Graduations and Alumni Reunions with Kudoboard

Late spring and early summer are filled to the brim with collegiate celebrations. It's a joyous time to honor the dedicated students and faculty who worked so hard during the previous year. College graduations (and high school graduations, too) are a perfect opportunity to reflect on the value of education and important accomplishments.

At Kudoboard, we love to see universities finding creative uses of our online group cards and special event boards. Here are three particularly impressive universities using Kudoboard to unite their faculty, alumni, and communities.

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Graduation Celebration

Athabasca University created a board to celebrate their college graduates this year. On the public graduation board, students, faculty, and proud family can post messages of congratulations and gratitude, share photos and videos, and learn more about the Athabasca convocation.

Congratulations to our amazing grads of 2022! We're so proud of all that you have accomplished, and look forward to your future successes!

Peter Scott President, Athabasca University

We are so impressed with this graduation board and the brilliant 2022 graduates! Check out the online graduation board here.

Alumni Reunions

Returning to your alma mater can be a sweet and rewarding experience, and the alumni of Sarah Lawrence certainly found that to be the case this spring. As alumni flocked to campus, plenty were able to share their photos and memories on-campus and virtually for those who couldn't travel.

A marvelous reunion, felt amazing to connect once again.

Leda Polinger Canino, Class of 1952

A custom event board allowed Sarah Lawrence to created a branded online board that coincided with their weeklong reunion so that alumi could easily share photos, videos, memories, and more. See the reunion board here.

A Dean's Retirement

When Dean Blackburn retired this year, leagues of students and colleagues came together to send him off with well-wishes and gratitude for all he's accomplished. Check out the online retirement card here.

Since you joined the GSBS Faculty in 1998, I’ve respected your work ethic, your quiet brilliance, and your kindness. Who knew, back then, that you’d one day be our dean?!? This is truly the end of a very special era. Stay well, have fun, enjoy life and please keep in touch … THANK YOU doesn’t really cover it


Whatever your university system needs for connection and appreciation, Kudoboard is the right choice. Check out our University enterprise plans, with bonus features that universities love. Best of luck on campus!

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