Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day 4/26

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

National Administrative Professionals Day is the official day of acknowledgment and appreciation for the administrative professionals that keep our businesses running smoothly, observed on the last Wednesday of April in the United States. It began with a pressing need for skilled administrative professionals, namely secretaries, as the economy experienced the postwar boom but the birth decline of the Depression meant a shortage of workers. The National Secretaries Association created National Secretaries Day and National Secretaries Week to celebrate each employee at the front desk for their hard work in customer service and office operations. 

 In 2000, the holiday was changed to Administrative Professionals Day (from Secretaries Week) to encompass the growing skills and responsibilities of administrative support staff. Many countries and industries observe Administrative Professionals Week to distribute administrative assistant lunches, secretary gifts, and group greeting cards. 

Who do we celebrate on Administrative Professionals Day? 

It may have started as Secretaries Week or Secretaries Day, but Administrative Professionals Day covers a wide range of skilled employees who deserve recognition. This list includes:

  • Secretaries
  • Executive assistant
  • Administrative assistants
  • Personal assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Client Services Representatives
  • Administrative support 

If you work in any type of normal industry, chances are you have at least one (if not more) administrative professionals in your company who deserve some appreciation this April 26. 

Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day 

Shed Light on What They Do

The administrative staff are often the unsung heroes of the company. They are behind the scenes, allowing the company to operate as needed. A great way to celebrate your administrative professional is to shine some light on all that they do. Highlight a project they’ve worked on or share a shocking stat: “Taylor responded to over 3,000 emails this quarter! We're so grateful for every single one this Administrative Assistants Day!” Outline their contributions in a meeting or on the group greeting card.

Sing Their Praises

An Administrative Professional’s Day thank you card is pretty standard, but you can take it to the next level with a customizable online group greeting card. Include team members from different departments who have plenty of reasons to express appreciation for the administrative professional. Share photos, GIFs, videos, and even add a gift card to make it extra special. 

Reward Them 

The best “thank you” is either a rest or a gift. Trust us. Here’s a quick list of the best gift ideas for administrative professionals' day: 

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day this April 26th

Spend some time reviewing everything your administrative professionals do for you and consider the best way to say thank you this year. Whether you celebrate a single National Administrative Professionals Day or the full Administrative Professionals Week—it’s always the right time to share appreciation with group greeting card from Kudoboard

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