Teacher Appreciation Done Right with Kudoboard

Teachers? We applaud you.

You show up every single day and put in countless hours of complex work, bringing your whole heart into the classroom. You change lives and plant seeds. And you do all of it without the pay or recognition you deserve.

One organization that is trying to express the appreciation that teachers deserve is the Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts (BRCVPA). They created this Teacher Shout Out board for their students, parents, and colleagues to share the impressive accomplishments of their beloved teachers.

Special mom thanks to Ms. Manning for nurturing Wesley's love of books, and for finding special projects for him in Extended Day.


I want to say thanks to all my past teachers for getting me where I am today I know I'm not a student here anymore but I'm not ashamed to say I miss being there.


Ms. Veron, thank you for being such a great homeroom teacher to Wesley this year. You motivated him by recognizing and building on his strengths, and you never hesitated to try something we asked you to try to help him.

Wesley's Mom

At Kudoboard, we have a soft spot for teachers (yours truly and our founder were both public school teachers—in fact, that's how he got the idea for Kudoboard!). As we approach Teacher Appreciation week May 8-12th, it's important to think about ways we can express appreciation for the educators in our lives. Kudoboard is a great place to start. Create an online Teacher Appreciation card or purchase a package of boards to use for your school to provide authentic appreciation.

Thanks for sharing your impressive board, BRCVPA, and a heartfelt thank you to teachers worldwide. ❤️

Danica Holdaway

Danica Holdaway is a 10-year marriage veteran with three little girls. She loves marking each and every holiday and anniversary in the most extra way possible. She’s passionate about making everyday life special and bringing people together. Especially using food.