Celebrating a Work Anniversary with Kudoboard

puppy meme to celebrate work anniversary using ecard

Angela Goodwin’s colleagues at ParentMap recently created her a work anniversary group ecard using Kudoboard for her 3rd Year Work Anniversary with the company.

Highlights include a Grumpy Cat meme, a baby Penguin with top hat, and a terrific GIF that we can only assume is a young, animated David Hasselhoff.

“We love using Kudoboards to celebrate work anniversaries and various achievements [at ParentMap]!” said Angela. “We are a virtual business so it makes getting personalized messages to send all in one place incredibly easy. Way more festive than an email. Love it!”

Here are some memorable quotes from the board:

“Angela, you are so amazing and contribute so much, and we are about to make you a de facto member of the editorial team. Thank you, and celebrate well!”

“Thank you for all you do for us at PM Work Buddy!!! I’m so lucky to get to work with you. Couldn’t help adding this little penguin guy heading off to work – Finn must be rubbing off on me :)”

See the full board here: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/uE3AIsil

Thanks for giving us permission to share, Angela, and congrats on 3 years at ParentMap from all of us at Kudoboard!

How To Celebrate Work Anniversaries

Celebrating your employee’s successes and contributions to the company is a vital way to create a positive work culture. Not only does celebrating employees help them feel valued, but it can also effect things like employee retention and the environment. Employees who feel valued are also happier and more efficient than those who don’t feel valued. According to WorkHuman, celebrating work anniversaries help build strong teams and helps employees be reminded that the company cares about them.

Here are four ideas to celebrate work anniversaries:

  1. Money. Celebrate employees with what they really want, a raise, or paid time off. If this is not as feasible, a small gift card to their favorite restaurant or store can go a long way.
  2. A Gift. A small gift to say “thank you for your time here” can also be a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s time at the company. This could include a plant, fruit basket, chocolate, or desk decorations.
  3. Recognition. This could include a plaque made in their honor or a small desk item that highlights how long they have been at the company.
  4. Work Anniversary Group eCardFinally, making them a virtual card that celebrates their years at the company, with contributions from their co-workers, is a great way to say “thank you”.

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