10 Bronze Anniversary Gifts For Your Eighth Anniversary

When you think bronze do you think of the Olympics, a bronze medal? Do you think of a bronze statue? Or, like me, do you think of golden bronzed skin, fresh from a tropical vacation? Either way, bronze is beautiful and today we are all about it as we explore some excellent anniversary gift ideas for your eighth year of wedded bliss. Now, bronze might just have you scratching your head when it comes to the gift department. Have no fear, I am here to assist. I have ten 8th anniversary gift ideas to share with you today. Get that credit card out, it’s time for some shopping, baby! 

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Brilliant Bronze

Now, before we dive into these creative and fun anniversary gift ideas, let’s back it up a bit and get some knowledge about what bronze has to do with being married. Or wedding anniversaries. Or the number eight. If you’re like me, you’re not about to just purchase a traditional anniversary gift without the why behind it. You’re a knowledge seeker, good for you. 

Bronze is the element associated with 8th wedding anniversaries for a few reasons. First, bronze is made up of both copper and tin. And, you guessed it, the combination of two separate components to make one fabulous whole is the perfect metaphor for marriage. 

In fact, eight years beyond the wedding, you may be more alike and united than you may realize. I read an article recently that used the term, “emotional contagion” to refer to the development of the same emotions of those you spend the most time with, such as a spouse. Especially a spouse you’ve been married to for eight whole years.

Second, bronze is stronger than the two parts that make it up individually. And you better believe that with combined forces, you and your spouse are stronger than you could ever be individually. Everytime we leave a dinner party or a social gathering, my husband remarks, “You know, we’re so good together. We just play off each other.” I totally agree. Few things make me happier than a joint telling of a funny story. 

Knowing that bronze is all about being stronger together, and two becoming one business, I’m officially on board with bronze as a perfect 8th anniversary gift. And since a bronze Olympic medal isn’t exactly something you can pick up at the ol’ Amazon, I have plenty of other bronze traditional gift options for you ahead. 

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Each of these bronze anniversary gift ideas will help make your 8th anniversary one to remember. 

Bronze Anniversary Gifts for Him 

1. Bronze Grill Tools   

Grill tools are the perfect “his” gift for any anniversary. However, for the bronze anniversary, go for the glow up, and give a nice set of bronze grilling accessories. These bronze kabob baskets are perfect for a backyard BBQ. This would be a perfect anniversary gift wrapped up alongside a grilling cookbook (this one is a classic) or gift card to choose some quality cuts of meat. 

2. Hammock Stand

A bronze hammock stand is the perfect gift idea. Remember earlier when I mentioned how couples who have been together for a while start to become emotionally similar? While that’s not bad, necessarily, but everyone needs some “me time” occasionally and what better way to reconnect with yourself than with a book, a mojito, and a hammock? You’ve been married eight years, kick back, and be alone for a bit. You could snuggle up in the hammock together, but that book and mojito make great dates too. 

3. Fire Pit  

Do you sense a theme here with the first 3 suggestions? Outside! The weather is warming up, we’ve all missed getting together with friends, and outdoor items make an excellent 8th wedding anniversary gift. Bronze fire pits are stylishly crafted and will hold up in the elements.

 I have a theory that people either a. have fire pits and love ‘em, or b.they want one. Make his rustic backyard dream come true with this well-loved anniversary gift. 

4. Guitar Pick

I am biased toward this gift because I gifted a personalized guitar pick to my hubby for our first married Christmas together! There are two things I especially love about this gift. First, it’s practical! If your hubby enjoys strumming the strings, he can always use an extra guitar pick. 

Second, you can personalize this gift in so many ways. The one I ordered says, “I pick you everytime.” (Cue the awws). This is also a wallet-friendly option for a bronze wedding anniversary gift. Etsy has tons of options, but I especially like this one and this tally marks one

5. Bronze Dye Cut Pasta 

Stay with me here. Bronze cut pasta? Is Barilla no longer acceptable after year 8? Okay, Rockefeller. Gourmet food gifts actually make for a delicious, creative gift. According to Epicurious, bronze cut pasta is the best vehicle for sauce. And I’m here for a sauce vehicle any day of the week. 

The bronze part is referring to the material used to cut the pasta (I’m a bit more Boyardee than Giada De Laurentiis so I’m doing my best here). The rough texture of the bronze makes for more nooks and crannies for sauce to hang out in. Umm yes please. Stock up on the carby goodness with this pack from Amazon. 

Bronze Anniversary Gifts for Her 

1. Bronzing Makeup 

Ok, gentlemen, pull up a stool. You think buying her makeup is rude and old-fashioned. You think it sends the message you want her to change her face. You’re wrong. She wants makeup. She loves makeup. She wants you to visit the makeup department at any major department store to understand the intense sales tactics and also why it’s important to purchase the whole “system.” You gals know what I’m talking about. 

Specifically, every woman wants some bronzing action on her skin. The problem is the sun and its harmful rays can be super rude and cancer-causing. Enter the fake glow. A great bronzer (Benefit's Hoola is my bronzer of choice) is such a creative way to gift bronze for the 8th anniversary. Trust me. She’ll love it. 

If you’re still feeling meh about gifting makeup, you could give her an airbrush spray tan session! This is an 8th anniversary gift to remember. Check out SpaFinder to select a pampering site for the Mrs. 

2. Desk Set 

I’m a teacher. I love school supplies with a burning passion. I adore Sharpies, sing the praises of a nice pencil that sharpens well, obsess over the best shiny paper clips, and positively swoon over a solid desk organizer. Don’t underestimate the gifting potential of a beautiful desk set. 

Office Depot’s See Jane Work collection features bronze accents and is so cute. Jazz up that work-from-home life with some spiffy office supplies. It won’t shrink your email inbox but I promise cute deskcessories (I just made that up, like it?) will make dull tasks dazzling. 

3. Bronze Wine Rack 

By your 8th anniversary, you might have a more established wine collection than three bottles of pinot grigio in the back of your pantry (hi, it’s me), so a classy bronze wine rack would make a great decor piece and serve a practical use. If you really want to make her swoon, hang the rack and add some of her favorite bottles. Bonus points to you if you can score a bottle or two of your wedding wine. 

I am in love with this bronze wine rack. Home Depot sells a cute set of stackable wine holders

4. Infinity Bracelet 

The infinity symbol is timeless and it looks elegant in any metal or style. However, a bonus of an infinity bracelet for an 8th anniversary is that it looks like an 8! Men, these details will make her melt. I promise. 

This Alex and Ani bracelet is gorgeous and the wrap adds an extra touch of glam. 

There are plenty of options out there for infinity symbols, but this bronze infinity cuff is simply gorgeous. 

5. Perfume 

I absolutely love getting perfume as a gift because it can be a tad pricey and I feel extravagant buying it for myself. So instead I send subtle hints (photo texts, bemoaning my lack of perfume selection, straight up ask) that perfume would make a scent-sational gift in my book (had to). 

One perfume that is a slam dunk for the bronze anniversary is Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume. I love a theme and this one is so obviously perfect as an 8th anniversary gift. It has great reviews! 

Bonus Idea for Him and Her: A trip! 

My final anniversary gift idea for you is a couples trip to somewhere warm and tropical. Get that 8th anniversary bronze glow while lounging beachside. I am a huge advocate for “just take the trip.” If you are able, it’s not totally financially irresponsible, and you can take the time off, do it. My hubby and I went to Maui the year before Covid halted lots of travel and I cannot tell you how thankful we were that we went when we did. Hands down, besides our wedding (and well, the birth of our son, obviously), taking a fantastic trip together has been one of the highlights of our marriage. 

Feel free to skip the his and hers gifts and join forces (joining forces is sort of the whole deal with bronze) for an elaborate anniversary gift for both of you. Take the bronze gift theme literally and go catch some rays together. 

There you have it, fantastic bronze 8th Anniversary gifts! 

These bronze anniversary gift ideas would be even more special when given alongside a personalized Kudoboard for your loved one. 

Happy eighth anniversary and here’s to finding the perfect eighth wedding anniversary gift! 

Leslie Steele

Leslie has celebrated six fantastic wedding anniversaries with her husband. She keeps busy as an elementary teacher and a mom to a preschooler. Leslie loves reading outside, listening to podcasts, and farmhouse decor. Leslie especially enjoys surprising friends and family with notes, trinkets, or treats to show gratitude and love. The more creative or personalized the gift, the better!