14 Iron Gifts for Your Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Five years was kind of a big deal. Maybe you pulled out all the stops and now… you just feel a little confused about marking your sixth wedding anniversary. Should you match your 6 year gift to the celebration you had last year? Is this year as important as something like a 10 year anniversary? Do I seriously have to keep getting them anniversary gifts, like, every year? Forever??? 

The good news is that the sixth wedding anniversary has our longest list yet for awesome anniversary gift ideas! With 61.44 million couples reporting to be married in 2022, we need a long list of ideas to help you out on this anniversary year. Turns out iron, while not as fancy as flowers or fancy metals, or as delicious as chocolate candy, is incredibly versatile and useful. We’ll make this easy on you. Because, yes, you do have to mark this 6 year anniversary of being married for 2,190 days (or 3,153,600 minutes!). Unless you want to sleep on the couch, I guess. 

Year Six: Iron

Sixth anniversary gifts are traditionally made with iron. While this may not ignite excitement in your gift-giving heart, trust us. It’s actually a versatile material that will allow you to give a meaningful wedding anniversary gift, rich with symbolism. 

Durable: Iron is a very durable and long lasting metal, which provides an excellent goal or pattern for your marriage as you move beyond the newlywed phase. Like iron, your marriage is growing stronger over time, and can be relied upon for support and trust. 

Forged together: Forged iron is created through intense heat and artistry, and when completed is stronger and more useful than other forms of metal. Together, you and your spouse have encountered trials and struggles. Your wedding was just the beginning of a path you have walked together—and grown stronger. Through the process, your marriage has become stronger with each passing anniversary. 

Utility: Iron is useful in every room in your house and every building in your city. Likewise, your marriage is so much more than just a romantic connection. Marriage becomes a forum for growth and support, teaching patience, providing education, and developing potential. 

14 Iron Anniversary Gifts

I’ll admit, even I was surprised at how easy it was to come up with iron anniversary gifts. I even had to trim the list down! Finding a thoughtful and unique anniversary gift will be the easy part. The hard part will be deciding on only ONE iron gift. We’ve broken them into his and hers, but we all know that the best gifts know no gender. Look for something your spouse will love for their 6 year anniversary gift, no matter which category it’s found. 

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Her

Iron wine rack

A beautiful and useful anniversary gift for your iron year is a wine rack. From a bar cart to a wall-mounted rack, there are many options for your home that can marry form and function (just like y’all, get it?). 

Iron signage

In a world of canvas wall art… be iron. Seriously, metal wall art is so beautiful and catches the eye. Customize the sign to display what means most to you. Consider song lyrics, wedding vows, your names and anniversary date, a photo, or anything else that is meaningful to your relationship. It’s a unique anniversary gift that will last forever. 

Iron flowers

How about some flowers that WON’T die by next Wednesday? Anthropologie popularized these iron flowers, and when you see Anthropologie you know your wife will love it. You might find other metal flower options at your local nursery and yard supply store, or even a florists shop. 

Candle holders

These candle holders are absolutely timeless. They make for a perfect, elegant centerpiece or mantel decor that you can enjoy year round. You can find them in different styles, different colors, and with a wide variety of taper candles to fill them with. (Did you know you can get taper candles in unlimited colors? Obsessed.) 

Jewelry display

Six years in your spouse should have some jewelry from you. Wedding rings, cufflinks, earrings, an amethyst necklace, bracelets, something, right? If not, please skip to the next item and GET THEM SOME JEWELRY. If you’re a normal spouse of six years, you’ll want to display your romantic jewelry and the traditional gift of iron makes a perfect gift. A customized iron bowl is perfect for dropping keys, wedding rings, or watches at the end of the day. For necklaces, bracelets, and earrings this iron stand can prevent tangling while still showing off your duds. 

Iron jewelry

Usually jewelry is revered for being shiny and bright, but six years in you’ve done the diamond and shiny metal thing. Iron isn’t known for being shiny, but that actually makes for more unique, distinctive jewelry. For your sixth anniversary, try some cool iron jewelry like: 

Iron bookmark

Is your spouse a total bookworm? Here’s something they DEFINITELY don’t have. A customized iron bookmark is so thoughtful and useful for your reader. Snag the bestseller they’ve been wanting to read and slip this between the pages for an iron anniversary gift that will make them smile every time they pick up their latest tome. Wrought iron bookends are another fantastic iron anniversary gift for your book loving spouse. 

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Him

Iron railroad spike knife

My husband collects “cool” knives. I don’t get it. But this would have been a total home run for him for our sixth anniversary. I’ll admit that I know nothing about knives, but this  iron railroad spike knife is definitely a unique (and possibly even scary?) anniversary gift. 

Iron name plate

Is your spouse climbing that corporate ladder? This is easily the coolest name plate I’ve ever seen. A customized iron name plate helps identify your desk, but also impresses everyone who enters the room. But don’t stop there! An iron name plate can go on a bedroom door, your front door, or a bench. 

Fire pit

A small, portable fire pit is an incredible gift, no matter where you live. This small fire pit can easily squeeze onto a small apartment balcony, or become a centerpiece of your back patio, surrounded by deck chairs. It’s beautiful and will coax you outside for fireside chats and even better—s’mores. Make sure you throw in some marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and skewers for celebrating your anniversary together. 

Cast iron skillet

Ok, don’t scroll past this just because you think this is an elite kitchen too. I thought so, too. I thought cast iron skillets were for legitimate chefs and I am… not that. But then I decided to try it for a simple cornbread and WOW. Cast iron skillets like Le Creuset are totally deserving of the hype. If you don’t already have a cast iron skillet in your arsenal, it’s time. If you DO have a cast iron skillet, consider adding another as a gift idea: smaller, larger, or a grill topper. 

Wrought Iron Bottle Opener

Sure, you might have a bottle opener on your can opener or a keychain, but this is a next level heirloom. Engrave the iron bottle opener with your wedding date to make it a memorable 6th wedding anniversary gift. (Another incredible option is a carved wood with iron inlay bottle opener.) Pair it with their favorite drink and voila! A thoughtful and useful iron anniversary gift. 

Enameled Dutch Oven

Every single home needs a dutch oven. They’re so incredibly useful for everything from stews to crusty loaves of bread. And while cast iron skillets are the traditional black iron, enameled dutch ovens are beautifully coated in every color you can imagine. You can even branch into casserole dishes or other enameled iron dishware. Pair this iron anniversary gift with a recipe book you can explore together. 

Specialty kitchen tools

A 6th anniversary of marriage can get a little stale. Shake it up with a new kitchen tool that actually makes you excited to get into the kitchen again together. Iron is the very best material for kitchen tools and appliances, and we’ve found some really fun ones for your 6th anniversary gift: 

Sixth Anniversary Celebrations

Congratulations on your sixth anniversary! We hope you are basking in the comfort and familiarity you’ve earned through six years of marriage. We recommend keeping your sixth wedding anniversary low key, enjoying your new iron anniversary gifts at home together. Make this year memorable in a way that is unique to your special relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the traditional gift for the sixth anniversary?

Iron is traditionally gifted on a couple's 6th wedding anniversary as a representation of strength and durability - encouraging the couple to strengthen their bond during hardships and challenges.

What color is the sixth-year anniversary gift?

Anniversary colors are less known than traditional gifts, but they can be used to infuse tradition into the smaller details of your anniversary. The 6th year anniversary is associated with white, purple, or turquoise.

What stone represents 6 years of marriage?

The amethyst, sometimes known as the “all-purpose” stone, is used to symbolize the 6th wedding anniversary. It symbolizes peace and unification and promotes love, selflessness, wisdom, and strength. 

Where do anniversary gifts come from?

The tradition of giving an anniversary gift traces back through many cultures and time periods. The Romans gifted wives silver and gold wreaths for the 25th and 50th anniversaries. Similarly, in Europe during the middle ages, silver jewelry was given on the 25th anniversary, and gold for the 50th. This is where the term “golden anniversary” comes from. The Victorians expanded the traditions of anniversaries to include other traditional gifts like paper and wood. 

Where can I find other anniversary year gifts?

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