Deliver Happiness with Kudoboard.

Our mission is to empower people worldwide to give authentic appreciation. We are truly honored to be the platform of choice for tens of thousands of businesses & nearly 10mm users worldwide.

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Kudoboard empowers people to gather a group and show appreciation. Whether in the workplace or among friends and family, Kudoboard brings folks together to celebrate the moments that matter.

Founded: July 2015

Location: 3000 Lawrence St #8, Denver, CO 80205

Media Inquiries: [email protected]

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The Kudoboard Story

One of the co-founders of Kudoboard previously worked as a high school math teacher. At the end of the school year, he asked each student to write their name at the center of their own piece of paper and pass it around to the other students in the class.

Each student wrote a nice note to every other student in the class, and when students got their papers back they had a full sheet of compliments. The students were initially skeptical of the idea, but their thrilled reactions once they received their papers back highlighted the power of group appreciation and planted the seeds for Kudoboard!

At Kudoboard, we believe in...


Delighting our users

Our users trust us to help them celebrate the moments that matter, and we take that seriously.



Prioritizing simplicity

We strive for the beauty of a simple solution, well-executed. We can’t be everything to everyone.



Acting like an owner

Every fulltime team-member has equity, and we each take responsibility for improving the company as a whole.



Doing a lot with a little

We prize the ability to be scrappy and find creative solutions to difficult problems.



Being willing to disagree, then commit

Disagreements are healthy, as long as we treat each other with respect and move forward as one.



Following through, every time

When we make a commitment, we get it done.



Acting with urgency

We recognize the benefit of moving quickly to respond to opportunities.



Running the marathon, not the sprint

While haste is required at opportune times, we know that consistency & endurance ultimately win the race.


Kudoboard Team Member Highlights

At Kudoboard, we aim to make it easier to share kindness with the people around us. I love being a part of the sweet, funny, heartwarming, and impressive moments of recognition that Kudoboard makes possible. Our team is so committed to connection, and it shows in everything my colleagues do each day.

Danica Holdaway

Content Director

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I love working for a company whose purpose is to deliver happiness, celebrate achievements, and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face. My colleagues and leadership are also a big part of what makes Kudoboard a special place to work — it's a great feeling to come to work everyday and feel respected, appreciated, and challenged.

Julio Gonzalez

Growth & Customer Success Manager

Kudoboard has exactly what I look for in a company: a kind, respectful and flexible working culture and leadership team, a product that brings joy to its users, creative challenges in every role and the autonomy to solve them! I love the diverse amount of perspectives that comes with having coworkers living in different parts of the country - remote collaboration allows us to design a product for everyone and learn from one another.

Reyana Fayyaz

Head of Product

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In The Press

Kudoboard (lets you) create a theme, and collectively build one for a colleague. This packs a bigger wallop for your coworker and binds your team together in a shared positive activity.

Kudoboard has become the Insider Reviews team's default for birthday surprises — it's essentially a virtual bulletin board of messages, gifs, and photos for the lucky recipient.

You and your friends add messages, photos, and videos on a board until you're pleased with the content. Then you push a button to deliver the online board to the recipient.

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