Bath and Body Works gift. Whether you pick a gift card, a gift basket, some room fragrances, lotions, or body soap, your coworker will appreciate that you took the time to find them a gift that they will love

Meditation Session:

There are times during the workday when you need to put all of the work aside and clear your head. A great way to do this is to meditate. Getting your coworker the gift of an online meditation session will help them clear their mind and concentrate for the rest of the workday. It will help them and benefit the company all at the same time. 

Pamper Them:

Give your employee the gift of self-care and relaxation for their birthday this year. An excellent bath gift set will help them get in the downtime they deserve after a long day at work. 

Heated Blanket:

If you have an employee working in a drafty office and complains of the cold, this gift is for them. A heated blanket can help them stay warm in the workplace or at home. They will love that you listened to them and got them a practical gift and thoughtful gift. 

Mini Humidifier:

A mini humidifier!? This is such a fabulous gift for any employee. Working in an office can be stifling and dry; this little gadget will plug right into a USB port and help make them more comfortable during the workday. What a cool gift!

Scented Candle:

A great gift that your team member will love is a scented candle. A candle is something they will love to use to freshen up their home. It is the perfect employee gift for their birthday. There are even great candle holders and jars to choose from. 

Desktop Zen Garden:

A desktop zen garden is the type of gift that any employee will love. It is the perfect addition to any desk in the workplace. Your team member can take a break from the workday and turn off their mind as they rearrange the rocks and rake the sand.

Gifts Under $10

House Plants:

If there is a plant person in your life, feed into that addiction! Get them a new house plant for their birthday. If they love houseplants, then they will never have enough. There is no better gift than a new plant for your employee. 

Travel Gifts:

For employees who are always planning their next jet-setting adventure, consider some fun travel gift ideas. From activities to virtual tours, travel can be the best gift of all.

Hobby Gifts


An excellent gift for the baker in your office is new bakeware! Giving a unique type of cake pan or cupcake stand will be a hit. Most bakers have typical bakeware so finding a novelty baking item will be a special gift for them to receive. Whenever you get the chance to purchase a gift that aligns with someone’s interests, you instantly hit it out of the park.

Sports Team Gear:

If you have a coworker who loves a specific sports team, this will make the gift-giving process super easy! There are all types of gear from jerseys, keychains, hats, bumper stickers, signs for their office, socks, or even a great t-shirt. Getting your employee a gift with their favorite team logo shows how you know them and will make the employee feel appreciated. 

Gifts That Can be Purchased In Bulk

Daily Aspiration Calendar:

An excellent neutral gift for an employee in your office is a calendar with daily aspirations that they can put on their desk. It is something that they will use every day for the next year and is a great gift. 

Branded Notebook:

A personalized notebook is a perfect gift for the writer in your office. There are still many people that would instead put pen to paper than take notes digitally. Suppose you have an employee in your office that prefers to write. In that case, they will appreciate a personalized notebook made especially for them. 

Motivational Books:

There have been a lot of books written on the topic of motivation and inspiration in the workplace, which means there is one for every type of employee. Giving your employee a motivational book as a birthday gift will help them know that you want them to succeed. 


Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of socks?! You can’t go wrong with a fun pair of socks. Practical and perfect for any employee, socks make for a great birthday present. You can choose from several different patterns, styles, and materials. 

Necktie Set:

If your office place requires formal wear, especially a shirt and tie, then consider getting your coworker a new tie with cufflinks or a tie bar. A tie is something that you don’t usually think of purchasing for yourself, so receiving it as a gift is a perfect way to feel appreciated. 

Are Employee Gifts Tax Exempt?

The great news as an employer is, yes, a gift to your employee is tax-exempt. Your gift of up to $25 per year for each employee is considered tax-deductible. Your employee will not be taxed on the gift if it is not of monetary value. Be sure to keep all of your receipts, and your accountant will help you submit the tax exemption. 

Pick the Perfect Gift

With more than 30 gifts listed above, you should have no problem finding the right one for your employee. A corporate gift doesn’t have to be impersonal and stodgy; you can make it personal and help your employee feel their appreciation. This gift guide will put you in the right direction to help any coworker have the best possible birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do employees want as a gift?

The best employee gifts are ones that are thoughtful and practical. The goal of an employee gift is to build community. Any employee will appreciate the thought, especially if the gift is catered to their unique interests. It can be as simple as collecting meaningful messages in a group card.

Should a manager give gifts to an employee?

Yes. Gifts are a great way to show appreciation and acknowledgement to an employee. Whether it is a birthday or holiday giving a gift can be a good way to boost employee morale. It can foster a positive work culture. Proper etiquette is you provide a gift for one employee for a birthday or another reason, you should for others as well.

Is it ok to give gift cards to employees?

Yes. Gift cards can be a great way to personalize a gift. Select a place that is unique to the employee's interests or taste. A gift card to their favorite restaurant, store, or activity not only gives them the opportunity to do something they enjoy but demonstrates you know who they are. Gift cards are easy for you to get and are something your employee will appreciate.

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