5 Ways to Help Ease Corporate Survivor’s Guilt

Layoffs are rarely easy for anyone involved. You and your employees are left with looming anxiety as the company you know now changed. Among the fear of company stability, job security, and feelings of loss as they witness their former co-workers leave, employees may find themselves with corporate survivor's guilt. 

Even though the remaining employees may be called “the lucky ones” for still having a job, that doesn’t mean they are unaffected by downsizing. You must address survivors' guilt to limit further damage to your company or an employee’s mental health. 

What is Corporate Survivor’s Guilt?

When companies and organizations start to ‘let people go’ or lay off some of their workforces, there can be an emotional toll on those left behind. The emotional impact is what organizational psychologists call corporate survivors' guilt or workplace survivors syndrome. It is defined as: 

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