What is an Online Tribute Board?

Funeral guestbooks and newspaper obituaries only tell one angle of the story. These avenues miss the heart of the person and are not always an accurate retelling of who the person was, the memories they shared, or the lives they impacted. 

While nothing will ever be able to adequately describe a lost loved one, a tribute board can paint a better picture of who they were than a simple guest book or obituary.

What is an online tribute board?

An online tribute board is a memorial dedicated to paying tribute to and remembering a lost loved one. A tribute board invites family and friends to contribute stories, pictures, and videos compiled onto one website that can easily be shared. 

An online tribute board is versatile. It can be a funeral guest book or a slideshow of pictures and memories. You can decide how to create and use your board to memorialize your loved one best. 

One of the main benefits of an online memorial is that an individual's geographical location will not restrict them from contributing. Instead, you will be able to gain a collection of remarks from anyone unable to attend funeral services. 

When do you need an online tribute board?

A tribute board can be used for any reason you wish to pay tribute. However, tribute boards are most often used after losing a loved one. 

Here are some times when you may want to consider using a tribute board:

  • When hosting an online funeral. There are many reasons for hosting an online funeral. An online funeral can be a great option, whether because loved ones live in different time zones or for medical reasons. In these situations, an online memorial site can act as a guestbook, online obituary, and slideshow for your online services. 
  • You wish to share a memorial experience with those unable to attend an in-person funeral. An online memorial board can be a great way to include anyone unable to gather with you, whether due to distance or perhaps out of need for a more public tribute. By providing a tribute board, you will create a sense of community for those grieving from a distance as you celebrate your family member's life.
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  • When forgoing a funeral or limiting in-person services to close friends and family. Wishing to host an intimate funeral or not wanting one at all is understandable. Whatever your or your lost loved one's wishes are, should be what you do. In these circumstances, it may be worth creating an online tribute board for those unable to attend the funeral to honor the deceased. Not only will this allow them to honor your loved one’s memory, but you will also have a collection of memories and photos to look back on for years to come. 
  • You Desire to have a memorial that feels personal. Finding a memorial book is easy. However, finding one that feels like your loved one is nearly impossible. This is where an online tribute board comes in to help bridge the gap. These boards allow more customization in backgrounds, fonts, and colors. They also will allow loved ones to add photos, videos, and unique stories, making it feel more like your loved one. 
  • When you want a digital copy to look at for years to come. Physical copies can be great, but life happens. Ink fades, things get lost when moving, and handwriting may become illegible. An online tribute board creates a digital copy for you to return to for years. 

Best Online Tribute Boards

Most online memorials allow you to adapt to the style of your choice. You can find ones that can be custom-made or ones with simple drag-and-drop templates. Whatever you are hoping for, there is likely a tribute board to fit your needs. 

Here are some of the best tribute boards: 

1. Kudoboard

Kudoboard Online Tribute boards are unlike other memorial sites because they are easily crowdsourced. Anyone you invite can share personal messages, a memory, and other multimedia memories. 

Your Kudoboard tribute board will be customizable. Once you begin, you will select the background, layout, and other settings. When the board is to your liking, you will be able to invite anyone you wish to contribute. Kudoboard also has the capability to add a tribute gift or donation to the online memorial. 

Once the board is complete, you can make it into a slideshow or poster to display at a funeral. Additionally, all tribute boards can be made into a book if you wish to have a physical copy to share with future generations.  

2. Forever Missed

Forever Missed’s goal is to unite separated families and “eventually help our children and grandchildren learn about the lives of their relatives who have passed.” As a user-friendly site, Forever Missed provides an array of templates, background music, that meet your unique needs.

3. Memories

This site is one of the largest providers of online memorials. Here, you will be able to upload photos and videos as well as share life stories. Memories allows users to customize the background, control privacy, and create a timeline of life events. 

4. Murial

Murial is a minimalistic and modern site where you can break down your lost loved one’s life into chapters. They believe life is colorful and that lost loved ones should be remembered meaningfully. Users will be able to tell the story of their loved one.

How to create an online tribute board

The style can vary greatly. It is up to you to decide what you want the focus to be. For example, while some boards will focus on the obituary and messages from funeral guests, others may be more of a scrapbook full of people sharing their memories and unique photos with your loved one. 

Creating an online tribute board with Kudoboard is easy, whatever focus you decide.

Steps to creating an Online Tribute Board:

  1. Select “Create an Online Memorial.” 
  2. Fill out the template.
  3. Select the board type that fits your needs.
  4. Begin creating your board by selecting a background and adjusting the settings.
  5. You can now add contributors, photos, and memories to the board. 

An online tribute board is the perfect way to honor and celebrate the life of a lost loved one. It can build a sense of community, bring people from around the world together, and provide a personal representation of the one who passed on. Ultimately, it can be a precious reminder as you and your family seek to feel close to them for years to come.