Wedding Anniversary Kudoboard

Alastair Butler recently made a Kudoboard for his parents, Scott and Rachel, to celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary.  Close friends and family chipped in with pictures, poems, memories and jokes reaching back decades.  Check out the amazing board HERE!

Thanks for giving us permission to share your Kudoboard externally, Scott and Rachel, and congrats on your 30 years together!

What happens when Snapchat meets Kudoboard? 

Kathleen M. recently created a birthday Kudoboard for her good friend Sarah H.  After inviting a few friends to contribute, Kathleen was impressed with how the board turned out.  She said, “The system was so easy to use. We loved being able to upload goofy pictures that Sarah sent us over the years on Snapchat (that we all saved, of course!) ”  What was most surprising to Kathleen however, was Sarah’s reaction when she received the board.  “It was incredible,” said Kathleen, “to see Sarah’s emotional reaction to such a simple gesture.  I’m definitely going to use Kudoboard again!”

Check out Sarah’s board HERE, and then start your friend a Kudoboard for an upcoming birthday!

Husband celebrates wife’s birthday with a Kudoboard 

John Kearney from Kansas City recently created a Kudoboard as a surprise for his wife Beth on her birthday.  John added a few photos to the board and then invited family and friends to contribute.

The board received 40+ contributions -  more than John expected - and he attributes that to the quick and easy process to make a contribution.  “I found Kudoboard to be very user friendly,” said John.  “In fact, several people who contributed to the board said the same thing. I was able to figure out all of the features within minutes without following any instructions.”

Check out Beth’s board HERE, and then make a surprise Kudoboard for someone in your life!

Harvard Business School Goodbye With Kudoboard

Phillip Han began his MBA at Harvard Business School in the Fall of 2015; however, he recently decided to leave school early to pursue his startup dreams.  Vicky Au, one of Phillip’s classmates, created Phillip a Kudoboard from her entire HBS Section to let Phillip know how much he would be missed.  60+ classmates responded with notes, pictures, and memories for Phillip’s board, and Vicky printed a copy to deliver in-person.  View the Kudoboard HERE.

Good luck to Phillip on his upcoming startup adventure – from all of us here at Kudoboard!

From US to France: Family says ‘Happy Birthday’ with Kudoboard

Adrienne and Andrew Greenwalt recently moved from the US to France. Being thousands of miles away from their families, Adrienne needed an easy way to get everyone to contribute to a card for Andrew’s birthday. Kudoboard provided the solution: a free and easy way to send Andrew an unforgettable birthday eCard. See it HERE!

Adrienne wanted something that was, in her words, “much more personal than a Facebook wallpost.” Kudoboard allowed Adrienne and the family to “contribute in a personal way, where they otherwise probably wouldn’t have done anything beyond the generic Facebook message.”

Adrienne recognized that “these days we rarely send actual letters or birthday cards in the mail.” Adrienne used Kudoboard as a birthday eCard because she wanted the ‘actual card’ feel, without the hassle. When Andrew received his Kudoboard, “he was surprised and so pleased to hear from so many close family and friends!”

Friends Send Group eCard to Thank Organizer of Tulane Dance Marathon

Students at Tulane University participated in a Dance Marathon last month in order to raise money for the  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The fundraiser was a huge success with hundreds of participants and tens of thousands of dollars raised.  After it was over, several participants created a Kudoboard in order to thank Carrie Wixom for organizing the successful event (see the Kudoboard HERE).

Sam Patel, the originator of the Kudoboard, said that she decided to use it because she “wanted to find a way to thank Carrie for all her hard work.” Sam knew that Kudoboard would be “more meaningful than a simple Facebook post and give Carrie lots of nice messages all in one place.”

Sorority Sends Kudoboard to Thank a Sister for Organizing Scholarship Brunch

Sarah Hostetler of Tulane’s Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority recently created a Kudoboard for one of her sorority sisters, Margaret Stolte (see it HERE). Margaret is the sorority’s Scholarship Chair, and Sarah wanted to show appreciation for all of Margaret’s efforts throughout the year.  Sarah invited other sisters from the sorority who filled the board with memories, photos, and videos.

“Margaret was the recipient of our Kudoboard as a way to thank her for all of her hard work,” said Sarah. “The board was presented to her the day after she organized a brunch for our chapter to recognize members with the highest GPA’s. Margaret constantly goes above and beyond her job description and Kudoboard was a perfect outlet to show her how much she means to us.”When Margaret received the board, she was overjoyed.

“Coming back from a long day and realizing that over 20 of my sisters had taken the time to organize a Kudoboard made me feel appreciated,” said Margaret. “Thanking people and showing our appreciation for them is a really underrated act right now and after receiving my Kudoboard, I felt more motivated to show appreciation for the people in my life!!”