Sorority Sends Thank You E-Card To a Sister

Sorority thanks fellow sorority sister with a thank you e-card

Sarah Hostetler of Tulane’s Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority recently created a thank you e-card with Kudoboard for one of her sorority sisters, Margaret Stolte (see it HERE). Margaret is the sorority’s Scholarship Chair, and Sarah wanted to show appreciation for all of Margaret’s efforts throughout the year. Sarah invited other sisters from the sorority, who filled the board with memories, photos, and videos.

“Margaret was the recipient of our Kudoboard as a way to thank her for all of her hard work,” said Sarah. “The board was presented to her the day after she organized a brunch for our chapter to recognize members with the highest GPAs. Margaret constantly goes above and beyond her job description, and Kudoboard was a perfect outlet to show her how much she means to us.”When Margaret received the board, she was overjoyed.

“Coming back from a long day and realizing that over 20 of my sisters had taken the time to organize a Kudoboard made me feel appreciated,” said Margaret. “Thanking people and showing our appreciation for them is an underrated act right now. After receiving my Kudoboard, I felt more motivated to show appreciation for the people in my life!!”

Why Send A Thank You E-Card

As you can see from the example above, the kudoboard that Margaret received was so meaningful to her. Thank you cards have been given to friends, family members, and co-workers for decades. Whether you are showing gratitude for something minor, like a homemade dinner, or something significant, like a wedding gift, thank you cards are always appreciated.

Here are eight examples of when you should send a thank you card, according to Reader's Digest. It is clear to see why thank you cards are still so relevant and needed. Everyone likes feeling appreciated, especially if they have put in a lot of hard work.

How To Send A Thank You E-Card

Do you know of someone who needs a thank you card? Maybe a boss that is reaching a milestone or retiring? Or a family member that has done a lot for you recently? Or even a friend that has really helped you out? A great (and affordable) option is sending an online thank you card.

To send an e-card, simply follow the prompts to start creating your e-card. Add the recipient's email, and start editing the card. E-cards are so fun to make because the options to customize are endless. You can change the background, use different fonts, add different media, and more! Instead of sending out a stale paper card, send an online thank you card instead and add memes, gifs, pictures, and more to make it special.

Showing Appreciation with a Thanksgiving eCard

showing thanks with thanksgiving ecard

So you’re not going to be able to join your aunt and cousins this year for the usual Thanksgiving feast. Aunt Sally always makes you your own butternut squash because you don’t like the marshmallows that everyone else seems to love on top. Super sweet of her, right? Unfortunately, you’re going to be spending the holiday this year with your significant other’s family, and you’ll definitely be expected to try the “famous” marshmallow squash casserole. You want to send your family a really nice card to make up for your absence, but aren’t sure how to make it special…Okay, so maybe that’s not your exact situation (just me I guess), but you do want to make a nice card. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Make A Thanksgiving eCard Special

Okay, so maybe that’s not your exact situation (just me I guess), but you do want to make a nice card. Well, lucky for you, Kudoboard’s got you covered with a little Thanksgiving card wisdom. Follow these 5 tips to warm Aunt Sally’s heart.

1) Wander down memory lane. Remember when your cousin Andrew tried to see how much pie he could eat in 2 minutes? Yeah, his family hasn’t forgotten either. Include some (tragically) funny or special memories to bring in an element of nostalgia.

2) Send a free group eCard. Instead of sending a card just from you, ask other family members to contribute to an online group card (*cough*Kudoboard*cough*). Receiving warm thoughts from many people at once will surely make Grandma smile. Making it a group card is easy and the contributors don't have to sign up for anything to add to the board!

3) Turkeys. Include them. This special bird is what Thanksgiving is all about, am I right? Post some pictures or drawings of funny cartoon turkeys to get a few laughs and a lot of appreciation.

4) Tell the recipient why you’re grateful for him/her. Thanksgiving originated as a day for the pilgrims to give thanks for the harvest. While you might not be celebrating the latest corn crop, you can still honor the spirit of the holiday by reminding a family member how much you appreciate him or her.

5) Use vivid fall colors. The various shades of orange, red, and brown are quintessential reminders of the beauty of fall. Your sister will be happy to look back on a beautiful autumn as the cold starts to roll in.

Just remember, there will be plenty of Thanksgivings ahead of you so utilize these tips so everyone (including you) has a great holiday.

7 Ways to Make a Free eCard Feel Priceless

Woman Reacting to Appreciation from free ecard

When birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays come around, many of us feel inclined to send cards to our friends and family. But we are then faced with an important decision: paper card via snail mail or eCard. Traditionalists swear by hand-written and/or homemade cards, but over the past decade, with advances in technology and new expectations of convenience, free eCards have become increasingly popular. However, not everyone is so quick to choose the free eCard route. Sending an online birthday or Christmas card often seems, at best, impersonal and, at worst, lazy. So how do we remedy these negative associations and continue enjoying the convenience of eCards? Follow these seven tips to create personal, special eCards.

1) Include inside jokes and funny anecdotes.
Remember your best friend’s last birthday when she walked into the bar with her skirt tucked into her underwear?  Yeah, she does too. Wish her a happy birthday this year with a reminder of that night.

2) Use lots of personal pictures.
No one likes to look at a boring, monochromatic card. This holds for eCards too. Make sure to use your own high-quality photos to create a personal effect.

3) Try a group eCard.
Instead of sending your mom a free eCard just from you, invite your siblings, aunts, and uncles to contribute to a joint card. She’ll appreciate the coordinated effort (easy as it may be) and will certainly feel loved. We’re obviously biased here at Kudoboard, but we think using our site makes the process easy. So easy that Kudoboard will allow even your Uncle Jerry to upload those weird YouTube videos he likes.

It’s a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much they’re cared about and appreciated! Learn more

4) Tell the recipient why you appreciate him or her.
Everyone likes to hear how great they are, so spread the joy and let your friend/dad/girlfriend, etc know why he/she matters.

5) Colors. Use them.
Nothing’s more appealing to the eye than a rainbow of vivid colors. Creating a bright, creative card will ensure that you capture your recipient’s attention.

6) Post meaningful/funny quotes.
Miss the sentimentality of paper cards and their gushy sayings? Pick a meaningful quote or two to up your emotional impact.

7) Schedule a timely delivery
 Are you a little disorganized? Do you always scramble to mail a card so it will arrive on time? Use Kudoboard’s calendar to pick a delivery date months in advance to create an eCard early and avoid last-minute worrying.