Group eCard From Fans

What do Reba McEntire, Ashley McBryde, Carrie Underwood, and Michael Ray all have in common?

You’d be right if you guessed that they are all country music artists. But more importantly (to us anyway!), they all have fans who recently created an online group card with Kudoboard.

Check it out here:  Reba’s Kudoboard, Ashley’s Kudoboard, Carrie’s Kudoboard, and Michael’s Kudoboard.

Kudoboard group ecards are most often used in the workplace to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, onboarding, and farewells. However, online cards are also great to use in your personal life – whether you celebrate a family member or friend on a special occasion or recognize an artist you love.

Here’s what the group ecard process from fans looks like in action on Twitter, start to finish:

Start with inviting others to contribute to the Group Ecard

tweet getting people to contribute to an online group ecard

See the messages roll in…


Deliver the online group card…

wishing carrie underwood a happy birthday with a group ecard from fans
group ecard from fans collaboration via twitter

See the recipient’s reaction!

musician thanking fans for their group ecard

How To Create A Group Ecard From Fans

Do you have an artist that you love and want to honor? Perhaps you want to get a lot of fans involved in sending an online group card. With Kudoboard, sending a group congrats ecard and having people from all around the world collaborate is simple.

First, choose the board you want to use. If many people are participating, you could use Venmo or something similar to gather funds for the e-card (depending on how many contributors you have it shouldn’t be too expensive per person). Once you choose the type of board (mostly depending on how many collaborators will be involved), you can start creating!

Next, add memes, pictures, videos, and more. If you send an e-card to a musician, perhaps fans can add pictures and videos from shows they’ve attended.  Fans can also add memories from shows and the first time they ever heard the musician’s music. Artists will love seeing their work from different perspectives. You can also talk about how much of a difference the artist has made in your life.

Finally, get it to the artist! You likely don’t have the artist’s personal email; you can utilize social media to deliver the Kudoboard. All the fandoms that created the examples above-used Twitter, but you can use any social media site you want.

Artists and musicians work so hard to provide us with wonderful music and visually stimulating/pleasing art. Next time you have a minute and want to honor the people that have made a difference in your life, get your friends and fellow fans together to make the artist an e-card they’ll cherish forever!

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