Siblings Create a Group Card for Newest Member of the Family

John DeBacker recently started a Kudoboard among his siblings to celebrate a new child in the family.  Here’s what John had to say about the experience:

“I’m one of 10 siblings who I sent the kudoboard. The youngest is 52 up to 70 years. I will admit my older brothers and sisters are not very techy. I searched for way to send an online card (spread out from CA to FL) we could all sign to send for a new born into our family. 

After a few failed attempts to get family to sign online cards, I came across Kudoboards. The board was very simple, very clean and displayed well on my phone, iPad and my desktop, not a lot programs perform well on all three platforms, but Kudoboards did just that. My response from my family was positive. I had posts added the same day and they looked great. My board is complete and look forward to sending to the much younger generation in our family. A big thank you to Kudoboard for making a coast to coast task very easy and fun. John DeBacker”

Check out the board John created here:

Thanks for giving us permission to share your story John, and congrats on the new addition to your family from all of us at Kudoboard!

Congrats & We Will Miss You Kudoboard for Breanna

Breanna Bly’s colleagues at Trinity Logistics recently created a Kudoboard to congratulate her on her move to the company’s Carrier Relations department. Given the numerous heartfelt messages of support and encouragement, it’s clear that everyone in the Agent Division will miss Breanna’s “passion, energy, and spirit” as she moves forward!

See the full Kudoboard for Breanna HERE!!!

Thanks for giving us permission to share, Breanna, and congrats from all of us here at Kudoboard 🙂

50th Wedding Anniversary Kudoboard! 

Charlotte Ceier recently created a Kudoboard to celebrate her parents’ 50th anniversary together.  She added pictures going back decades – from her mother on her wedding day to her father’s graduation from Med School.   And that’s not even mentioning the family vacations to exotic locales like New Zealand!

Check out the full board HERE.

Thanks for giving us permission to share your board Barbara and Dick, and Happy 50th Anniversary from all of us here at Kudoboard!

Saying Goodbye with a Kudoboard

Xero employees recently created a farewell Kudoboard to celebrate James Maiocco.  With pictures, videos, and messages of appreciation from dozens of contributors, it’s clear that James is a leader who will be missed on the Xero team.

See the full board HERE.

Thanks for giving us permission to share your virtual farewell card, James, and good luck on the next chapter of your career!

We love to help you say goodbye. You can check out more Farewell Kudoboard examples here.

Is it time to say goodbye to a teammate?

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Sweet Sixteen Group Card!

Melinda Kirby recently created a Sweet Sixteen birthday Kudoboard for her daughter Emma.  With contributions from teachers, family, and friends – the board offered Melinda a new and unique way to celebrate her daughter’s special day.

See the full board HERE!

Happy (belated) birthday from all of us here at Kudoboard, Emma, and thanks for giving us permission to share!

Retirement Kudoboard for Father Bob

The Rev. Robert Massett served as a priest for over 50 years in New Orleans. He has baptized hundreds, performed thousands of weddings, and conducted countless numbers of Masses.

To honor him for his retirement this summer, Deborah Bradbury started him a Kudoboard and invited other members of her congregation to participate.  With pictures and messages submitted by hundreds of folks, it’s clear that “Father Bob” will be sorely missed!  Check out his full retirement Kudoboard HERE.

Congratulations on your retirement Father Bob, and thanks to Deborah for giving us permission to share this wonderful tribute!

Graduation Group Card with Kudoboard

Eddie Poz recently graduated from high school, and his family and family-friends created him a Kudoboard to celebrate the achievement.  Between the messages, photos, and videos – it’s clear that Eddie is passionate about music and headed toward an exciting future.

Check out the full board HERE!

Thanks for giving us permission to share Eddie, and congrats from all of us @ Kudoboard!

Funny Ecard Kudoboard

The folks at Free Gulliver recently created a funny ecard Kudoboard titled $hit Tripp Says for the head of the company, Tripp Friedler. Highlighting Tripp’s ‘quotable quotes’ from throughout the years, the Kudoboard includes classics like “I disagree with you for three reasons - actually, it is two reasons, but I’m going to reserve the right to add a third reason if I come up with one while I’m talking…”  Check out the funny ecard Kudoboard HERE!

Thanks for letting us share, Tripp, and congratulations to you.