NICU Thank You eCard with Kudoboard

thank you group ecard for NICU workers

The Frimley Park Neonatal Intensive Care Unit recently received a holiday eCard using Kudoboard from parents that we received permission to share.  With photos and stories dating back years, the notes of gratitude on this particular NICU thank you eCard are truly inspirational.  A few snippets:

“Many thanks to all the wonderful staff in the NICU….Now you can see [my son] is a fully fledged five year old now up to no good and he always loves hearing the tale of how he was the size of my hand.”

“There are times in life where the words thank you seem so inadequate in their ability to convey the level of gratitude you have for someone or a group of people based on what they have done for you. This is one of those times.”

“The words we all have are never enough to explain the fear the pain the love the gratitude the immense feelings of joy”

“We spent five weeks in neonatal with our twins who made an early appearance at…Now at nearly a year and half old my baby’s are thriving and hitting mile stones and no one would ever know the struggles they once had.”

See the full board here:

Happy holidays to the Frimley Park Staff, and thank you for all you do for families!

The Kudoboard Team

Why Gratitude for Health Workers Matters

If you have ever been to the doctor or had a stay in the hospital, you know how hard healthcare employees work. Often, healthcare workers go un-thanked and unnoticed amongst the sea of patients they see daily. Medstar health recently wrote an article about the benefits of showing gratitude to healthcare workers. A major benefit for healthcare workers is that gratitude from their patients helps prevent burnout. Healthcare workers usually have long days  and hours where they take care of patients all day long. If just a few of their patients said a meaningful "thank you", it would make their jobs so much easier.

How To Create A Thank You eCard

A great way to say thank you to healthcare employees would be with a card. Whether it is a paper card or digital, it will be appreciated. To make a virtual thank you eCard, go to Kudoboard. Click "create a kudoboard" and enter in all the information. Next, you can start creating your eCard! If it is from a group of people you can add pictures or meaningful messages of how that particular worker made a difference in your care.

We know that saying "thank you" goes a long way in helping healthcare workers feel valued, so create a group eCard today and let them know how appreciated they are!