Honoring the Queen with an Online Book of Condolence

Humans across the world are uniting to offer condolences and awe at the 70+ years of dedicated service which ended on September 8th, with the death of the longest reigning female monarch—Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Citizens of the United Kingdom and the sovereign states are finding unique ways to express their condolences for the Queen, support for the new King Charles, love for the royal family, and marking the historic occasion. We've been amazed at all of the tributes, but our favorites are the online book of condolence Kudoboards to share thoughts, memories, photographs, and more in honor of the Queen.


The National Federation of Women's Institutes created this Kudoboard for members to post their thoughts about Queen Elizabeth, who was a beloved member of the women's organization.

We mark with sadness the passing of Queen Elizabeth II our longest serving monarch and a longstanding member of the WI. While the whole country mourns her, our thoughts go particularly to her family for whom the loss is so much greater. Her commitment, sense of duty, and selfless service to her people has been an example to us all and she has truly earned her final rest.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

Regional governments across the United Kingdom are also sponsoring book of condolence pages for their constituencies in honor of the deceased monarch and entire royal family.

For all of my life Elizabeth II has been my Queen. A chapter in my life has been closed but my love and faith in the late Queen, the monarchy and now King Charles III will live on.

Valerie Jean Leigh

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Danica Holdaway

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