Holiday Group eCard for a Favorite Professor

group of students wishing happy holidays for professor

This past holiday season, Laura Allan – professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada - received a terrific gropu eCard using Kudoboard from her students.  With a multitude of notes and photos expressing gratitude for Laura’s work in the classroom and as a faculty advisor, it’s clear that students truly appreciate Laura’s efforts. Here are some memorable quotes from the board:

"I know you don't like hearing stuff like this but you deserve it! Thank you so much for all the work and countless hours you've put into the growth of our team. You have been everything we have ever hoped in a faculty advisor and A LOT more!! Not only have you been able to give our team a voice on an administrative level, you also energize and provide us with various opportunities to shine and show our full potential. All the meetings, answering and sending emails are worth it knowing that we will take the world cup together! On an individual level though, you have been such a good support system for me and have honestly positively impacted my future. I can't thank you enough for that. I have learned so much from you and can't wait to learn more down the road. I wish you, your family and Charlie a safe and happy holidays! "

"Hi Laura, Thank you for the invaluable support you’ve provided us this year, we wouldn’t be where we are without it. We’re lucky and blessed to have you as a faculty advisor, you’ve inspired so many people with your passion and unwavering dedication. I’m so excited to see what opportunities the New Year brings and figuring out ways we can capitalize on them. I see so much potential in the team, and with your help I know we can make positive impact and eventually win a World Cup or Nationals at least. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you; improving Enactus and making a difference. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Malcolm"

There were many more messages just as meaningful as those on the board, It is clear that Laura is well loved by her students.

Check out the full Kudoboard here:

Thanks for giving us permission to share your board, Laura, and for all the hard work you put in for your students!

How To Create A Group eCard for Professors

We've all had a special teacher that has made a difference in our lives, it is likely that many of those have been professors from college. A great way to celebrate them (and an affordable way because college isn't cheap) is to send a group eCard from their students. To start, go to Kudoboard and click "create a kudoboard." Next, enter all the required information and start creating your card. Add contributors, and remind everyone of the deadline to finish their posts. Finally, schedule the delivery of the card. Your professor will love it!