Condolences From a Group with Kudoboard


When Lori R.’s mother passed away, her online community created a Kudoboard to express their support during a difficult time.  Here is a sampling of the posts:

“Lori, we are so very sorry for your loss. I know the road ahead won’t be easy but always know you are not alone. You have friends and family who are so very proud of the love, courage, determination, and strength you showed in caring for your mom. You will be in our thoughts and prayers everyday.”

“Lori, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. You are an incredible daughter, wife and friend. I hope you get much comfort from these notes. There are many of us out here that have you in our hearts. May peace be with you today and always.”

“The loss of a parent is indescribable. Getting to know you and your story through our little YRR family really shows what true strength you possess and the love you have in your heart for everyone. Even with the holidays, it’s never a good time for this type of loss, but please try and take sometime for yourself. Self care is so important right now. My thoughts, my players and my love are with always.”

When Lori received the board, she described her reaction:  

"At one of the lowest points of my life friends I could never get in touch with on my own showed me so much love and support…It truly made a difference in my life!“

See the full board here:

Thank you so much for giving us permission to share your board, Lori, and condolences from all of us at Kudoboard.

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